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    All Freebies only. Nothing for development. Delhi's fate.

    AAP promised freebies. Voters got attracted. AAP won the election. Now AAP need to keep up their freebie promises and deliver it to the people. AAP promised freebies for Electricity, Water, Transport, and many many. If the taxpayers money is spent for freebies, how will Delhi progress and develop? Will AAP deliver freebies and develop Delhi?
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    The best part would be the people who pay the tax would be victim of this level of socialism. I was thinking about the marxist mentality in the AAP party. I just hope people in india don't become venezuela type socialist and demand things for free. It's really sad seeing the trend that arts students are spreading this socialism among lower class people and changing politics into freebie game.

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    Nice post from the author. The freebies culture was started by all political parties and it was in TN during Jaya tenure the freebies got much hyped. And that is followed by the Delhi AAP too. It could easily bring voters to its fold because up to 200 units electricity free is something no party ever gave the thought and all the middle class income salaried group would come under this bracket and the Mohalla clinics which were promised and functioning is also giving good medical access to the citizens of Delhi. So no major development projects ever taken by the AAP government as it knows the center would anyway develop the national capital with great projects and it need not worry or allocate funds. By the way the Delhi govt has less rights and authority and they have function within the framework of less budget.
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    The freebie culture is followed by all the political parties. This is not good and should be stopped. The taxpayer's money is wasted on the freebies. Some work, in turn, should be extracted from the people who get these freebies.

    The BJP party also announced many freebies in the election manifesto for the Delhi elections 2020. Some of them are
    1. Wheat flour at a subsidized rate of Rs 2/ per kg.
    2. Free bicycle for all girls belonging economically weaker sections and studying between 9 th. and 12 th. class.
    3. Free electric scooter to girls of economically weaker sections who join in the colleges.
    4. Rs 51000/ for the wedding of the girls of widows belonging to economically weaker sections.

    Let us not blame one party. All the political parties are doing the same. For the sake of votes, they promise anything. Who can forget Rs 15/ lakhs in every citizens bank account by the BJP before 2014 general elections?

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    Most of the parties including BJP and Congress announcing freebies in their manifestos. In UP elections BJP announced waiver of agricultural loans and implemented it. When 97% of total income of India is with in 2% of rich people, people may think such a socialism is justifiable for them. In course of time a situation may arise in India as the monthly earnings of common man is so low such a comforts may become absolute necessity. Providing free health care and schooling facilities, drinking water is the important duty of an elected government.

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    Politics is a strange game of manipulations. The shrewd politicians will invent newer and newer methods to lure the voters. They know that only voter can make their future to rule the country. This is not happening for the first time in our country. We have seen it happening since last 72 years. It is the same wine in new bottle and it gives same feeling to the voter as it used to provide earlier. You can always lure the drunkards with wine or something akin to that. I have some friends who do not attend a party if drinks are not there. They say it is wastage of time if there are no freebies and top ups.
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    Opening post seems to be based on hearsay as facts are otherwise.

    Considering all aspects every issue should be judged on its merit honestly devoid of any prejudice.

    Actually every government while coming in power sets its own priorities. AAP took the issue of welfare for the people and ergo, it implemented different schemes in the state and set the budget accordingly. Total expenses summed up as follows.

    Electricity: 1720 crore per year
    water: 400 crore per year
    free bus service to women: 140 crore per year
    Total 2260 crore per year (spent on socalled freebies)

    Now see the priorities of the central government when it came in power in 2014.

    Help to corporate sector:

    * 5 lac 57 crore debt was waived off
    * 4 lac 30 K crore tax was exempted
    * 10 lac crore rebate was granted

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    Tamilnadu's freebie culture is different from AAPs freebie culture. Electricity, water and transport are human need and has to be continued forever. Once Ration, electricity, water and transport are made free, people need not work and worry. They can simply sit at home and enjoy life. Jaya's ideology cannot match with Arvind's ideology. Jaya cared the students by providing cycle, computer, uniform and footwear. She never touched Electricity, water and transport which are the money earning sources.

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    These days people are voting for the parties who offer them free gifts more than development activities. In Andhra Pradesh also TDP shown a lot of developmental activities and very limited frees were given, At the same time YSRCP offered many freebies to the people. So TDP lost the elections and YSRCP won. Now the State has forgotten the word development. Now same thing will happen in Delhi .

    The money we are all paying as tax is getting wasted by getting distributed to various people as freebies. These should not be encouraged. We should not vote for the party which will not work for development.

    always confident

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    The post simply is a one-side story as it should have to be every political party giving freebies to lure voters than just pointing one party 'AAP' as they swept the Delhi election. We already had a thread about the manifestos of every party and their schemes and even BJP, Congress and other parties offered such freebies. Every party wants the voters to vote for them and keep them in power and provide such schemes and other facilities. Can we completely deny that AAP never worked for the people or is it that only BJP is working in every state? At least we need to take it positively and mention it as a common platform than being bias and favoring one party. In the Lok Sabha election, The people elected BJP and for the state they elected AAP. The election in both cases was a clean sweep of both the political power. When asked by people, they had their say that in Central they would like to have a strong decision-maker and for that BJP is right but for the state, they want development and for that AAP is best. We need to take the people's point of view into account than just mentioning about freebies. Even the strongest parties have given freebies in states where they have won and it is not a new thing for voters. But here, they said, we voted for development, education and good governance. Let the party work and give them the chance to prove than providing feedback as in the CM has not sworn.
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    The Short term sops are not at all needed they halt the development process of state or Country. Poor people always vote who announces Short term sops in Elections they are more populated than Middle class and Upper class that is why politicians to attract below poverty or poverty line people they announce these freebies. Venezuela, Vietnam, and Indonesia are very good examples as the failure countries because of these short term sops...
    Andhra Pradesh state will soon fall into this category.

