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    Shouldn't the cruel sport Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu be stopped?

    Jallikattu is one of the sports that is held during the Pongal celebrations in Tamil Nadu. A bull is released into a crowd of people. The opponent is not another bull but humans. The person who competes with the bull grab the large hump on the bull's back with both arms as long as possible, attempting to bring the bull to a stop. Many deaths and injuries had happened during this dangerous sporting event. Bulls are assaulted during the sport. People shout and celebrate with this.

    What a cruel sport this is? Shouldn't such sports be stopped?
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    About 2 years back this issue was thoroughly discussed and varied opinions were received. It seems that if the local people want that type of activities for their entertainment and are supported by the local leaders then the problem is how to contain such problems. If Govt takes a strong action then local people will agitate. So it should come from the society itself and some people should take lead and try to stop this type of treatment to the poor animals. Animal cruelty prevention squads should also take an active role in eradicating these activities from the society.
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    The change should come from the participants. Why get injured for fun. What is the benefit? This should be thought of by the people. The government may ban the same. But the local people will start agitating and out of the pressure for votes, the government may yield. Nobody can help if the change in the mindset of the people is not taking place.

    In Andhra Pradesh, they conduct competitions in hen fight. People bet money in the game and crores of rupees will get exchanged. Here there is no harm for human beings physically and people who are rich will enjoy it. Many people are not accepting these competitions and the police will try to stop the competitions. But the local leaders will encourage and they will manage the police also.

    Awareness among people should increase and see that these activities are not to be encouraged. There are many other ways to celebrate.

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    The Animal Welfare organization like the Federation of India Animal Protection Agencies (FIAPO) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)had concluded that "Jallikattu is cruel to animals" and Supreme Court banned the sport in 2014 when a petition was filed to ban the sport and its practice but there were sweeping massive outrage and protests in the state in many places. In order to bring the situation under control, the Tamil Nadu government and then the Central or ruling government reversed the ban by implementing certain conditions i.e. an amendment to the central government's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960. Jallikattu or bull-taming sport involves a belligerent tangle between the bull and contestants. The claim that the supporters of the sports are that, it traces its origin that during 400-100 BC Tamil classical period. It allows the farmers to show their love to their animal and for the bull, its strength. They also claim that the game allows them to identify strong bulls for breeding. Now it's upto the state and its people to understand the need and practice of the sport and if it is for the welfare, it should be allowed or continued or else, the ban should be implemented.
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    Jallikattu was banned by the Supreme Court in 2014 and after massive protests in the southern states, the top court referred the issue to a Constitution Bench. I have read a report earlier that said almost 80% of the people in Tamil Nadu support Jallikattu. Now, the sport is predominant in the southern states and many think it's their 'cultural right' to organize that sport. When people of a locality becomes crazy for something it's difficult to tame them since they can go to any heights to support their cause. They think even if it's cruelty to animals they must perform it since it's their cultural right. Cruelty to animals and the inconvenience to people become secondary and when the wish is like that is there any way to restrict it?

    Others, residing in different parts of the country may find the sport disturbing but since the sport is limited to a few states and the people residing there vehemently supports it the law enforcing agencies can either be strict or they can keep on referring the issue to various courts. If people in those states become conscious about the difficulties faced during the sports then it will stop, otherwise, if they enjoy it it will not be possible to stop it completely.


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    Whenever Sankranthi or Pongal festivities come, this Jallikattu topic is also raised by one member or the other. Every educated person would be against the performance and organizing of Jallikattu which is nothing but taming the animal in a cruel way. Before the actual game starts, the animal is put into rigorous punishment and even offered the drink so that it should behave cruelly with the fighter and he shall tame it. But when you closely watch the festivities and happenings there, only illiterate people are participating in this cruel sport and of course, getting full support from the locals and politicians. At some places, even gold chains are awarded to those youth who tamed the bull and that is nothing but encouraging more wrongdoers towards this sport. As long as locals gave importance to this sport, it shall remain.
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    If most of us can eat the meat of the animals by killing them, why should someone oppose a bullfight? When we can play Kabaddi to showcase our strength and get injured, why not we play jallikattu with the mighty animals and get injured. Don't we box and hit the opponents to bleed? Don't we wrestle and break the body parts? Should human beings fight physically and get injured on the name of sports like wrestling and boxing? You call them sports. Jallikattu is also a sports event. It is a mighty game played in the southern states from time immemorial. All animal welfare organisations and animal lovers are the latest born. Were there no animal lovers in the past to object Jallikattu before 2014? When the bulls were used to pull the carts, didn't we feel that we are misusing the bulls to pull and transport the human beings? Didn't we use the bulls to plough our land? Why should we use bulls for such hard labour? Won't it pain the bulls? If they are meant for these, they are meant for Jallikattu too.

    People of Tamilnadu are brave to fight the bulls to show their might. Let us not lead a coward life on this earth. Jallikattu is to tame the bull, not to kill or injure the bull. No bull dies during the Jallikattu, but the brave human accepts death or injury for their brave act. Their family feels proud of being a Jallikattu fighter.

    Why you call it as cruel sport?

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    Jallikattu is a sport, but not a cruel sport.
    True that it was banned by supreme court but revoked due to a protest. People of Tamil Nadu protested because, they link this sport to their culture. Many believes it as a form of preserving historical evidences. As SuN has mentioned, people in many other sports too get injured, still many welcome it. Same way, this game too has certain reach among people. In spite of some dangerous consequences, People willingly participate in it.

    Few things we need to think, before we conclude it as a cruel sport.

    1. People who think, Bulls were assaulted should understand that bulls are their pet. Many agriculturalists have bulls, and they treat them as their God or at least their household member. So, they are not intended to hurt them, also they are very cautious in protecting them from others too. As per the sport rule, participant hitting the bull's leg itself considered void and will be rejected from the competition.

    2. Like many train their pets for respective shows, Bulls are trained for this sport, but not the way they are projected in media like giving alcoholic drinks. They said the bulls will get mad and run fast, that is not true, they get dozed, if we do so. They were given strengths to their legs by walking on agricultural lands with muddy puddles. Bulls are strengthened for this event.

    3. Men who are interested only participates in it, no one was forced to get into this event. So, it's individual's interest.

    As I mentioned before, like many other sports, this too has its dangerous parts. So, some guidelines has to be framed, but not to be stopped. Because it carries its own history and people are interested. After 2014. Jallikattu is happening in TN in front of Government officials and the sport is recorded.

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