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    TV channels are doing good service in Telangana Muncipal elections

    All Telugu TV channels are doing good social service in Telangana municipal elections. All channels visiting various wards, slums, problem-prone areas. They are interacting with people, contestants of various parties in those places. When we see the visuals of how many problems are there in every place and why these problems are not properly addressed by the present government. Health and hygiene situation, sanitation problems, drainage problems, water scarcity problems, worst roads, etc. The sanitation situation is worst even in metro city of Hyderabad and in the headquarters of all districts. What happens to the Swach Bharath program we can visualize through the visuals shown by TV channels. We can appreciate all TV channels to bring the core problems of citizens of Telangana.
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    That is true. TV channels are doing a good job in this respect. They are reaching the people in interior villages also and trying to bring out the actual problems out. That way we should appreciate them. But there are one or two channels which are supporting the ruling party is not doing that.

    But how far the voters will understand this problem. Are they really go by merits and demerits of the people. The way Andhra Pradesh people responded in elections and voted YSRCP to power is still a question only? If the people behave the same way in Telanagana also TRS will get the majority, by all means.

    The voter should vote for the candidate who is a real service person and work for the problems of the people. But voters will go by other merits than this. That is why a person who is not a real service-oriented person is getting elected.

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    It is good to know that some channels are reaching the interiors of the place and taking feedback from people of that locality and even highlighting the problems in front of the masses which will help both the ruling, opposition, and the local public to understand their government. We know that the remote places are not focused and are often left out by the leaders and are confronted only during the election campaign. When TV channels, be it local or state channel cover the place, it comes to the light of everyone and the present leader can be questioned by the opposition, public, and even reporters. When the problems of the public are brought in front of the camera, it becomes the talk of the town and the parties would be able to make their manifesto or pamphlets accordingly wherein more view is given to the place and bring in improvement in future. This will also help the local public to understand their candidates and their work and accordingly make a decision of their vote.
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    No more the ruling parties cannot escape from the promises made and not done as the tv channels irrespective of their popularity or fame are now indulging in-ground report of various wards across the state where ever the elections are slated to be held. The ruling party candidates are putting bad face before the camera as they never expected that the channels would be washing their dirty linen in public. One thing is sure, when it comes to civic elections the basic problems like drainage, road and water are the core issues and those leaders who failed to address these have gone for the six. Voters are no more the bribers. They are intelligent and wants everything to be done as promised otherwise get lost is the attitude now in every ward. And those who are not getting party tickets are going to put brave challenge.
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    Undoubtedly the local television channels are doing a good job and this is the correct way to solve the problems. From the past experience, we have seen that until and unless issues are circulated through the electronic and print media they remain unaddressed. In Telangana, the electronic media is playing an active role rather than repeating the same news over and over again and I am sure this is going to bring some changes in the administration of those local bodies. The change may not be visible immediately, but the media should not shy away from telecasting those burning issues if they are not resolved after the elections. All the stakeholders in the local bodies will understand that somebody is closely watching their activities and transmitting those to the public. When misdeeds of the authorities are brought open to the public domain the public reacts positively to bring a change and I hope the media is doing its job by keeping in mind its responsibility to society and democracy.

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