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    Cordon and search- the new way to retrieve theft articles and vehicles

    The Hyderabad Police has been regularly conducting Cordon and search- the new way to retrieve theft articles and vehicles from the colonies which are vulnerable to have anti social elements as the resident. About 200 to 400 police would cordon off the entire area and seal all the entrance and exit points so that no one would escape during the search. And this done in mid night time and the residents would not be aware of it. In every search so many cars, gas cylinders, motor bikes scooters and those who are escaping from the police are being arrested. Good way of getting into action by Hyderabad police.
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    A good way of finding out the thieves. These days Hyderabad police are becoming very innovative. They are going for unique ways to find out the culprits and punish them. We should praise them for their ideas and trying to implement new methodologies and implement them. What are the expenses they are incurring. How many culprits they are catching hold. How much stolen property is retrieved. To how many people they have given back their lost property. If these statistics are available in the net people can quantify their achievements and the authorities can facilitate the concerned officials.
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