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    What are your bitter experiences in viewing movies in theater?

    Is watching a movie in a theatre a pleasant and enjoyable experience? Share your unpleasant experiences when you went to a movie theatre to watch a film.

    In the past, we used to view movies only in theaters. But at present, we have DVD players, and big-screen TVs to view movies like in a theatre. Of course, when we want to view a new movie we have to go to a theater only. Sometimes in some theaters, there won't be proper facilities to enjoy the movie and it irritates us. In my childhood time when we go to our grandparent's home especially in the summer vacation, we used to go to theaters and enjoy movies in the theaters. Usually, my grandfather used to take us for movies at the second showtime because of his schedules. At one time the power had gone while watching the movie. In those days theaters had no generators. At that time if the show is not completed, the theater management used to give passes for the next show. After three hours the power came and the second show was continued till four o'clock in the morning. This waiting was really irritating at that time.
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    True. I also had such an experience. We used to watch movies from interval to interval. We used to go and get the tickets for the show from interval to interval. We never used to enjoy such movies. Because when we know the climax we don't have any interest to watch the beginning. But our father will never allow us to go for the second show. We are not able to get ready for the first show. So we used to go and watch movies like that.

    Those days the cinema halls in villages were very bad. No fans and no AC. The seats are not comfortable and even bed bugs and mosquitos are horrible. We never enjoyed the movie. But out of craze only we used to go and see the movies.

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    Those days when the theaters in the village had coconut leaves roofs and would have frequent power-cuts but to be true, I enjoyed watching in such theaters. We had 2 theaters at a distance of 6-7 Kms from our village and the latest movie to come was after a month of release. The tickets were cheap as compared to the rate these days and would have only 2 categories, 2nd class i.e. benches and 1st class i.e. chair. Many a time my cousin would accompany me and on few occasions, 4-5 houses of our village had gone for the second show and would return walking after the show as there was no transportation after 8 pm but it was fun. The major problem we faced was the power-cut that would spoil the mood but they had generators which would start in 5 minutes but the continuity would be lost. The second was during the rainy season, if the rain is heavy, water would drop inside the shelter. Now every theater is converted to Dolby atmos compatible and well furnished. The price of the ticket and snacks too are very high.
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    I want to list out lots of drawbacks and bitter experiences while watching movies in the theater. First of all, every one of us wants to enjoy the movie from first to last. But the people keeping on coming one by one and disturb our viewing pleasure and also makes noise on opening the seats and we lose the tempo of enjoying the movie. And those who watched the movie already would comment on the coming scene and that will lose interest in the movie. And the most disgusting behaviour what I could see and scolded that they move from their seats 10 minutes before the movie ends and thus we are deprived of seeing the climax with interest. And during the break or intermission, people bring all kinds of eating inside the hall and they keep on eating during the next half much to the annoy of serious movie fans.
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    And at the parking lot, there is whole lots of confusion as our vehicle would be tangled inside for want of removing other vehicles and those moviegoers would come leisurely to clear the vehicles. And the cost of food items sold inside the theatres is over and much higher than expected. When we go with the children we have to spend more on snacks than the ticket rate. All these problems force us to watch the movie at the home and not in the theatres. Hope all might have faced the same problems.
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    We have not gone to the theatre for seeing movies for quite long a time but we understand that now a days theatres are more clean and full of facilities as compared to the earlier period. So presently I do not think that there is any issue in that.
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    In the past we had some issues like not properly maintained cinema halls and things like that and special mention is the low illumination intensity on screen which spoiled the whole fun. When I was working in Assam there was a cinema hall where the roof was made up of tin sheets and if it rained then the viewers will not be able to hear the dialogue and in fact many times the operator stopped the film for 10-15 minutes till the rain intensity subsided. Now a days no such problems are there and the big cinema halls are converted into swanky multiplexes.
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