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    Donate ambulances for public and change the dowry system

    Dowry system is evil of present Indian marriage system. It is growing day by day. Generally the girl's father gives bike,cars and money to boy's family. I think every capable father should donate ambulances and money for the treatment of poor patients so that his daughter's marriage maybe come rememberable.

    Give your important view about this idea of my mind. You may be agree me or not.
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    I request the author to see the title and correct it. What is the idea of the author behind this title. Is it full. Is it giving a meaningful message. "On this occasion of hid daughter'?

    I think there is no necessity to link donating something to the marriage of the daughter or son. You can donate whenever you want to donate and you have funds. As a matter of fact giving dowry is not legal. Giving dowry or receiving dowry is illegal. So we should not encourage that system, Now a days this dowry system is getting vanished. Many girls are directly rejecting the boys who want dowry to marry her.

    There is a change in the trend. Girls are dictating their terms. They are having their own specification. They don't want to marry a person who is not in accordance with their requirements. I know many boys who got rejected by girls. So discussing about dowry is not very pertinent.

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    I am not with the author that the dowry system is growing. Nowadays even girls are well educated and earning hence the parents of a girl children are no more in giving dowry. Although small villages are still following the trend the situation is improving. Another point is when a person is capable of donating anything for a social cause, why to wait. He or she can donate whenever it is possible.

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    To be remembered, if all the rich started donating an ambulance to care for the patients, the hospitals will be filled with ambulances only. Since the government has 108 for free services to convey patients, It is not a good suggestion by the author. Instead, save the ambulance cost, invest it in a fixed deposit, donate the interest generated, to the poor needy people.
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    The notion of the author is very clear. That he wants the dowry system be abolished and instead donate the amount for buying an ambulance for the public use. Good thought and great idea. But already many state governments under the National Ambulance scheme are providing free ambulance service to all by dialing the 108 number and within minutes the patient would be carried to a nearest hospital. Instead of this they can invest in the name of the grand sons and grand daughters for their future as the education has become more costly and middle class cannot cope up with the increased fees every year.
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    Dowry system is on a declining path but still there are communities and places where it is being asked or given by the willing parents. Many parents feel that their daughter will be happy in the new place if good dowry is given. It is not very true. Some greedy people ask dowry in the name of the sharing of some wealth by the daughter of a rich parents. This is in a bad taste but the rich people do not mind it and give away some goodies and cash etc. The author's contention of stopping all sort of dowry is commendable and diverting this money for other good causes is also a good thought.
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    I am agree with every respected member who says that we have enough number of ambulances but they should talk about the presence and activeness of that ambulances. In newspapers we read daily many cases where anyone loses his or her life because of bad ambulance service

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    Rajendra Mina,
    It is not only the ambulances to serve the patients. Any vehicle available nearby should perform like an ambulance. If an accident takes place in a highway, the passing vehicles should help the victims to reach the nearby hospital or hand over to an ambulance available nearby. Let there be any number of ambulances, there will be some delay due to traffic jam and congestion in this thickly populated world with vehicles over numbering the human population.

    We can kill the dowry system and utilize an ambulance to carry the dead dowry system.

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