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    Why government offices never get repaired?

    When you see any government offices or educational institutions run by the government even if they get damaged never get repaired. We can see these offices will be the same what they are 40 years back or even above. If the fans making noise they leave it like that only. If the doors got broken they manage with that only. In educational institutions, even if the ceiling is broken, even if toilets are not proper, even if the boards are not good they manage with that only. There are so many government schools in our country where because of broken buildings of schools, classes are run under trees. Why there is so much apathy in government organizations?
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    I think this is due to a lack of funds. The government may not be giving sufficient funds for repair. Whatever money sanctioned by the government also is not being used properly and will be diverted for other use. So the maintenance of the offices may take a back seat.
    To get a better education, the government has sanctioned TV sets to primary schools. All the schools obtained a TV set. But they were never installed in government schools. They have gone to the HM"s house. When there was an inspection they will bring to school and after completion, they will gom back to the house.

    The same thing may be happening in government offices also. The money sanctioned for maintenance may be used for repairing the quarters or other houses and the offices are never repaired.

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    They may get repaired but it takes a long time to sanction the repairing work. The fund is one of the issues but supervision by the right person is also an issue. The person who is responsible for supervising the infrastructure may be a corrupt official. I am not directly accusing any official but there are instances where it was found that the maintenance and supervisory staff are not reporting the damage to the concerned official. Greasing the palm of the clerks and some officials in the government offices is a major concern and there are many instances where the payment to the contractors are withheld by the officials of the lower level in the department. They may not say anything, but when you see such tardy response you have to guess that something is not right with the officials concerned. In many departments, some officials expect 'something' from the contractor and thus the contactor also indulges in the same process of pleasing the officials. The education in government-run schools in the country is not up to the mark and there are many schools in the districts that do not have sufficient students. There is a plan to merge those schools and only after that, we can expect some turnaround in the condition of the school premises.

    In our country, many government officials are not serious about their work because they know their job will remain secure even if they don't work. This is one of the reasons for the tardy movement of files and also the officials of a concerned department. There are also many loss-making government organizations whose premises may not be in good condition. Considering all these factors, we find the offices of many government departments not up to the mark.


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    I think it is only true to India. Government offices of Communist countries look flawless. Turkmenistan has one of the most beautiful government buildings. Rest of the countries occasionally modify and renew it. Indians have the habit of relying on our government for a lot. We don't renew our public offices and monuments as often, leading to damage of property. In other countries, there is a system of "audit", where government offices are used and visited by the country's monarch/prime minister/ president. But we are a huge country and such practices are not feasible here.

    One more thing. There are way too many government offices in India, making them inherently hard to maintain.

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    Nice observation by the author and right reporting here. I have also seen many government offices with torn chairs, no seating for the visitors and the hell of the noise the fan makes with no air circulation at all. And they maintain the old wooden almirah to store the files and sometimes our files get affected by termites, yet the officers would not replace the old with a new one. Some government offices never get updated even today as they do not pose the steppler to staple the papers instead they are using the alpine even today. And the files are not maintained as everything written on the loose paper and if even one paper would miss the entire story of the case were gone for the six. And in the government offices, if someone is absent, the other person will not touch his work and the work gets further pending.
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    In Govt organisations the situation is not as bad as it used to be earlier but still there are issues as brought out by the author very clearly and explicitly. In Govt organisations people work very cautiously and within their boundaries. No one takes risks or initiatives as there is no reward for that. Your salary is fixed and it is not related to your performance and concern for the department. You can start an agitation with the help of unions or associations at any time you feel to do so. Management will be afraid of you if you have those things under your control. So the environment in which Govt servants are working is totally difficult from the private where people vie with each other and try to go up by performing better. In Govt service you can not fire a person at any time. You can at most transfer him for which he gets all the disturbance allowances. Another interesting thing about the Govt departments is that even if you want to do a good thing it takes a long time as you have to follow a set process and procedure for repairs as well as procurement of the material. As there are some corrupt persons also everywhere so there is always a danger of getting caught for something which you have not done but you have become a party to it just by your signing in the proposal. So people play safe and cautious and nothing progresses in the true sense. No repair. No procurement.
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