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    Promoting harmony in our neighborhoods

    Come the month of May, thousands of temples in Tamil Nadu come alive. There is the annual temple festival. Of course, in some places, there is a lot of animal sacrifice to God, but this is not only sanctioned in the scheme of things, but also has cultural implications.

    However, the wider effort at promoting communal harmony is obviously seen. Those in other parts of the country would do well to observe such practices and understand realities. People of all religions take part in the temple festival. The caring and sharing has to be seen to be believed. The entire town or the big village will have any number of houses and common feeding places where a wide variety of food is prepared and served. People who are fairly well off are also invited to have such food. The wider sociogical implications are that this promotes harmony among people in such a big way. The rich spend substantial amounts at feeding everyone. The sponsorships for the temple rituals come in from several rich people settled in other parts of the country.

    This is perhaps why such sould foundations create a fertile ground for tolerance of a tall order. One cannot and should not play divisive politics in Tamil Nadu. Since literacy is so high, people immediately see through games of evil politicians. Let such activities keep on increasing everywhere. Let no one talking talk about passing current anywhere. Let no young man roam the streets with a gun.

    This is not the society that Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of. Let us keep on promoting more of communal harmony.
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    In a democratic set up where many religions coexist, communal harmony is the most essential ingredient as the system would able to survive and progress only on those premises. The ideology on which the foundation stone of free India was laid is same. Today some people due to their vested interests are trying to divide the society based on religion or caste or groups or communities but by doing that they are doing a lot of harm to the national fabric of our country and it is jeopardising our progress and development in the international scenario. It is a sad matter but politics has its own ways of working and people are mislead and provoked time and again.
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    Communal harmony has to be maintained at any cost and that is the prime responsibility of the government and the people too. For that matter I take pride of Hyderabad which is cosmopolitan city and there are many religions existing here and they celebrate their festivities and programs without hindrance or disturbance. The main religions like Hindus and Muslims co exist with harmony and we find temples and mosques in one single compound and that testifies what I was trying to say. Come Ramzan, the Muslims would donate liberally even to Hindus and during Bakrid festiviities many would give away the meat to the neighbors and other people. Likewise the Deepavali, Holi and Sankranthi festitivies are celebrated with Hindus and during Ganesh festivities I have seen many Muslims offering water packets to Hindu devotees.
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    Indian citizens are very civilised. The never bother about the caste or the religion of the other person. They are very tolerant. Otherwise the percentage of minorities will never get enhanced unlike in neighbouring countries. This is the greatest sacrifice that an Indian dose always. So harmony is seen every where and there is no bar in religion.

    In many of the temples even in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana also there are many temples and every year they perform the festival for 10days.Near our house in Hyderabad there is a Balaji temple. There in the month of January a festival for ten days will be celebrated. Irrespective of caste, religion, social status everybody will eat food there. The people who wish will contribute and there is no binding to pay.

    All the ten days morning breakfast, afternoon lunch and night dinner are served. There is no special guests. All are equal. All the ten days will go off very peacefully.

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    The author talks about caring and sharing during a temple festival - should it be done only then? Why is it that we have to wait for festivals to show communal harmony? Why is this not done on a personal level also, on a day to day basis? In a school, you will see a student segregated because of not knowing the local language and having come from "outside" (meaning, another State), from another community. There will be no sharing of lunch boxes or notes, even keep him/her out of the group play during the break period. In a public transport vehicle, you will see the subtle reluctance to sit next to a lady wearing a hijab. An individual may not do business with a person following a particular faith. The text of this thread talks about "games of evil politicians" - have a look at the games people play, politicians or not. It is becoming less subtle and more in your face.
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    Madam, I agree. However, the festivals example was quoted to emphasize the essential element of caring and sharing. We are now reaching a very dangerous level of public discourse where we often see a bigger number of people trying to divide people on the basis of religion. This narrative is never good. I only wish that everyone becomes more saner and develops a spirit of tolerance like never before.

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