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    How effective is the counsellors in our educational institutions?

    Today many educational institutions, from the school to the University level, have appointed counsellors, considering them essential. Their role is to be good listeners, to pay attention to students' emotional, mental, and psychological issues, and help them to face challenges. These challenges may be on the personal front or academic in nature. They can even help in the development of social skills, provide advice on a career, etc. Generally, their aim is to care about the wellbeing of a student.

    Have you ever had a school, college or university counsellor and did you approach them for any reason (no need to state the reason)? Was the counsellor effective in helping out, in terms of giving useful advice and helping you to overcome the problem you faced? In general, are such counsellors really an asset on the staff rolls?
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    We had counselors in our school but not a full time but a part-time one. We only knew her by name but never had the purpose to have any sort of communication. We only knew that students with low grades, back in studies, having some mental or medical problems were the people who use to seek them. These were our understanding when we were small.

    We had to take one of our relative's son to their school counselor and after a thorough study and report, they found that he had LSD and then he was given the LSD certificate which actually helped him in many ways i.e. from getting to the best college like St. Xaviers - CST and even completed his hotel management course.

    It depends on school and counselors how they perform their duty. Many schools do give preference to counseling and help students to tackle their problems in the earlier stage but it is the parents that refrain from seeking their help. With the help of parents and school, a counselor can help the student to come out of his/her fright and come out with flying colors.

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    What I feel that when the parents are educated and caring nothing can beat their nurturing and there is no need for education counselors for the support of education or other needs. Probably some institutions are using their services to enhance the school awareness outside the district or state. But even that kind of propaganda is not giving any worthy reasons for the institution as where ever we go world class private schools are functioning and their reception or the office staff themselves are enough to give all kinds details about their studies and other relevant information sought by the parents.
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    counseling is very much essential for the students belonging to a family with less education as the parents are not able to guide them properly but they want to educate their children in the best possible way. Another requirement is for the kids lacking family love and care. Such kids cannot focus on their studies and many times they move to a bad company to avoid their problems. In both cases, a good counseling always helps in improving the mental health of students.

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    Absolutely, and that's in response to your last question. Students are under a great deal of stress. Expectations from them come in different forms - from scoring well academically to getting admission into a prestigious institution, to learning skills and becoming proficient in things outside of academics. As a result, they live under constant pressure. Not all students can cope with these pressures, and with no one to open up to, they often suffer from depression. Such students need counselling to overcome depression and remove suicidal thoughts from their mind.

    I have been a teacher and understand the problems that some kids go through. A child can be traumatised at witnessing domestic violence or living with an alcoholic and abusive parent. A child with a different sexual orientation will have different things to deal with. Peer pressure can also be disruptive and ruin lives. There are a lot of other things, sexual abuse, bullying, inferiority complex etc.

    Counsellors have the training to understand adolescents and help them with what is bothering them. We live in a society where we hesitate to talk openly about our problems for fear of being ridiculed or blamed. Imagine how restricted a child feels in this kind of setup. Counsellors generally do a good job, and students find a responsible, understanding and responsive adult in them. Students can trust and open their heart to them. Students are vulnerable and fragile, they are unable to handle pressure and circumstances, and they need someone who hears them out without judging them or someone who can help them make choices and choose a direction or get them help when needed. So, yes, counsellors are required in all educational institutions.

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    K Mohan,

    You seem to have misunderstood this thread. It is not about admissions counsellors who give guidance during the admission process or explain about the subjects and curriculum and even market the institute on various print and online platforms. We are talking about psychological counsellors who are specially appointed to help students on an emotional level. Parents are there at home to talk to, but not all topics will be discussed with them because the children will hesitate to do so. They may find it easier to talk to somebody who is not a blood relation and who has an attentive ear. Such counsellors have a very kind and caring approach to a child and make them feel comfortable to consult them.

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    There are many students who undergo certain psychological pressures and stress in their lives and require some guidance and help. Most of the times parents are supposed to help them but there are occasions when the child does not want to talk and take help of the parents due to many reasons and that is the time when a counsellor can definitely help to a great extent. The counsellor has to get the reasons of the fear in the child in the delicate ways and then guide and help him to come out of that stressful condition. A good counsellor can be an asset for a school or institution.
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    Education counsellors will have a very good role to play in our education system, They have many roles to pay. In a class all the students can't be having the same level of sharpness or IQ.The teacher when teaches in a school the understanding will differ from person to person. Generally the front benchers will have better understanding than the last benches. So if we have a councillor who is a subject matter expert in a particular subject can council the students about the approach they have to adopt for a better understanding of the subject. Some of the counsellors will be useful in guiding them about their career, similarly there are can be some advisors who will mentor the students mental ability and EQ levels. Like this the councillors can be very useful to see that the students will have a over all development including IQ as well as EQ levels.
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    I am not very sure but most of these counsellors are from the psychology background and have some diploma and certificate in the child psychology or general psychology. This helps them to tackle the child in a proper way.
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    I am of the opinion that it should be made mandatory for schools to appoint at least one counsellor, in consultation with the education departments of the respective states. The function and performance of such counsellors should be monitored by a government agency from time to time.

    Students today undergo a lot many psychological issues due to various reasons and a helping hand by a counsellor would surely assist in relieving them of many pressures they face. Though it is the teachers who have direct interaction with the students and would be in a position to notice (or is expected to notice) any behavioural changes in them, most of the time they may not be in a position to tackle the issue in a scientific manner. Therefore, I think counsellors play an important role in the life of students.

    But we must also note in this connection that there are certain issues like the reluctance of the students or parents to take the assistance of such counsellors and more importantly the reluctance of certain school managements to bring out issues like stress or other matters related to the school before such counsellors. In addition to it, counsellors who are part of the staff roll may not always attempt all issues as required and might stand guided or restricted by the management (hence the suggestion for monitoring).

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