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    Do you find these advertisements soothing to the eyes?

    Do you check the validity of the consumables before purchasing? Every packaged food item, whether edible oil or potato chips have a date within which it has to be consumed and it is clearly mentioned on the pack. It is necessary to consume items within the validity period because many health issues can arise if we consume items beyond their expiry date. Most of the packaged food items contain a preservative which can preserve the item up to a certain period and that's why they have validity. Well, this validity is a bit different from the validity of the mobile voice/data pack recharge. When the validity of your mobile voice/data pack expires you cannot make a call and before the expiry of those packs, the service provider sends you a couple of text messages to alert you. However, no such alert system is there from the manufacturers of the food items to alert the consumer and you have to remain alert while purchasing those items.

    Now let's look into the billboards announcing the offer of a product for a particular period. At many places, you may find the billboards or hoardings well beyond the said period of the offer. Take the instance of the hoardings announcing the arrival of a few popular singer/actors on a particular venue on 25th December 2019. Well, it's January 2020 but you may still find a few such banners at some of the places. While it's necessary to discard the products whose validity period is over, it can create a nuisance to the eyes if you constantly look at announcements which is no more valid now. The solution to this may be an electronic display where the advertisements to be displayed can be pre-programmed. To stop displaying the advertisements which are valid for a certain period can also be done through programming the displays. There, those advertisements can be automatically removed beyond their given date through programming. No human intervention is required and it will be easily manageable too. Though it will cost more it's a good option and can be made soothing to our eyes. What may be the other options to stop displaying such advertisements? What do you suggest?
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    The other day I came across one hoarding which has removed the present billboard and left the old one as it is. And the message says Thalaiva is coming with a new movie.
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    The advertisements for certain programs are to be stopped once the event is over. But when the advertisements are to be removed manually, it may not happen. If there is another booking to that place they will remove the old 0one and the new one will be displayed. If there is no immediate booking they may delay the display. It is true sometimes we may think that the event is not over by that time.

    We see electronic time display boards in airports and railway stations. Sometimes even after the train/ flight went off, the advertisement may not go immediately. For some time this will be displaying. So there should be me.mechanism to monitor that displays and removed as per the ti

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    The manufacturers cannot send alert messages as the end consumer is not known but in case of mobile connections, they already know and can easily identify the end customers.

    Our consumers buy only those products for which famous personalities advertise. As regards hoardings, the agent would not have another customer hence the old one remains.

    We the consumers have to check the products and buy rather than buying after visualizing the hoardings. Hoardings are just to give us information, it should not force us to go to that particular program and force us to buy. At the first instance, we all like to see hoardings as it is related to a future date. Later it is annoying as we cross by the same path regularly.

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