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    How to claim if speed post delivery missed or much delayed?

    How to claim if speed post delivery missed or much delayed? My one of the speed post delayed and reached to destination on 14th days. Is there any way to claim money from Post office or put strong complained.

    What is the meaning of speed post if its reached after 15 days. It is better we send it as normal or registry post.

    Nowadays no guarantee service of post office. Have you faced anytime such type of situation if yes then please share how you deal that situation.

    Is private Currier service is better than speed post till date only one post missed in private Currier and 2 time in post of delivery.

    Thanks for sharing your views in advance.
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    Speed post is quicker than the private couriers and I received many letters and parcels through post office speed post. Now each post office has their own delivery vans for quick service and normally the local head office of the post office would receive the parcel or letter and then passed to the concerned postal address post office of the addressee. That is the reason being so we should legibly write the address and also give the nearest famed building or public building so that the postman can be guided the addressee easily. And writing the phone number has become compulsory and I really could not understand what went wrong with your letter or parcel which took 15 days that is a horrible delay. In fact, you should have sent back the parcel with the complaint lodged with Sr Supt of post offices of your area for redressal.
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    We know that speed post letters are delivered within 36 hours in major cities and take 2-3 working days to deliver at its destination whereas Registered Post normally takes 3-5 working days. Speed post provides 'one price' delivery at any place in India that is secured and time-bounded. It also has a facility to track your consignment through its online portal and can check the status of the delivery.

    Now coming to your post, I had asked my sister to send some documents through speed-post to my office as another courier service was much costly. It took more than a week and when I checked it online, I found that the parcel had returned without any reason. She had given all the details like address, landmark, mobile number but I never received a call from the postal side. When she inquired, they asked her to enquire from my side and on my side, they asked to enquire at their end. At last, I asked to send it through the private courier which I received in 5 days. We have used the speed post service many times but this time, I felt dejected whereas all other instances was on time.

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