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    By comparing past and present which of the team has best track record-Australia, W.Ind. or India?

    Australia had a great track record in the cricketing world. It has produced great fast bowlers, batsmen, wicket-keepers, and spin bowlers. Even though its teams spark disappearing now and then but Australia is always one of the tough teams in the world. Westindies is one more small island country that dominated for a long time producing one of the best fast bowlers, batsmen, and spin bowlers. India is another team after Kapil Dev's entry from 1990 developed as the great force in the cricketing world. After the entry of great batsmen and bowlers, India appears to be the topmost nation of the cricketing world. A team with a continuous track record at the highest level can be considered to be the superior team. But India never proved that fact and in my opinion, Australia is the sure winner for that spot? What is your opinion about it?
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    My favorite team considering the economic, social and geographical size conditions of the country.

    1)Sri Lanka very poor nation I doubt whether players will get any salary in first-class cricket or not?! even the player's salaries are very low at the international level but yet Sri Lanka won all the ICC trophies. ICC WORLD CUP-1 TIME CHAMPIONS TROPHY 1 TIME T-20 WC -1 TIME. But now the present Sri Lankan team is completely down and out.

    2)Pakistan same situation as the above but Geographically and population size is more they also won all the ICC Trophies for 1 time and produce fast bowlers like Imran, Wasim, and Waqar.

    3)Australia is the smallest in population but all players are match-winners up to 2015 and they look unbeatable on any conditions but the present situation is different...

    4)Present Situation England team looks more formidable in all formats of the game to me...

    5)Present West Indies team is the worst team compare to the 1970s and '80s and '90s

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    When we compare the past performance and present trending winning attitude,India can be judged as the best. But again some wins to our boys make them over confidence and they tend to lose even winning games and that way we lost to NZ in the one day internationals. While Australia was really a formidable team and they had the upper hand when good spinners were at their disposal and the new players could not make the their country so popular, And coming to West Indies I want the likes of Malcolm Marshal, Brain Lara and oldies Derrick Murray. That kind of formidable players were missing.
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    I feel the Indian team is having a good track record in cricket when compared to other teams of India and also the team when compared with other country teams.
    Indian teams winning track is high when compared to all other teams. In the olden days, the Indian team was very week and the WI teams are very strong. Slowly there was a change and our team got strengthened and other teams start losing good players. Sri Lanka team is in a very bad position and the Pakistan team is also not doing well. So I always consider the Indian team as the best team.

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    If we compare the top 10 teams in the ICC ranking and their performance from past to present, there have being a dip and rise in the graph.

    Earlier, the best team would be considered by the way they played in test matches and it was the best played by England, West Indies and Australia along with India but now, the style and liking have changed and people don't watch test matches and prefer T20 than ODI.

    In the Test ranking, we have the country ranking in the following with their points: India - 120, Australia - 108, England and New Zealand - 105, South Africa - 98, Sri Lanka - 95, Pakistan - 85, West Indies - 81, Bangladesh - 60 and Afghanistan - 49.
    In the ODI/50 over ranking, we have the country ranking in the following with their points: Eng-125, Ind - 121, NZ - 112, SA & Aus- 110, Pak - 98, Ban - 86, SL - 81, WI - 80 and Afg - 57.
    In the T20 ranking, we have the country ranking in the following with their points: Pak-270, Aus - 269, Eng-265, Ind - 264, SA - 262, NZ - 245, Afg & SL - 236, Ban-226 and WI - 223.

    From the three teams mentioned above, Australia is on the top spot as they have played better and a good competitor for any team as every player contributes. The 2nd will be the Indian team as they are playing much better than WI in all formats. WI was the toughest team in the past but from 2008, they have gone down and still in the slogging point. They need to get better players.

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    I think India has done quite a good performance in the recent times and overall I vote for India under this option of finding the best team out of the lot. I hope and wish India to emerge as number one in the future also.
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