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    Is learning only for the conscious species?

    This is an intriguing forum query to know whether the act of learning is restricted solely to the conscious species? How do you define a conscious species and are humans alone of this kind?

    Scientists conducted an experiment. They give a dead locust to a wasp. The wasp happily brings it to its hole to eat and lay eggs in it. Now the wasp knows to search its hole for freefeeders and invaders, because evolution taught it so. The wasp checks its hole for another hidden insect and then stores the locust in its hole. Scientists would move the locust out a bit with tongs. The annoyed wasp would come and hide the locust in the hole again. It once again checks the hole. Scientists moved the locust again. The wasp once again retrieves it and checks the hole once again.

    This post made me think of consciousness and the above experiment gave me views about it. Animals which we don't generally call conscious too, can show complex behavior it learns over course. And I also learnt that repeated intelligent actions are tantamount to stupidity.
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    Humans are not the only conscious species on this earth. We may think ourselves conscious because we feel we are most intelligent but different experiments like the one described by the author show species act according to their senses. I would say why human, any species who is applying its sense to gather food for survival is conscious. To us, their repetitive actions may be boring but each of their act is based on the experience. I feel the unconscious act is something when action is taken without applying the sense. Process of learning is always for conscious species and mindless actions take place when the species do not apply their senses properly.

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    Every living being are conscious ever and adjust to the situations and we feel that human being are more conscious enough in every matter but even animals are more than us. Only the difference between us and animals that we use our sixth sense in deciding about the matter whereas the animals would be making decisions without knowing the after-effects and therefore get caught on the wrong foot. But I have seen the goats which make a vague attempt to cross the road without seeing both sides for traffic, do get into the grove and stand for sometime when the people cross over to the other side.
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    I don't think so. All living beings are conscious in nature. All these species know how to protect themselves from the problems. Every animal will have its own way to survive.

    In our childhood days, we used to travel by horse carts. They used to run fast and we used to enjoy the travel. The horse cart driver used to go home in the night by 8 PM. So the horse got accustomed to going home by 8 PM. By any chance, the driver got delayed, the horse used to trouble him a lot and the driver used to take a lot of pains to control him. I think it may be a foolish action but the horse is conscious about the time it has to go home.

    So such actions give us the impression that they are also conscious. But the conscious might have come to them by repetitive actions.

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