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    Have you ever come across the words ‘Nibba’ and ‘Nibbi’ on social media? What does they mean?

    Off late I have noticed the words 'Nibba' and 'Nibbi' on social media which appears to be slangs but practically not listed in slang dictionaries either. Being curious about meaning of new words in circulation in the social media or otherwise, I though it worthwhile to take up the matter in this forum and request fellow ISCians to share the meaning of these words.

    Have you ever come across the words 'Nibba' and 'Nibbi' on social media? What does they mean?
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    Though I am using the social media extensively I never came across the Nibba and Nibbi words which seems to be new and may be some creative members on social media would have created this. But of late we are getting new words on social media and most of them are short cut and imported from other languages to which we need not give credence. And it is better for those members on social media to share the real meaning of Nibba and Nibbi so that we can also use the same as new words. Until then we should wait and watch for the other members to respond if they have any feedback.
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    I would not want to add these words to my vocabulary. These are racist slurs used to describe people of colour. There was a time when people from the African race were referred to in derogatory terms, in words that rhymed with the two words in reference. However, those words became unaccepted and are not allowed on many platforms because of their racist connotation and because they incite hate.

    The two terms mean the same and are as insulting. I understand that social media platforms do not allow the use of the previously used words, and hence these two terms were created to dodge the system.

    Sadly, people still differentiate based on colour, race, ethnicity and religion. Some think of themselves superior to others. I hope that this changes someday, and we learn to accept others into our fold, without placing them into boxes and spreading hate, through such slurs.

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    "Nibba" is the word used for teenagers who fall in love with a"Nibbi"(female version of nibba) and want to get marry.

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    It is a new information to me as I have not heard these words before. Now, Juana has already explained in details. It is sad that people use such words for racial discrimination and spread hatred.
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