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    'The Great Wall of Gujarat'- Hiding the poor from public view.

    US President Donald Trump visits India on the 24th and 25th of this month. Ahmedabad Municipality decided to build a massive wall to prevent Donald Trump from seeing undeveloped area of India. The 7-meter-high and 400-meter-long wall to hide slums on the road from Ahmedabad airport to Gandhinagar. This is the way of the Roadshow, where Modi and Trump participate.

    This is the logic of the Gujarat government to hide poverty in Gujarath.
    If you cannot remove poverty, at least hide the poor from public view.

    The saying that the wall is meant to provide security to Trump.
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    Hiding the slums behind the wall isn't the solution of the problem. This fact that how many slums are in India isn't hidden from the world's sight, nor is possible to daubing the ugly face of poverty in the age of internet and media.
    'Slumdog Millionaire', a movie, depicted the life in Dharavi, the second most populated slum area of the world was shown in US as well. Even Dynamo, the greatest magician of the world when he visited India he went to Dharavi instead of choosing any posh area of Mumbai as his ground zero for showing his talent. Why..? Because India's poverty and slums are well known to the world.
    We can't fool the world especially US and Europe by such useless tricks.

    Government should remove poverty if they feel shame for slums instead of doing futile efforts of hiding poverty and slums in India.

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    Be what you are, and show what you are should be gentleman conduct. Donald Trump of the US may like to see the real India and the Indians. Putting a curtain wall of 7 meters in height and 400 metres in length is unnecessary. Never before, we constructed any such wall in any state. Gujarat is a state of businessmen where huge money flows in. It may not be a big issue for the Gujaratis. After all, it is only 7M x 400M = 2800 Square meters or 25200 square feet. If One square feet cost Rs. 1500, it works out only Rs. 3,78,00,000(Rupees Three crores Seventy lakhs only). While Modi's expenditure per day is more than a crore, It is like a peanut to Gujarat government or Modi government.
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    Actually PM Modi was floured by the great reception accorded to him at Houston as Howdy Modi, so he want to give the same kind of surprise as Khemcho Trump and taking all actions to satisfy the visiting high dignitaries. The road leading to the world's big stadium as lots of slums on the way and that were covered with high wall. In fact that is good for the slum dwellers, as there cannot be outsiders peeping or visiting their private homes. These are the unavoidable expenses and the central government need to keep the guests in good spirits and should not get bothered about India. And being the home state for the PM Modi, the Gujarat government does not mind spending for the good looks of the road show and it is one time investment for the slum dwellers as they are getting face lift this way at least.
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    In a country, all kinds of people will be there-very rich, rich, middle class, below middle class, poor and very poor. What happens if a rich person sees all kinds of people of India Or different strata of people see Mr.Trump? By constructing a wall to obstruct the people to see him is to insult them. The government is fearing after seeing the plight of these people, Mr.Trump may comment India is a poor country. What benefit we can get by hiding these things? Otherwise, the government might have done one thing, by constructing some good houses in their place to get a good view might have helped those people. The people after seeing the generosity definitely blessed these two leaders abundantly.

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    I fail to understand the logic behind such actions. It appears so foolish to me. Building a wall to hide the slums as if Mr Trump is not aware that India is more of a land of the poor and downtrodden than of the affluent. Even otherwise why should we hide our own men from the US President? It is actually an insult to the people who are living in the slums. No one, including Mr Modi as CM of Gujarat for almost fifteen consecutive years, did nothing to raise the living conditions of these people and now a wall is being built to hide them.

    The wall is not actually to hide them but to hide the inefficiency of the administration and also to save the face of our PM from a humiliation he may face when Mr Trump might look at him and give that famous smile on seeing the slums and the people there as if to ask 'and what were the tall claims Modiji when you came to our place?'

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    @688906: "These are the unavoidable expenses and the central government need to keep the guests in good spirits and should not get bothered about India."
    How funny? The Government of India need not bother about the country to keep the guests in a good mood. Do we require such guests in our country?
    The "Howdy Modi" event in Houston, Texas was organized by Texas India Forum and it was not an official function by the USA or Texas Government.

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    (it works out only Rs. 3,78,00,000 (Rupees Three crores Seventy lakhs only). While Modi's expenditure per day is more than a crore, It is like a peanut to Gujarat government or Modi government.)

    Yes, your right, it's like peanuts for them. It's the Gujarat Where a new plane worth Rs 191 crore has been purchased for CM what more can be said.

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    When we are not rich why should we pretend to be rich. Let our guests know what is the actual condition of the country. A wall can be constructed. But fowl smell can't be stopped going anywhere.It will reach the noses of all the people passing through. All opposition parties. Can arrange a road show of all the people who are poor so that the rich man will know the facts.

    Why we have to spend money unnecessarily. Is it required. Some fruitful expenditure is always advisable than dead investment like this . I don't know what isthere inthe minds of the people who has taken this decision. In any case it is never a wise decision.

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    Sometimes we are doing something for our false ego and reputation. This also seems to be a case like that. Can poverty be hidden by such deeds? Trump knows well the poverty in India and Indian subcontinent. Then why to hide.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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