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    Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections 2020 - discuss the results

    What are the possible reasons for a party's win or another party's loss in the 2020 Delhi Assembly elections? Give your opinions on the election results.

    As we all know, today is the vote-counting day for the legislative assembly election of Delhi, for forming the government for the next five years. Some of you are supporters of AAP, others of BJP or Congress or other parties and would be having various views on the subject. I would like everyone to give your views considering every aspect of the election i.e. from the campaign, rallies, candidates, issues, the manifesto of parties, exit poll result and finally the actual result.

    One can even include the following:
    i) What helped the party?
    ii) What went against the party?
    iii) Was the result as projected or foretold?
    iv) What made people vote for the winning party?
    v) What is your overall conclusion on the election result of the Delhi election 2020?
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    On going trends are showing a huge victory for AAP. However, there are approximately 10 seats which have difference of less than one thousands votes between the two main parties. This difference may fluctuate the expected numbers for AAP though but eventually Kejriwal is going to get reinstated as CM third time in a row.

    The city of Delhi experienced the outlandish salvo of infra-dig campaign-movement on ground zero. Leaders egged on the people by indecent words/slogans to contravene the law which wasn't expected from the constitutional office holders. But the mandate shows that the people don't like such campaigning based on hatred-mongering, anathematization and mud-slinging. Moreover, as a matter of fact bad-mouthing isn't appreciated by civilized people.

    Now question is whether or not this outcome of Delhi election is going to impact the national politics..? Some of the people are of opinion that Delhi defeat might ensue the downfall of BJP.

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    In Delhi this time the Congress again zero. The Congress, which came to power three consecutive times before AAP came out, has no chance of opening an account this time too.

    The BJP, which won three seats last year, is now leading in 13 seats.

    As predicted by Exit Polls, AAP has come to power in Delhi for the third time

    Sobha Wilson
    Lighted to Lighten

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    I am from the south. The election result won't affect the south. BJP is already zero in our land. Whether Ram or Ravan in Delhi, All the same. However, I would say that it is not wise for the Delhites to keep one party in power for many terms. There should be a change. I am sure, BJP will lose election and AAP will retain power this time. Congress would see a big Zero.
    No life without Sun

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    The results of Delhi - election are not unaccepted by winning the comfortable majority of 58 from AAP party and the rest 12 was won by BJP. The unfortunate part is that the congress could not open its account till 2 pm.
    Such a result is the reflection of the sincerity and involvement of the party in tackling the issues with which the common men are suffering. If the administration is transparent, definitely the response of the public would be encouraging.

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    The main loser in this elections is the congress party. This party ruled this state three times and now it is a big zero. The party should know the reasons for this and they should amend their ways so that they will regain the confidence of the people.

    Coming to BJP, there is an increase in the number of seats from last time. But the numbers are not as per the expectations of the party. Still the people of Delhi are not with BJP. The party should try to understand the reasons for this and mend their ways.

    AAP is doing well this time. Probably the welfare scheme that are introduced by this party are liked by the voters there and hence they gave chance to him. These days voters also are getting deceived by the parties. This is an example for this. Another example is YSRCP coming to power in Andhra Pradesh.

    always confident

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    With the present trend, AAP is going to win more than 60 seats against BJP 10 seats. BJP fought this election with all their might, using their power, money, and everything but the final result is totally against them. Supremos of BJP Mr. Modi, Amitshah, Nadda, Yogi Adityanath, etc. have campaigned day and night but the voters are not convinced with their words. Even EC has given warnings to some of the BJP campaigners as they breached the code of conduct. Mr.Kejriwal single handily campaigned for the election and asked the voters to vote for development. The overwhelming response comes from voters clearly indicates the voters are asking for development but not unnecessary issues like religion, Hindutva, CAA, NCR, memorials for karsevaks or heavy memorials leaders. People have realized that this type of polarization doesn't help them in any way for the betterment of their lives. I hope in the course of time people will definitely realize the tricks that BJP is playing to woe the voters and they vote against them. This Delhi election is a big loss for the image of BJP. Bihar and West Bengal assembly elections pose a big challenge for the BJP to protect their false image.

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    The leads as of now AAP-63, BJP-07, Congress- 0, Others-0. The Aam Aadmi Party's "Jhadu" swept the elections. The exit poll by India Today Channel proved to be correct. The AAP came to power for the third time in succession. It speaks of its popularity among the public of Delhi.

