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    Know about Kanum Pongal and Mattu Pongal

    Today South India celebrates two important festivities which are known as Kanum Pongal and Mattu Pongal, While Kanum Pongal is dedicated to the well being of family members especially the sisters will pray for the brothers well being. While Mattu Pongal is celebrated in the honour of cattle especially the Gomatha. The cattle would be washed, decorated and dressed in new clothes and prayed for its well being. Entire South Indian families are busy with these activities. My greetings to every brothers and sister on this occasion.
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    Today In A.P. and Telangana mostly celebrate the Kanuma festival. It is an important festival for farmers. Farmers start plowing fields on this day to raise a new crop in their fields. They decorate their cattle especially bullocks which they use in their farming practices i.e. plowing. In villages on this day, bullock cart riding contests will be conducted. This contest will attract every one the village and they go to the places where the contests are held. A.P. is very famous for Cock-hens fighting in villages in the Sankranthi festival. Crores of rupees change hands in this festive season. East Godavari, West Godavari, and palnadu regions are famous for these contests in A.P. People from other states, politicians, movie actors also visit these places to see these games. The special dish of this day is Garelu or vada. But some working-class go with meat-eating and consuming alcohol. How this tradition started I don't know as this day is meant to do pooja for innocent animals.

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    Today it is a very important festival in South India. This festival is very well celebrated in the villages. All farmers will be busy decorating the animals they have in their back yard. Cows, bullocks will be very well decorated and they all will come in a procession to all the streets of the village. Bullock carts with the family members in the cart will make round around the village.

    One should spend this day in a village and the happiness in the faces of the people is worth seeing. They all may not be rich and they all may not be having all the facilities but their faces are full of smiles with a lot of satisfaction is worth seeing. Many times we run after money and never care for small happy moments in our lives. Once we witness these celebrations we can understand how much happiness will come with contentment.

    I wish all the members of ISC a happy Kanuma festival. A special Item made with black gram will be eaten by all the people and it is a tradition in East Godavari Dt of Andhra Pradesh.

    always confident

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    Normally the people engaged in agriculture,farmers do not possess money time in the period till harvest. Once harvest is over the residues helps them a lot. To celebrate the success of harvest the celebrate the day as festival. On that day they thank the Sun God as He is the major helper to themfor a good harvest. They offer sweet pongal made out of new rice.
    Next day the mattu pongal is celebrated by them by decorating their bullock, cow in the house by painting the horns, wearing garlands with bells etc. as of they are thanking and honouring the cattle as they helped them since ploughing to carrying the harvested produce.
    On the next day they visit their relative's houses as they could not visit so far due to no funds and time. That is kaanum (seeing) pongal.

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