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    Which are the best fishes to eat and enjoy?

    ISC has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian members. Non-vegetarians prefers chicken, mutton, fish, beef, pork, and other animals and birds meat. While there are only two types of chicken (Broiler and country), mutton of goat and sheep, we have hundreds of varieties of fishes from the sea, rivers and ponds.

    What I want to know is - Which are the best fishes from the sea or river or pond that is tasty to consume and enjoy?

    Since Childhood, I had/have been tasting only the following fishes.
    Vanjira (Kingfish)- Sardine - Mackarel - Pomfret - Tuna - Ooli (Baraccuda) - Vaazha (Emperor) - Netholi (Anchovy)- Milk shark - Silverfish - Prawns etc.

    Among all, Vanjira is very tasty but costly - It costs Rs. 800 per Kg.
    Sardine is very cheap and tasty- One fish costs Rs. 2/- only
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    If you want sea food then you may go with 'Hilsa', the best and most demanding among all. Also 'Rohu' is another variety which grows in rivers and ponds and in some parts of India termed as the 'King' of all fishes.

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    I am a pure vegetarian but I have non vegetarian friends who keep on saying about the items they prefer to eat and the cost of it. What I gather from them that Apollo fish is very famous in Hyderabad and they have that during the lunch and dinner and it tastes good and costly too. Not all the hotels are having the fish dishes and only three star range hotels are having such fish menu. It costs 300 to 400 per plate taken with rice and this was revealed by them. Anyway the non vegetarians items are costly and it is really surprising as to how the people are managing about their budget.
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    The taste of fish would also depend upon how the fish is prepared, taking into considerations of oil being used and the ways spices are added. Some add curd while marinating the fish and some with properly mixing Curcumin and mustard oil keep the the contents for at least an hour inside the freeze for proper marination.
    Hence the role of the cook is equally important so as to have the requisite flavour of the fish. Some sections of the people prefer Hilsa to Rohu, but I do have intense liking for Rohu if the cooks undertakes enough precautions while preparing the Rohu dish.

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    As my little information goes, fresh water fish is generally tastier than the sea water fish. Of course, much depends upon the way it is prepared. The use of particular oils and spices is of paramount importance. As other members have also indicated Hilsa and Rohu are some of the tastier species.
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    The sardines (Mathi or Chala ) are the most common fish we eat in Kerala
    The sardines are high-quality protein. It is rich in vitamins A, D, and B12. The sardine or Chala is good for the brain and cardiovascular health. Consuming sardines increases your cholesterol levels. Omega-3 fatty acids rich in sardines have been shown to be effective in preventing heart disease and reducing blood pressure. The fried sardines are very delicious. Tapioca with Chala are known as a balanced diet

    Sobha Wilson
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