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    Why there is an increase in the number of taste enhancers?

    Imagine the expression of a foodie after savouring a sumptuous dish! Even if you are not a foodie you nod in disapproval if the dish you like doesn't taste the way you like it. We add spices while cooking to enhance the taste of the food. Some like very spicy foods while others do not like much spice in their dishes. The taste is always a personal choice and nowadays there are many taste enhancers available to make the dishes even tastier. Health practitioners say that certain taste enhancers are not so healthy and advice us to cautiously use them. Don't worry, I am not going to advise you about the usage of the taste enhancers, rather I will tell you about the change of tastes of the original foods/vegetables. You might have heard people saying that certain foods taste quite different nowadays. I have personally found that the tastes of a few vegetables and meats have changed over the years. Here is an interesting observation that my mother notified me the other day. Have you found that the number of taste enhancers is increasing day by day which is quite evident from the advertisements shown in different media round the clock? My mother found a good reason for the increase in numbers of such taste enhancers. Since most of the vegetables and daily consumables are grown round the year by using various fertilizers there are many that have lost their original taste. I found the taste of cauliflower and cabbages changed a lot. The peas also taste a bit different. Take the case of chicken or mutton. I have heard my parents and relatives saying that the smell of those meats was quite different during their childhood and it was awesome during that period. Now their original tastes have reduced and people became more dependent on the taste enhancers while cooking. That's why you will find many such taste enhancers available in the market. I found her observation quite logical. Or, shall I blame my taste buds? What do you say?
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    Very nice post from the author and what I feel that though the households are good at kitchen menus the expectations of the eaters want some added taste as they are habituated to good taste outside the home or at a friend's house. And by adding taste enhancers the households could satisfy each member of the home and the children would eat the food without any tantrums. Suppose if someone prepares drumstick sambar, and if the household adds radish or onions with it, the taste would be added attraction and whole lots of appreciation for the new trial.
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    I agree with the author that over a period of time the taste of various foods is changed. The main reason for this is the usage of various fertilisers which will make the crop to grow fast. But in this process the actual taste is lost and we feel the difference. Another observation is the organically grown food will definitely taste better than normal food. This is my personal experience. But the cost of organic foods are high. So the alternative left only is to add taste enhancers only.

    Personally what I feel is to eat without adding any taste enhancers. There will be some side effects with these taste enhancers. Now many diabetic patients add artificial sweeteners for getting the taste of sweetness. But the material they use not good for health. So it is better to eat food without adding any sweet enhancers.

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    Due to the rampant use of fertilisers and hybrid technologies in the agricultural field, many food items are going under many changes in them and that would naturally change their taste also when consumed by us. This is the result of the modernisation adopted in the agriculture throughout the world and it has created a genetic transformation in these food items which is now an irreversible process. Some suppliers are claiming that their foods are organic in nature and free of all chemicals and fertilisers. This has to be checked for their authenticity and then only should be consumed as we are paying high prices for them.
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