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    Are you still looking for the perfect person?

    Valentine's Day is around the corner, you might be thinking that the thread is related to the nature of the special person in your life, but it's not. So, no need to worry about that. Just think of the word perfect. How we are taught since childhood to do things in a perfect way. Think of the marks you scored in different subjects. The closer the answers were to the topics discussed in the textbooks or class notes, the better the marks. You will find this is applicable to everything. We set a standard for everything and match it with the actual action. If it is not anywhere near the standard we rate it as imperfect. I think this habit of setting standards for everything has compelled us to set some standards for human beings too and there are many who constantly search for the perfect person everywhere. They want perfect persons at home, at the workplace, at public transport and in almost every sphere of life. Setting standards for inanimate things is good since we can mould those things according to our wishes but can it be applied to human beings all the time? Every individual has a thought process which is so different than the other person though most of us try to maintain a common standard like behaving properly with others and not to disturb them. The problem occurs when we try to set some individual standards according to our own likings and dislikings. We all can try to conform to a common standard but how is it possible for each one of us to follow things that are liked by only another person? By the way, have you found a perfect person?
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    Perfection is like a mirage in our life. We see it but do not get it. Our society and our family desire that people have perfection. That is a steady demand everywhere. Even the most disorderly and indisciplined people search perfect people when it comes to a choice. Perfection is a requirement but at the same time no one is perfect. So it is like your shadow that you cannot catch. Perfect person is used as a bench mark for encouraging others to mimic the ways and become perfect. So to that extent perfection has a crucial role in our society.
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    I came across boys and girls who have already crossed their marriage age but still looking for the perfect match which is not happening and the parents are getting tensed. If the girl is highly educated and earning good salary, surely she needs such matching who can earn more than her and qualification wise something superior. And those boys who are earning less and eyeing for more earning females partners who are not clicking. And some girls wants no issues with the mother in law and they are looking for such alliances where the MIL is already expired. So these all makes the perfect choice late.
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    What is perfection?. Can anybody define the same. A same answer sheet is given to two valuers , one may give 80%. The other examiner will give 70%. In the same way an item which is perfect to you may not be perfect to me. This is due to the difference between the qualities or standards you are looking for.

    The requirements will be different from user to user. I want a partner who earns money. You may want a partner who serves you better. So whom I find perfect may not be perfect to you. This may be due to difference in the requirements.

    So finding a person who is perfect to me is easy but it may not be easy to find a perfect person to you. A common standard for a particular use can be made but irrespective of uses setting a standard is very difficult.

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    Looking out for a perfect match would take its own time and whatever, one does in order to get a suitable partner does not work. In such processes, one is never tired of from one candidate to other considering that their next attempt will produce a positive result but it proves to be a distant dream ultimately.
    The ultimate result may be quite shocking because of non materialisation of the marriage due to nonavailabilities of the matching partners. Instead of looking out for perfection, we need to appreciate our opposite partners with their existing habits and to a great extent, the habits are changeable with the situations.

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    Every one tries to attain perfection in ones life. It is good to do so. But at the same time it does not mean that everyone would become perfect. It is a relative term and there is nothing like absolute perfection.
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