    1. The work done by the AAP stood by it in the elections.
    2. The polarisation, the efforts to divide the people and the hate speeches by the bigwigs of the BJP went against
    3. The result is in expected lines.
    4. The winning party, AAP, worked for the people and it helped them to sweep the elections. The dirty campaign of
    the BJP went against it.
    BJP should learn that polarisation, hate speeches are not going to work anymore. The BJP party was ruling 85% of India directly or in alliance with other parties as of March 2018. Some of the State Governments like Manipur, Goa, and Karnataka were captured by manipulations. The position as of December 2019 is that the power base of the BJP is reduced to 35% of India. Warning bells for the BJP after the General Elections of 2019.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    What I feel that the Delhi Assembly is certainly the vote for Kejriwal and the voters gave him one more term to serve them thanks to the largess he promised, Certainly, the popularity of AAP party has eroded as when compared to the last term they got few seats only. And BJP which just had three seats are now going to improve by 10 seats. Though BJP had the star campaigners. the NRC and CAA have taken the toll of their winning chance and what a pity for Congress which is totally whitewashed and once upon a time Sheila Dixit used to win with good seats and served as the Chief Minister.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My congratulations to Mr Kejriwal for winning this election with a huge mandate and hope he will discharge his duties abiding by the constitution. The poll result clearly shows that people of Delhi are happy with the performance of AAP and they want AAP to continue one more term. This result is not unexpected but interesting. Interesting in the sense AAP couldn't win any elections outside Delhi after 2015 and in the 2019 parliamentary elections also they couldn't win a single seat. I would like to mention a few things regarding this win.

    1) The free water and electricity schemes are well accepted by the voters and the ugly spat between the Lt Governor and the CM was not taken lightly by the people. The total administration of Delhi is not with the state government rather only a part of the administration is managed by the state government which may not be liked by many people.
    2) The rhetoric campaign by the BJP and their tactics of diverting people's attention by focusing on sentimental issues didn't go down well with the voters which are reflected in the result.
    3) The result was not expected after 2019 parliamentary elections but soon things started to change in favour of AAP.
    4) People found an alternative in the form of AAP which is fairly a new entrant and less corrupt to the mainstream political parties, such as Congress, BJP etc. People have seen the mainstream political parties, their actions and their divisive tactics. They thought it wise to give the new entrant another chance since it is also committed to full statehood of Delhi along with some developmental works.
    5) It was totally a one-sided game where no other party could stand in front of AAP. The election was well fought and the campaign by some opposition parties was only limited to the NRC, CAA issues. Elections cannot be won on only these issues and the all-round development of a state always find prominence during the poll. Delhi is termed as mini India because you will find various people from various regions all the time. Because of this, tolerance is higher and people can say freely whatever they like.


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    Election process in a democratic system is quite complicated and it is a difficult task for even the expert analysts to predict or explain the voting pattern in a particular election. The election just concluded in Delhi is no way different. There were so many issues interwoven in this election that to separate out them and pin point the reasons or underlying facts is a big task. Still there are some obvious things that happened in this case and one thing is the many small small things done for the middle and lower class public in Delhi by the ruling regime that is AAP party. Local bias has worked triumphantly for them and they have come out as the winner.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Probabaly except BJP all had clearly expectd hat AAP will win this election and BJP will lose. The decimation of Congress was also expected. As such, I am not at all surprised by the results.

    It is for the BJP to learn its lesson.
    The party cannot rest on its win in Lok Sabha elections. Voters can very clearly distinguish the priorities in Lok Sabha , Assembly and Local Panchayat/Municipal lections. They vote accordingly. That refelected in the last Lok Sabha elections and presnt Assembly elections. BJP has to learn lesson and do their homework accordingly.

    It was their mistake to bring the CAA and Shaheen Bagh in the assembly elections. It was their bankruptcy not to declare a CM candidate.. In the midst of all these virtuality there was a reality in front of voters, which they have expereinced-Kejriwal and his team. Voters had experienced what the Kejriwal govt did to them.

    The latest Central Budget also added to BJP failure. Delhi has a good number of salaried class. The budget did not do anything favourable to the salaried and middle class. Over and above that, the confusing and negating changes brougt in Income Tax matter made people feel that the BJP government is against middle class and pro business only.
    So added to thepooling and polarisation of votes - (a self goal scored by BJP by demonising the Shaheen Bagh protes and CAA protest)-the middle class unfriendly Unioin budget also contributed to people's dislike of BJP.
    As Congress was almost a dead horse, people clearly chose AAP. So even if BJP gained some polarised votes, that was compensated by the losing of unattached middle class and salry class votes.

