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    How often do you doubt your doctor

    The cases we have heard of are making us very much conscious about the happenings around us. We have started doubting even our doctors. If we have a slight pain in stomach and doctor asks us for various tests including blood tests and sonography, we say that he wants more money and that's why he asking for these all tests just for minor pain. If we have severe pain with fever and he just gives antibiotics, we say, he even did not ask for a blood test, he is not a good doctor and we should consult another doctor. In fact many times, we do not even follow his instructions carefully considering it taken for granted. For example, the dose of antibiotics is for three days but the fever is still there, we continue the dose rather than visiting the doctor again thinking that it will be fine 1-2 days.
    So, share your personal views about how often do you doubt your doctors and feel the need to taking the second opinion for your treatment?
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    It is true that our faith in doctors or hospitals is diminishing due to unwanted tests or unavailability of good doctors. There was time when every doctor was respected and everyone had much faith in them. Nowadays many hospitals and doctors just perform their duty and have no consideration for patients and they're well being. We have read many news or reports where due to negligence many have lost their lives and this is covered by reports. The most trusted profession and people need to have a selfless attitude and have patience to help the people in need and even understand the financial condition before prescribing high priced or branded medicine wherein there are many generic shops where the same medicines are available with the same composition.

    It is very difficult to regain the lost faith and thus every doctor and hospital must ensure that they cater to every patient with care and respect without looking only for money wherein they ask for tests and reports that are not required. It has become a trend that even for normal fever, they ask for blood and urine tests as thus patients feel it a money laundering formate and hesitate to follow or visit them again. As saving life is seen as a Godly act, doctors must follow their code and ethics and keep the promise or oath taken to serve people and help mankind.

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    Since we go to our family doctor first for any ailment, he is totally believed and we trust him very much. Why because he never refer us to the diagnostics nor even recommend for the injections. That proves that he his not after the money and when ever he wants the test to be done, he would not recommend any testing center and he would ask us to do at our convenient place. That proves that he is interested to give right treatment and not beating around the bush. But some doctors are playing with the diseases and make money while the patient is in pain and wants urgent attention. And we should go for the second opinion if the first doctor insists on so many diagnostic tests which are not required as per our experience. But such advise should be restricted one or two times and not regularly.
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    Family doctor is supposed to be the best friend in our family since he would not prescribe any medicine unless he goes to the root cause of the symptoms and to know the root cause of the disease, he would make certain queries. Then the prescription would follow with less number of medicines lasting for a maximum period of six days.
    Surprisingly, no more medicine would be required in the subsequent sittings and in some cases if is having any doubt, he would advise for the blood tests for some parameters not exceeding Rs 300/-
    However, for other patients they may not be fortunate while visiting the Multispeciality- hospitals where for the for the minor ailments, the doctor would advise for ultrasound and several type of blood tests with the emphasis of consulting of particular diagonistic centre. The patients have to shell out enormous money by way of consultation charges and other Diagonistic expenses.
    Though they have the roaring practices but at the same time, they loose the the trust of the patients because of their professional behaviour.

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    Doctors are well-connected with labs and clinics. They have their share and get their booty regularly. The labs survive due to doctors. While we can cure stomach pain with a piece of ginger or dry ginger or asafoetida, we spend a lot in hundreds in hospitals. At times it goes in thousands. Doctors prescribe this test and that test and all tests not connected with the patient's problem. Really, we have lost faith in doctors. They loot the public on the name of cure.
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    Medical is a field where many options and alternatives are there. It is still in a developing stage and new researches are going on to find new medicines and procedures for curing the ailments. When a patient goes to a doctor the patient is just like a layman in these matters and whatever the doctor says the patient takes it as correct or as granted. There are different types of doctors. Some are very good and do not want to waste the patient's money and give a good advice while there are many who are greedy and try to squeeze as much as possible. So in such instances the element of doubt comes in the mind of the patient as what the doctor is suggesting is correct or not.
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    Taking second opinion from another doctor on a particular illness for a person is always advisable. If both the doctors give the same opinion we will be confident. If the opinions are almost similar also no problem. But if we get to opposite opinions then we are very much confused.

    These days unless otherwise we know the doctor we don't have confidence on him. Many people will enquire the skill of the doctor and try to get the opinions of the earlier patients of that doctor, and then we will take a decision. If we don't have confidence on the doctor his treatment will not respond properly.

    These days the general opinion of people is that the doctors are recommending many tests which are not required. But there are some doctors who will study the patient carefully and then recommend the tests are very much required. Such doctors are very good.

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    In our society doctor is treated as a messenger of God. We respect him and abide by his instructions. In some cases when we take a second opinion then only we come to know if the earlier doctor was cheating or misleading us. Generally we do not doubt on them.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Normally it is said to have a regular doctor for our house members. That doctor should be near to our house. Any setback we feel for any of our house members we should consult him or her first. On his or her advise only we can move to specialists. In this way we can avoid unnecessary tests, doubting doctor/medicines, allergic medicines to our body, over dose etc., A known elderly, aged more than 80, person to me was felt uneasiness one day. On his request I took him to the nearest doctor known to me already. He observed him well and suggested that it is due to his old age only and no need to medicare except some vitamins as he found no disorder in him. But next day his son from Mumbai came casually and got the news but he annoyed himself for consulting a small doctor instead to approach nearby hospital. He took him to the nearest big hospital by taking a call taxi in spite of this old man refuse for that. The hospital authorities admitted him in ICU for observation for two days. They gave drips to him and finally told,' nothing to worry, due to his old age this uneasiness he felt. You can take him and no medication is necessary". For this they spent 25000 rupees.

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