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    An industry nearby a village- boon or bane?

    I went to a village in Visakapatnam for business and the industry I went to, had many locals as the employees. They weren't very well educated, given they come from a backward environment, which gave rise to many issues when I was working with them. But this industry was the only one in their locality. It offered them a livelihood. It was a boon.
    But then the effluent generated by this industry would pollute the same village. Is it a bane? Noise and smell are intolerable to farmers and cattle nearby. Industries have a capacity to employ in a large scale always. But the production in those industries affect these villagers equally too. What can be done?
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    No doubt that any industry near a village is a great employment generator especially for lower jobs as people will be hesitant to come to such interior places from far off distances for a small job. The industry giving jobs to so many people is a welcome measure. At the same time the question of environmental degradation and pollution is also important and now a days there are some strict regulations and the authorities can force these industries to comply with certain pollution treating mechanisms and install certain equipments for treatment of the waste from that particular industry.
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    Modern machineries and equipments work on diesel or petrol or electricity. In all of them some pollution is created. The affluent produced in these industrial units is the great issue and a big problem as many industries do not have a way to cope up with it.
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    An industry near a village is good in many ways. They will help the village in CSR and the youth will get a good chance to get employment. The gram panchayat will get a good income towards license fee. Another important issue is that the people who employed in the industry will come and settle here. That will give more revenue to the panchayath. The wealth generation will be there and many small shops and businesses will get started.

    Coming to the pollution aspect the industry has to take the necessary steps to treat the effluents properly and see that the atmosphere will not get spoiled. I worked in an industry near the village. When I joined there the village a very small one. But after 25 years of the industry there now the area is well developed and the development is very good. The industry has taken care of the pollution aspect and there is no problem in the atmosphere.

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    Employment is the basic thing that youth or a villager would be looking for apart from farming at the present situation and industry in a village would be a boon to the villagers and the surrounding locality in terms of employment. When we talk about setting up industry in the vicinity of a village, the panchayat or the government should consider the type of industry and the after the effect it would cause to the locality in consideration of pollution, waste and other hazards. As we know that for every action, there is an opposite reaction so also with setting up of industry in villages. At one point, the industry will give employment to locals, generate revenue to the panchayat, attract people and thus developing the are by means of road, infrastructure and other facilities. On the other hand, the industry may cause air, water and even land pollution which is dangerous to people and the surrounding area. Now the main thing that can be done is to study the major problems it can cause and find alternative solutions for problems like using electric machinery or using solar energy, doing proper waste management and even using filters to remove toxic gases that are released to the air. In this way, they would be able to help the villagers, youth, locality, panchayat and help in the progress of the state and country.
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    An industry near a village is definitely a boon though it's comes at a high price. The scope of employment increases immediately and in income rises. And along with these benefits, the village also sees an overall development like better network and communication, improved education and health facilities owing to the work of the csr. And more importantly, people stay united with their families without any bothering of earning while working elsewhere.
    However, pollution and other such ill effects need to be checked by the villagers and precautions taken a long with the industry as far as possible.

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    The industry should comply with the rules framed by the Pollution Control Board of the concerned State Government. It is an open secret that the industrialists simply bribe the concerned officials and get away with all the atrocities.

    Decades ago, an entire village called Sirumugai had a good company called South India Viscose. The Management was run by one of the largest shareholders of Tata Son's. Even today the particular family holds shares in Tata Son's. However, this village near Mettupalayam in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu is today in a shambles. The organization was closed so many years ago, since it had polluted the Bivani river to the maximum. One DMK Minister took action against it. Thousands lost their jobs.

    What do we do in such a situation? It is only the organization that needs to be blamed. They did create employment but gave massive problems to everyone when they polluted a nice river and made it a problem of gigantic proportions.

    No industry can pollute any environment. This itself is against business ethics. Anywhere in the world.

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    As per the AP government policy, if the Industry wants to be set up in a remote village, the government shall extend all kinds of a tax rebate, tax holidays, and also develop the roads leading to the factory at the government cost. And all these can be enjoyed if the Industry promises to absorb only the local talent and employees no matter they are poor and illiterate. And for the company, the salary cost would be minimal and there would be no wastage of time and absenteeism as the employees belong to local area and they would even work overtime and finish the pending works as sought by the Industry at no extra cost. But as regards to the waste or the effluents released by the Industry, the locals would adjust as they are getting salaries and they would adjust. If this problem is addressed by the management, then local Industry is tbe boon for the local employees.
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    Like with any change in life, there will be solutions to some problems and then the introduction of a new set of problems. It is not something unexpected but rather unprepared.

    I suppose with the new development the village council and the industry bosses should be able to communicate well enough to each other to mitigate the fresh problems that come. Educating the factory owners about village needs and teaching the villagers to adapt to the changing scenarios will go a long way to improve living standards as well as reducing pollution. Life will never be fully peaceful and there will always be challenges to overcome or work around to find some sort of a new 'normal' in that village.

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