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    Iran wants India's mediation to deescalate tension with the US- What a turnaround?

    The world knows that after the abrogation of article 370 the uneasy situation with Pakistan further escalated and for at least 3 times US President Trump volunteered to mediate between Indian and Pakistan to restore the normal situation. And India quietly denied the mediation. And now Iran wants India's mediation to deescalate tension with the US- and that is surely a turnaround? This proves that India's foreign policy has been good and many countries feel that only PM Modi can tackle the difficult customer in Trump. Any comment.
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    It is good that an islamic country requested India to mediate with another non Islamic country. This shows how impartial the country in the eyes of other countries. The people who are telling that Indian government is inclined towards a particular party should understand the facts now.

    Anyone will go to a person who is impartial only to mediate. The person who is mediating should be impartial and should not have any affiliation to one of the two parties. So it is understood that the world recognised as a real secular country. It is really a good RE ignition to the country.

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    India has recently emerged as an anti terrorism state and world has taken a note of it. In this situation it is natural that any confrontation which is going on in the world politics due to terrorism or associated elements, the involved parties will like to seek the opinion and guidance of India in the matter to strengthen their position or to get support in defending themselves. It is a tricky situation as India has got some business relations with Iran and there are consequences if those relations are broken. So India's position is a bit diplomatic in this scenario and whatever decision or advice India gives will be keenly seen by the world Govt which are involved in this conflict.
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    The Iran Ambassador to India said that they would welcome peace initiatives from any country, especially India. Let us state facts when bringing such issues for discussion. The statement, as has been specified by the Ambassador, clearly mention that such a welcome move is due to the fact that India is known to be a peace-loving country as is Iran. So to give it an interpretation to mean that the statement is a result of the foreign policies of the present government does not appear to be fair. We don't need to be part of any political propaganda though we may have personal preferences and political inclinations.
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    US and Iran should settle their scores amicably by repeated attempts through peace talks. No country wish to see a war between two countries. India can take initiative and suggest America and Iran have bilateral peace talks and avert a war between two powerful nations. Nothing wrong.
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    India has good relations with Iran as well as America, especially with US president. In his last visit our PM forgetting his honour and dignity as PM of India became an ordinary supporter of US president for the sake of his friendship with him and appealed the US citizens as 'Abki bar Trump sarkar'. He even did not consider if Republicans win the next elections, his outloud support for outgoing president who is facing impeachment, will affect Indo-US relationship.

    It reminds me an incident I read it an article when Mr I.K. Gujral met US president while being in US to attend a meeting in UN. Similar incident happened with Mrs Indra Gandhi when she was in UN meeting. US government officials apprised Indian officials that US president wanted to meet Indian PM. They informed her and she replied that she had come to US to participate in the UN meeting so she would not meet him then. She would go back to India and ask them to decide the date and she would visit again to meet US president.

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