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    Do you get 200 and 50 rupee currency notes from ATM?

    I haven't got any 200 or 50 rupee currency note from ATM. Does the ATM provide 200 rupee and 50 rupee currency notes in your area? If ATM can provide 100 rupee currency notes, why not the higher value 200 rupee currency notes?
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    When we draw a lower amounts we will get lower denominations. When I draw two hundred rupees I got one hundred rupees note and two fifty notes. When I draw five hundred rupees I got hundred rupee notes five number.

    The denominations what we get from ATM depends on the amount we draw. When you draw higher amounts It Is difficult to get lower notes. When you want denominations as per your requirements you may have to go to the bank and directly request them to give the denominations as he wants.

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    At any time and in any way we are not getting 200 or 50 rupees notes. Mostly we are getting 500 rupees and 100 rupees notes only. Only old 100 rupees notes only we are getting. During demonetization time mostly we use to get 2000 rupees notes but at present we never getting these notes.

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    As far as I know, the ATM trays can only handle the size of 2000, 500 and 100 rupee notes. I have never got the 200 or 50 denominations through the ATM. But once there was a mobile PNB ATM van was stationed at Charminar in which there was a mention for the traders to get 200 rupees notes through that and even I tried to get it and go it. That means the size of the notes is the problem here. Still many banks are not able to cope with the RBI releasing new currencies and they are not able to sync with the size of the tray and that is the reason we unable to get the 200 and 50 rupee notes through regular ATM.
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    After reading the responses, I really wonder as to how Dr Rao received two fifty rupee currency notes from ATM. I contacted many of my friends and relatives to know this. All said a big NO to this.

    Dr Rao, Are you sure? Did you really receive two fifty (50) rupee currency notes from ATM?

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    For almost the last 4-5 withdrawals from ATM, I received only Rs. 500 currency notes. Earlier, I used to get 2000/- notes (if the amount to be withdrawn was an exact multiple of 2000/-) but now it is only 500/- notes. Although in market purple color 100 rupee notes are circulating but are not available in ATMs in my area.

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