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    Corporates framing political strategy. Is it good for Indian politics?

    Ever since general election 2014 companies like IPAC have entered the business of giving strategy to election campaigns of political parties. These companies don't have ideologies or loyalty to any party. They work for parties with opposing ideas just for money. The results are victory at any cost. This increases election expenditure and in a way favours crony capitalism in elections. How can we deal with this?
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    My doubt question all these years is if private sector is more efficient(that is the justification they give for selling public sector), won't a government also in private sector be more efficient? At least we can save the many lakhs of crores of rupees spent on various levels of elections?

    My aim was to ridicule the bias of the 'privatisation' of all public sector institutions. We can 'outsource' the government also . I am afraid things ifextended like this will become like that only.
    God Forbid..........................................Let this be only a satireical thinking. I am for the continunace of public sector involvement. Public sector aim is not for profit but as a serice and welfare measure to prevent capitalist , monopolistic exploitation and keeping things in check and balance from going excess exploitation.

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    The high poll expenses are forcing the political parties to lean and take the help of big corporates who are working on quit pro quo basis. That means they would support the parties and even finance them for the elections and in return when the budget is presented that particular Industry or the company would get the maximum benefits and even the government schemes and programs would benefit them. There is a compulsion for every company to side with one party or the other as they are bound to be benefited in the long run. But this kind of politics is giving rise to cut-throat competition in the industry and the consumers are put to the loss due to high pricing and looting the customers with their own pricing policy caring afoot for the government orders. Some Industries are literally dominating the government ever since they are formed.
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    In India, all the parties spend a lot of money for the elections. For getting that money they have to depend more are on the corporate giants of the country who will finance these parties. Some corporates support Congress, some support BJP. There are some corporates who support both the parties so that they will have an upper hand if any of the two comes to power. Once they finance the elections, the companies start dictating terms to the ruling party.

    As long as money plays an important role in the elections and vote bank politics are there, we can't avoid that. To come out of this problem the parties should reduce their expenditure in the elections. It is not possible in India. in recent elections, Prajarjayam party has not spent money. Only one MLA won the elections. YSR Congress spent the maximum amount and won 151 seats. This is the influence of money in elections. As long as this situation continues nobody can help. Interference of corporates can't be ruled out.

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    We are already observing the consequences of corporate participation in the day-to-day activities of the government. Winning an election is now a business and the more money the party can spend, the more are the chances of winning an election. It is quite disheartening that political parties have to follow some strategies to win elections rather than working for the growth of the country. Though big corporates have CSR, framing policies for the government can never be a part of their social responsibility. Corporates work for their profits and always find ways to maximise its return on investment. If they spend time to frame political strategy, they will do it keeping in mind their own interest. The parliament and assemblies are there for discussions, debates and framing policies. The politicians nowadays are so intolerant that they waste the proceedings of the houses by disrupting it at the drop of a hat. In a democracy, there will be opposition, there will be dissent and all these things must be discussed inside the houses. When the government is so concerned about privatisation, it must be thinking of outsourcing some of its activities too. I will not be surprised if after a certain period the government thinks of outsourcing the whole election process since there is always some complaint about electoral malpractices. Running a government and working for the all-round development of the country is not for profit-making. Therefore, corporate participation in the name of framing any political strategy is detrimental to our democratic setup.

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    Historically corporates were always behind the politicians whether in hidden or openly. The Govt policies always help the corporates in one way or other and the corporates always look upon the Govt for this. The money is the crucial part in any election process and it is the money power that helps some leaders to woo the voters and win the elections. These things can not be eradicated until we have a clean system of elections where only the good leaders come up to rule the country but that seems to be a distant dream in the present scenario. Public has also a great role in this transformation.
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    Political funding is the main reason for the spread of corruption. It is also termed as the mother of corruption. The present Government unashamedly brought in certain amendments to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). The Electoral Bonds give anonymity to the contributing Corporates or persons. The Corporates or their agents do not give money to the political parties without expecting favors from them. It is no surprise that they will have a say in certain policies and gain from them. 95% of the funds through electoral bonds are netted by the ruling BJP party. The only solution is to make details of political funding through electoral bonds transparent.
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    I can say that Corporate companies are influencing the strategy of almost all political parties in our country (including communist party!). If they started to frame the policy of the parties, then the case is different. Yes. Corruption originates from political funding. In order to clean the system, former Finance Minister late Mr. Arun Jaitley of NDA Govt, introduced Electoral bonds in the Finance bill 2017.The proposal was that the maximum amount of cash donation a party can receive be capped as Rs 2000,in addition to that all parties are entitled to receive the money through cheque or digital mode. The electoral bond is a bearer instrument like promissory note (PN). It can be purchased by any person or corporate body of India. It is issued by select branches of State Bank of India. A respected member here stated that (#688426) the electoral bonds give anonymity to contributing corporate or persons. This is not factually correct. Electoral bonds are bought by the donor with KYC compliant account. The details of the donor are available with the select branches of the Ste Bank of India

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    The Electoral Bonds to the political parties were opposed by the Election Commission and the Reserve Bank of India. The Government of India in spite of this opposition introduced the Electoral Bonds. No doubt the person or the Corporate has to furnish the KYC details while purchasing the bonds. The bonds thus purchased will not have any identification or information on them as to who purchased them. The State Bank of India cannot disclose the details under RTI also. The bonds will be given to political parties which in turn encash them in stipulated time. The purchasers of the bonds remain anonymous to the outer world. This helps them to channel money to the ruling party anonymously and can influence them. There is one case running in the Apex Court to abolish these electoral bonds.
    The Corporates were earlier allowed to donate 7.5% of the profits to the political parties and contesting candidates. Now, this limit is abolished and the Corporates can donate unlimited money. This naturally gives them leverage over the Government and its policies. Foreign Companies can also donate through subsidiary companies to political parties. The ruling party will naturally get the majority of the funding. 95% of the money through electoral bonds has gone to BJP. If all this is not corruption what else can be?

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    There seem to some confusion regarding topic of the thread. This thread was not raised to discuss influence of corporate companies which give political funding to political parties at times of elections.
    This is about companies like IPAC(Indian Political Action Committee) led by Prashanth Kishore directly involving in campaign strategy of political parties.
    It was widely alleged that Prashanth kishore played a significant role using his corporate Ideas for BJP victory in 2014 Subsequently he was roped in by JD in Bihar elections and Congress in Punjab which were success. He was also used by congress for UP elections but lost. He was also alleged to have helped Jagan Mohan Reddy of Andhra Pradesh to power.
    Now his clients seem to have adverse Ideologies to one another from BJP to JD to congress. Bitter enemies like BJP and Congress were both his clients.
    There is allegation that he is also a corporate lobbyist and is also former vice president of JD. He directly influences Government polices.

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    The discussion has deviated from the content of the thread. It sometimes happens. depending upon some of the responses. Coming to the main topic, what Mr. Prasant Kisore doing is business. He is planning the poll strategies for different political parties. These days everything is a business opportunity.
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