    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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    We know that billions of rupees are spent on salaries/perks and other free facilities of members of parliament and state assemblies and on security of prominent personalities (on PM's security 1.62 crore/day is spent let alone rest others) etc. But if some free services are given to people all developmental projects get jeopardized..?

    How ridiculous..!

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    When most of the politicians are corrupt, how the country or the states will progress? Freebies are nothing new and every party promises some freebies before each election. Various ministers in the central government may say many things, they may show various statistics regarding the condition of our economy but the reality is quite different. Nowadays, many small businesses are suffering, no new jobs are created. In this situation, how the middle-class and lower-middle-class would survive with their income? Freebies are there because our country is poor. In a country where around 20% of the population is still in the BPL category just think how many can be in the middle or lower-middle-income group. All the MPs and MLAs are earning a handsome salary and they themselves fix their salaries. They even get a pension if they continue for a single term. They get most of the amenities absolutely free. When they are earning a handsome why they will enjoy the amenities without paying for it? Is it because of their position? The common men toil day and night but cannot enjoy facilities like them. In this situation, every government will think of freebies. The development will be in full swing if there is less corruption. In every major project, cut-money is exchanged. Being fully aware of this we still vote those politicians. Yes, many vote them for the freebies also.

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    Free electricity, free water, free metro ride,free education,… etc…etc. Freebies everywhere, just fooling people to remain in power…….when this Govt will be able to give breathable air to the Delhites?

    Delhi is the most polluted capital city in the world. No action has been taken to control the fossil fuel consumption in and around Delhi as the consumption increasing more than 18% on an average.99% of the coal fired electric generation units do not have FGD installed to reduce the SO2 emissions as mandated by Environment Ministry. 80% of the green Tax collected not even spent on environment protection. What these people are doing there?
    Where these money gone?
    May be spent for serving biriyani to the radicalized people!

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    The freebies promised by the AAP are essentials for a common people and make their life easy. The Delhi Government should see to it that all those getting freebies contribute some service to society.
    Pollution is the biggest problem for Delhi. It is the capital of India. The Government of India should also work with the Delhi Government to reduce pollution levels instead of putting the blame on the Delhi Government.

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    We were hearing for quite some time that in Delhi the Govt had provided many sops to the people and more are in the pipeline. So it was anticipated that such measures might help the ruling regime and same thing has happened.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I think Aravind Kejriwal and his party was voted back to power with a stunning majority by the people of Delhi not just because of the freebies they offered but basically because they got what they were promised during the previous tenure of the party. If the freebies were to drain the exchequer of the Delhi government, I am sure it should have happened in the last five years. That makes it amply clear that there is some mechanism that has been deduced by Kejriwal and team to ensure that the economy does not suffer due to the freebies. Let us not forget that Kejriwal's dreams do not end as the Chief Minister of Delhi and so he will not make any move that will come in the way of his political career. I also feel that the lack of corruption that could be ensured by the party could make a lot of difference.
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    Accordingly to me,

    Firstly, it's not only about freebies but the political analysts must also be observing the silly mistakes on behalf of the Central leadership of BJP along with its alliance partnerships by continuously raising with the national level issues to even with the State elections. On the other hand, few other things that we can't be ignored of, that the voters shown the immaturity if got attracted with freebies because to a great extent this will continue to deny with their nationalistic approach because the same CM once raised the suspicion and doubt of Surgical strikes and wanted proof including others.

    Our conclusions would differ and vary on whether the freebies be allowed or not, but do we honestly feel that this will lead us to a progressive path because practically this doesn't seem to be the scenario because if we are getting our commodities free of cost then why would we work then? Going ahead what our mentality would become?

    This is nothing sorts of bribery by the politicians in order to gain votes.

    Wouldn't this be good if the resources would have been provided to the poor and deprived if in any way we are carrying with the good intentions?

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    Not all the Delhiites voted for Arvind Kejriwal because of the freebies. Some of them voted for him because
    1. There has not been any increase in electricity rates in the last five years in Delhi. Whereas, the previous governemnt used to increase the rates every year. Moreover, Delhiites get electricity 24x7 without a power cut or load shedding. Some people have already removed the line invertors since there is no need of the invertors now.
    2. There has not been any major increase in water rates in the last five years in Delhi. The water supply has also improved a lot.
    3. The private school fees has not been increased in Delhi in the last few years. Arvind Kejriwal did not allow private schools to increase the fees.
    4. There has been a lot of improvement in medical facilities at the lower level in Delhi. I admit that he has not opened/constructed any big hospital in Delhi, but, he has opened micro hospitals in so many localities in Delhi. These micro hospitals are called 'mohalla clinics'. In mohalla clinics, people get free medical advice, free checkup, free medicines and free tests. These mohalla clinics are better than the normal dispensaries in every locality.
    5. He got so many CCTV cameras installed in Delhi for safety of general public.

    Arvind Kejriwal is not the first politician to give freebies in Delhi, he just improvised on the schemes of earlier government of Shiela Dixit, who used to offer subsidy on first 200 units of electricity. Moreover, as mentioned by other members, there have been politicians all over India, who gave the freebies to the common man. Then why criticize the Kejriwal alone for giving freebies?

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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