    If BJP learns fromits mistakes, it can save further coming elections. It is high time that the central government implemented some thing that brings immediate short term results and reliefs to people.

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    Kejriwal got the much-deserved victory. The last five years of governance of the Kejriwal government is appreciable. Kejriwal's efforts to provide electricity, public education, and health services to the common man were successful. That's why this good result in the election. Kejriwal's strategy was to face everything from the very beginning of the election campaign without falling into the traps prepared by the BJP.
    Sobha Wilson
    Lighted to Lighten

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    Congrats Kejriwal for getting elected once again against stiff fight from BJP and other parties that proved his sway over the voters and it seems the free current scheme brought him all the fame and recognition and thus scored 62 overwhelmed seats shopping BJP surge and completely kicked Congress out with nil score.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It was expected that AAP will win the elections this time too but it was also expected that BJP will give a tough fight to them but it didn't happen.

    It was due to the free electricity, free bus rides to the ladies, cheap rates of water supply are the reason why the majority of people voted to AAP. And in my opinion, in the last 5 years, AAP has not done much development in Delhi. I didn't see any new flyover or any new college or something like that. I think people of Delhi have done a mistake by choosing Mr Kejriwal again.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    This win gives new heights and dimensions to AAP which has shown an unprecedented way to all the opposition parties that how to defeat BJP's intensive vigorous campaigning tactics.
    All the star campaigners including Home minister, PM, cabinet ministers, BJP president, CMs, MPs, party workers used all their tricks to woo the Delhiites unsuccessfully. How Kejriwal and his team maneuvered the situation was stupendous.

    Now, all the parties including BJP should realize it that Only work will get to call the shots in our country and nothing else.

    I think AAP is going to spread its wings in near future, most probably in Bihar and Prashant Kishor, the political adviser of AAP and ex right hand of Bihar CM is going to be the face of CM.

    Will AAP supersede as the main opposition party in future is too early to say though but the wind is veering off, ergo, AAP will have to work hard on the ground incessantly to keep the momentum intact.

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    It is a predicted victory for AAP and simple fact is that the people in Delhi want AAP in state assembly elections and BJP in loksabha elections. This is the pattern they want to happen and they voted for that. It was obvious that AAP will win delhi elections as there was no anti incumbency factor against the ruling government lead by Aravind Kejriwal.
    At the time of loksabha elections which happened six months back, the voters in a survey expressed this. They told they need Modi in center and kejriwal in state assembly.

    The same happening in many states that people electing local parties for assembly elections and national parties in parliament elections. In Kerala, there was an incident that people voted for Communist party for state assembly and Congres for parliament even both elections happened same day. So it is clear that what is going on through the minds of people.


    Winners are too busy to be sad,too positive to be doubtful,too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated.

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    Delhi election has given the verdict of the people to all the parties i.e. local and other states that only work is what they are looking for. Let every party make a study and do their homework for the coming elections where divide and rule will not succeed but only their work for the common man will give them the chair and power.

    AAP: They had a proper agenda for the election, a leader to show, the progress card that showed the work done and a look ahead plan for the next 5 years. They only talked about development and progress and was with people. Everyone talked about AAP giving freebies but that is what actually helped them to keep the poor and middle-class happy. When the central Budget took care of the rich and industrialists, APP thought of the poor and provided them some relief from the frame of their power which built faith and likeness among the people.

    BJP: They had big leaders for the rally and hot topics like 'Shaheen Baug, NRC, CAA' but this did not help them as expected by the party. They always played the divide and rule and talked about building big Mandirs, etc but that did not gel well with the people. They had no front leader to be named for the CM post, no progress or development to show and even no plan for the coming years.

    Congress: I never felt, they were actually fighting the election as they had no leaders, agenda, progress work or even a good look ahead plan for its people. The only party which is going down and amy even diminish in a few years if they don't work or learn from their mistake and stop internal fights within the party for seat or position.

    App won the election with a majority of 62 seats out of the 70 seats but is -0.72% less as compared to 2015 i.e 67 seats in 2015 and 62 in 2020. For BJP, though they lost the election they had a rise of +6.3% i.e. in 2015 they had 3 seats and in 2020 they have 8 seats. For congress, it is a nightmare of -5.44% i.e they fell from 9.7% vote to 4.26% votes. 63 out of 66 lost the deposits which are very shameful for a party that once governed Delhi for 15 years.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    What we learned from the Delhi voters that they do not want to give chance for AAP MP's to win but at the same time they gave full marks to AAP for winning MLA seats. That means they want developments and sops.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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