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    Will BJP withdraw CAA inorder to bring back normalcy of peace in the country?

    In the first term of the NDA rule, some vital political decisions were taken by the government like demonetization, GST. Even though they backfired to some extent, they are able to withstand and able to come back into the second of the rule. In the second term also BJP government took some sensitive issues like Triple Talaq, CAB, MVA, etc. The CAA act brought by the present government brought a lot of furor in the country including the states ruled by BJP or NDA. Seeing this Mr. Modi announced that BJP is not discussing about CAA implementation. But Home minister Mr.Amit Shah daily saying BJP government implement CAA. So in this situation, will BJP withdraw the CAA act to bring back the normalcy of peace in the country?
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    I don 't think so. They will go ahead with CAA. Once the decision is taken and if we take back the decision, it will become a practice to create problems and see that this decision will be taken back. So I feel the central government should withstand the pressure and it should not go back on their decision.

    Yesterday I have read somewhere that the USA president told that this is our country and this is what we want to offer you. Take it and get out. This is what is talking about their citizenship act. So I think our government should also adopt the same policy.

    Whenever we say something always there will be opposition. We should withstand that pressure and go ahead and implement the decision. Going back on the decision made is never a desired one and it is not welcomed by many people.

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    I don't think the government will pull it off. Amit Shah will not agree with if Modi's likes to withdraw CAA.
    The government of Kerala filed a suit in the Supreme Court of India. Many states plan to file a case against CAA. The final decision will depend on the verdict of the Supreme Court. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has already enacted this Act. In my opinion, CAA will be canceled otherwise the government will be expelled by Indian people in the next election. The coming new government surely will cancel CAA which is against the Indian Constitution

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    The government should be for the people, by the people and of the people so the government should also understand the need of the hour and people's concern about any decision they make. When a bill is passed but is opposed by the only a party, then it is a different case but when you find people agitation and coming on the road, the present government should think twice before forcing it on its people. They should never play with the sentiment and power of common man as we know that people can make a government and collapse the government. Everyone has a say in the democracy and when there is so much flare about the present bill that is passed, it becomes the duty of the government to present it to the people in a much lucid and layman's language. You can show your power but not always as it will backfire and that is very bad, so the present government can take a step back, take time and let it be presented to the people and have an open discussion that will help people to clear all their doubts and then implement. They should not feel dejected as people are above any government and if the government wants to help people, let them open up, talk about it, have an open discussion, let it be in the light for everyone and then implement. When the ruling party knows that the opposition party will try to take advantage of the situation, it is their sole responsibility to take people under its wing with better governance and open talk than using power or force against people which is making the matter worse. If they don't take the people under their frame, it will be difficult to keep their ruling regime in the next tenure. Hope the present government understand the need and sentiment of its people and act accordingly.
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    This is not the first time that such agitations are happening in the country. Opposition parties will always like to take mileage out of these situations. Once the act is formed Govt will not withdraw it. Interesting thing is those illegal immigrants who are affected by this are not agitating but some people who do not want that these immigrants should be expelled from the country are agitating and in that process trying too woo them for their future support. So this has turned into a dirty politics and Govt has no other way except to ruthlessly thrash it and go ahead.
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    Now home minister is emerging more powerful than prime minister.

    Home minister is not going to budge from his stand and he is determined to implement it. Lets see what is the verdict of supreme court on this issue.

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    All are not against CAA, NRC and NPR. It is only the opposition political leaders and the instigated people by these leaders. Our HM will not roll back and cancel a bill which has been passed in the parliament. the protest will go on, and die down with time.
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    Well, different people having different perceptions and therefore I leave up to them to decide on the given matters that whether if they continue to making the repetitions on the same in order to bringing others on the same platform or adding with something new . For me, I have another news of my country, which is,

    "Yet another attempt by China to internationalise the issue of Kashmir, at the behest of its all-weather ally Pakistan, failed miserably at the United Nations on Wednesday."

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    BJP was yearning to bring lasting rules and regulations and it could be possible now, thanks to the overwhelming majority the party has got during the last elections. By virtue of it, BJP has been taking far-reaching decisions and as expected there has been wholesome protest on its every decision. Now that the CAA has become an act and also passed by the President and mentioned in the gazette notification, there is a compulsion on every state to follow the same and no other go. Even Amit Shah has categorically said that there is no going back and the act will be imposed accordingly across the country.
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    Since the matter is before the Hon'ble Supreme Court now, I think it would be prudent on our part to wait for the decision of the Apex Court before discussing the subject any further. Whatever may be our arguments, whether for or against the CAA, the final outcome will depend on the decision of the Court and so there is no point in bringing up the topic and doing some guesswork based on our information, perception and inclination.

    This thread is hence being locked now.

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