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    The youth of today: challenges

    According to the National Youth Policy 2014, the citizens of age group 15 to 29 are called youth. It is said that youth is the wealth of a country. But today this wealth is caught in troubles.

    The main problems affecting the youth are-

    1. Unemployment

    2. Drug addiction

    3-Moral degradation

    4- Social Media addiction

    5- Hyper activeness in politics

    6- Introvert personalities

    7- Emotional immaturity

    All the respected members are invited to discuss in detail all the above-said problems and also the possible solutions to such problems so that many youths of India Study Channel and India can get guidance for their lives.
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    The author raised a good post and that needs to be discussed. As far as unemployment is concerned no government ever thought to mitigate it with a firm commitment. For Hiv syndrome, the respective youth alone responsible which depends on their moves in the society. As far as a moral digression, it is again concerned with the personality cult of a particular youth. And the overindulgence in social media is wasting the valuable man-hours of the youth and overindulgence in politics is taking away the main time for education. As far as introvert personality and emotional immaturity, the youth has to come out this on their own.
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    The youth should be mentored properly by their parents and teachers at the appropriate age of the youth in such a way that they will be able to know what is good and what is bad for them? They should also understand what aspects of their behavior are going to help them in their future? Once the children are getting into their young years, the parents and teachers should not instruct but make them undestand why they have to do certain things and why they should not do certain things. Then only they can be on the right path. Show the initial initiative should be from the parents and teachers only.

    Youth these days are having tremendous competition in all the fields and only people who concentrate and focus on the issues properly are getting the desired future. So the elders should guide the youth only after knowing their strong and weak points. Then they will be on the right track. Otherwise, the track will lead them in a different way.

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    Moral values have to be taught by parents and teachers at school. Parents spare very little time with children, this has to be taken care of.

    Unemployment issues can be controlled if educated youth raise public funds and build up small scale partnership companies. Trust, confidence and respecting each person's decision is the key factor here.

    If a parent is friendly with his or her children, they can get to know their path and rectify them accordingly so that they do not fall prey to bad unhealthy habits.

    As there are improvements in technology and science the religious programs, devotional attitude is lost. Money making has become the need of the hour rather than satisfied and compromising lives. Helping nature and bondages in the family relationships from joint families has reached the verge of being in a nuclear family.

    The advantage of a joint family is that the elders give information on religious and moral values, spend time with youngsters. This helps in building great personalities.

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    We are living in a populated country and our economy is a developing one. In this situation the job opportunities are considerably reduced. Many countries are facing this problem. Until our manufacturing capacities increase and our products are sold in the market better than the products of other countries, it is difficult for our economy to rise up. The unemployment problem is also related to that. Another aspect is that of social concern where the society and parents have a responsibility of aligning and keeping their children on good paths. Are as a parent we doing that in our life? Govt will do its work but as a society what is our contribution in this? That is something which we have to ponder and resolve.
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