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  • Category: Creative Writing

    An Invitation to ISCians to post their self created joke.

    Jokes make us laugh and forget our worries. Why not our ISCians spare some time to think and create a joke. Kindly create a joke and post it here. It should not be a copied or duplicated joke.

    The best joke will be suitably awarded from ISC's virtual gift shop.
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    Deleted since the content is basically in Tamil and therefore against the posting guidelines- Editor.
    No life without Sun

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    Yours is not a joke. I did not call for your childhood experience. I want a solid joke to laugh at. Have a look at Pattabhi's joke and think of creating jokes in that line.

    No life without Sun

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    My good joke.

    Husband: Darling, I am fed up and tired. Please don't put up any domestic problems now. Let us talk sweetly for a while.
    Wife: Okay. Laddu, Jilebi, Jangery, Mysorepak, Peda, Boondi, Halwa,..........Is it enough for you?

    No life without Sun

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