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    Do you think Indian Premier League (IPL) is just a waste of money?

    IPL is one of the most widely watched short formats of Cricket. BCCI organizes the Indian Premier League (IPL) each year. Each year auction of players is carried out and best players across the globe are invited for IPL and they are paid for it. The IPL is always full of entertainment, sport, and glamour. The advertising world is also taking huge benefits from such an event that comes every year from April to June period. We heard about the affairs of cricketers and get news of a low-quality lifestyle. Though a sports lover can enjoy the Indian Premier League (IPL) games but is it really a must event to wait and watch for? What are your views on this? Is IPL a waste of money and time of people? Kindly share your views with appropriate arguments.
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    Yes, its a waste of money. One thing I want to ask to Indian cricket fans and Indian public feel that Australian cricketers are not stronger than India but why the cricketers sold for a huge price? Can anybody tell...
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    IPL is not a must event to wait and watch. Too much of cricket matches makes them boring. I do not know how others feel but for me, it is becoming uninteresting. I stopped watching cricket matches. I may just look at the scores some times.
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    Sports are basically to entertain and amuse people. I think IPL is successful in that objective. If people are watching with interest then it will sustain.
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    The author himself admit that IPL is the popular game organized by BCCI and there is lots of money involved and attached to each beneficiary In a way the IPL gives chance to make money on their own performance and not for the board or otherwise Even the foreign players are roped in to get the extra mileage. Each match is watched and enjoyed by the people and lots of advertisements and sponsors goes into each match and thus IPL has become more famous than one day internationals and test matches. Even children are attracted to small format cricket and that is the reasons they are requesting the organizers not to bring IPL and play the matches when they have the annual exams round the corner. Even televisions are getting huge revenue as they keep on showing special players and event highlights and thus IPL is not waste.
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    The IPL games are having both advantages and disadvantages. Many players will get exposed to the public and their talent can come out. That will help them to get a good cricketing career. That will give them a chance to earn good money. BCCI will also become rich by getting money from these games. The players will get the good practice of the game with good payment. These are all the advantages.

    The public is wasting a lot of time watching these games and they are spending a lot of money for watching these games. Many companies are making a lot of advertisements during these games and they are spending a lot of money for that. To get back this money they will increase the rates of the products and thus the public is paying that money. So the entire money is going from the public only.

    on the whole, the public is losing money. The players are getting tired of playing more cricket.

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    Indian Premier League is mainly played for money, money and money. Gambling, match fixing etc are the essential parts of this format of cricket. Obviously, for cricket lovers it's an entertainment and for some people it's merely a time-pass.

    IPL has no importance from recognition-point of view as ICC hasn't recognised it. I've hardly seen a few matches from its inception till date.

    I have no interest in watching IPL. It's a sheer waste of time.

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    #688931 I completely agree with the comments made and also add Indians are winning some matches in Home soil I Doubt there are some foreign players are underperforming due to IPL contracts as this matter raise in Australian Cricket websites.

    India lost with Australia in WC 2015
    India lost with Pakistan in Championship trophy final
    India lost wit WI in T-20 Semifinal
    India lost with NZ in WC

    and some people are commenting that India is stronger what they will get while praising these Indian Cricket I don't know...

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    The Indian Premier League or better known as IPL was started in 2008 by the Board of Control for Cricket. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the format.
    The advantages:
    - It entertains the people across the globe.
    - Local players get a chance to enter into a franchisee or team.
    - Local players get a chance to interact with the best players, coaches and even show their skills and talents.
    - Local players and teams gets a chance to play as well as earn money.
    - Many people get work and money due to IPL.

    The disadvantages:
    - Too many matches
    - Players making it a market to make money as they earn more in IPL than playing for state and international games.
    - Hinders performance in international format.
    - The real talent of being in the crease is diminishing.
    - Taking away the real game or skill as only hitters are valued more than skillful playing.
    - More strain and stress on players

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