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    Do you get lots of unrelated mails to your mail id. ?

    When I open my mail id. lots of mails related to various banks, insurance companies, shopping malls, personal mails, advertisements. Some of these mails are not at all related to us but we find in our email id. Sometimes amidist all these spam mails we miss to look into our important mails also. Why we get such spam mails to our id.? Will this spam mails effect our security? How these people know our email id. even though have no contact with those companies? What protective measures you take to escape from such spam mails? Is these spam mails are due to the mobile numbers and mail id.'s we give everywhere?
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    I am getting hundreds of junk mails daily and out of that hardly a few are of some importance to me. These junk mails are sometimes so titled that we get mislead and open them in our haste only to find that either they are some sort of advertisement or want to take us to a useless site which we are not interested to view. These unsolicited emails have become a big headache and source of inconvenience to all of us. Some of them are fake duplicate sites of banks or Govt offices and we open them thinking that we have got some important mail from that source. We should not open these emails as they sometimes contain viruses and bugs.
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    Yes, E-Mail marketing is somewhat very irritating for users. Even I get hundreds of junk mails everyday on my mail account.
    The best solution for this is go to every mail sender's thread on your inbox and open the mail. Mostly at the bottom of the page you will get an 'Unsubscribe' link, just click on this link and it will take you to the sender's webpage where a message will be shown stating, 'You are Unsubscribed from our mailing list'. This is one of the best way to get rid out of this.
    Another option is, if you have provided that email id to various social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc., you can go to your account settings section on that social networking site and remove their authority to send you notifications. This will reduce the social messages sent by them.

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    I too receive too many unwanted junk and spam e-mails. I select my e-mails carefully regularly every day morning and delete the other unwanted e-mails. I always keep my mail window free.
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    I will be getting many unwanted emails to my google mail and Yahoo mail. But for my official email, I will not be getting any junk mails. The computer itself will `separate the mails as primary, Social and promotional emails and also Junk mails. In Primary emails, some mails are flagged. Generally, the emails flagged only are useful and all other mails are waste, Even in Social and promotional emails, we will not have any useful mails. They are all waste mails only. In my case, 95% of the mails are not useful and not related. In Yahoo, this type of mails will be there and we will be rejecting these emails and deleting them on a daily basis.
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    I am getting so much clutter and unwanted mail in my email account that it is becoming difficult day by day to keep a tab on that and to clean it regularly. Out of all that junk it takes time to find out the genuine email.
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    What I feel that when we have accounts in the social media, the phone numbers and our mail address are hijacked by the companies and banks which are bombarding with their promotion mails and that is very irritating. Google should not allow such mails into our account without our consent. Everyone of us are getting such mails and it takes time and energy to read each mail and then delete. Because we cannot delete by choosing all options as there are some important mails in between. Even the government departments and Ministries are sending the mails for our information and action. By the way what I feel that the those companies which thinks that the promotion through mails would fetch them the contacts and business they are wrong as most of us are not reading those messages and simply deleting or ignoring them.
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