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    In the name of science fair why the schools are demanding parents for exhibits?

    In Hyderabad almost every school is organizing a science fair in the month of Feb and March every year and the planing, getting the exhibits, displaying them with the nice introduction from the student concerned are being rehearsed for days together. But in the name of science fair the schools are bothering the parents by advising them to create or make the exhibits of school's choice and make the child aware of the importance of that exhibit and he has to explain the same. Why the schools are demanding parents for exhibits? Any comments?
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    Exhibition is a way to create enthusiasm in the participants and understand things in a better way. If a person takes interest and try to see the new inventions and try to correlate with the subject he studied and that will give him a better understanding of science and its applications.

    But in many of these science fares instead of demonstrating the work done by the students the schools are trying to show the works carried out by the qualified parents and show case them as the work done by the students. This type of science fares are of no use. This will help only the schools to get name but students will not get any advantage.

    Schools should not try such tricks. They should think of various ways to get the work done by the students. The concept should be well known to the students who come and see the work.

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