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    If we switch off the mains and do not shut down the computer, will it go non-functional?

    Do you often just switch off the mains while working on a computer instead of first shutting it down properly? Find out through this forum discussion if this will create a problem and result in your computer crashing totally.

    This thread is for those who are working on desk top computers, and after the work is over, if we forget to shut down and just switch off the mains, will that have a lasting effect on the working of the computer? Will it make the OS obsolete? Why I am posting this question is because, suddenly my computer crashed and it was not working and it needed to be formatted again. What I was told by the mechanic is that when we finish using the computer, it must be properly shut down and not just merely switch off the mains.
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    Yes. There is a shutdown procedure to be followed. Generally, we should have a UPS to meet the electricity failure. If we switch off the main, while the computer (without UPS) is on, it would affect the system. Even if we have a UPS, when the power supply goes off, it is ideal to shut down the computer immediately to avoid any software damage to the system.
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    Actually the work you do on your computer, all the data of your current work goes to the RAM which functions along with your ongoing work. There develops a linkage between the input and the ongoing storage which directly links to your primary and secondary storage systems. When you suddenly turns off the computer this linkage physically breaks but the memory of the RAM remains same. When you reopen your computer, the RAM does not gets access the that data and the storage devices forgets the work. This can cause to your computer's memory loss and you may loose your files or your files may get corrupted. This can even cause your Operating System stop functioning properly and you may get to re-install the OS which can ultimately cause data loss.
    Thus my recommendation is that you must follow thr required procedure and Shut Down property your computer system and then unplug it. If not then think why the OS developers have provided the 'Shut Down' option?

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    Most of the people use UPS for their computers so that if the power goes then the computer runs on the UPS for some time till the power comes back. UPS cannot sustain for longer time and in such cases the computer is to be shut down and one has to wait for the power to return. It is always advisable to follow the shut down procedure to avoid any malfunction or breakdown of the computer. Sometimes it so happens that the UPS battery might not be in good shape and in absence of the proper UPS functioning, the computer is abruptly put off without the shut in procedure.
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    There is always a chance of malfunction if the desktop is not shut down properly. During the normal operation, the read-write process is continuous and data is mostly stored in the cache. While following the proper shutdown process the computer asks whether the user wants to save the unsaved documents and accordingly it is saved. When the power goes off suddenly the data is completely lost. Other than this, the user may have many unsaved data while working which gets lost if the shutdown procedure is not followed. The most important part is the functioning of the mechanical hard drive. Data in a hard drive is stored sector-wise and it is accessed through moving heads of the hard drive. If the power is suddenly cut off, the head stops instantly at that point and there is a chance of getting that place scratched through the sudden friction. If that particular place contains the boot sector files then there is a chance of losing the booting information which will cause the computer not to boot again the next time. In that case, the operating system has to be reloaded. Therefore, one must shut down the computer properly rather than just unplugging it or turning off the switch on the wall.

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    A proper shutting down of the Laptop or Desktop computer is very much required. Once you complete your work you have to close all the windows which you have opened during that session. Then you have follow the procedure required to shut off or you can put it in sleeping mode. But without following the procedure if the instrument is closed the unsaved work may be lost. So everybody should follow the prescribed procedure. But some people after saving all the work they have done may switch it off directly. In such case there is no problem of losing the information, but when you restart the computer may start misfunctioning,
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    We know that the computer has hardware and software. There are many programs that run in the background while we work on some files and in order to support every function, there are many programs that are linked and run in the background to make our work convenient like searching files, retrieving data, saving it, etc. When we follow the shutdown process, it will Check user applications or unsaved document is running and inform the user, Update the system registry, Clear the cache, installs Windows updates, Writs log files, Stops background service, Sends the shutdown signal, etc that helps the Operating systems to complete its task, save files from corrupting and increase its life.
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    Earlier I had a desktop computer in which we had a UPS but many times UPS gave problems and did not work and the computer was instantaneously out of power in case the electricity gone. Once the electricity is restored we put the computer on then it used to ask some questions like do you want to start it in safe mode etc and then it worked fine. I never had failure of desktop just because the mains line went off.
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