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    Do you like to walk alone or with friends?

    Many people go for morning and evening walks in the park or along the road sides. This is a good exercise and keeps them active and healthy. Long walks consume an hour or so and some people go on long walks with some company of a friend or friends while some others go alone. Those who go in a company can pass their time by talking on various issues as well as completing their walk also. Those who go alone are limited to themselves and confined to their own thoughts during that time.

    What do you prefer - to walk alone or with some friend? Please share your preference.
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    I prefer walking with another one or two persons. If we walk alone we will get tired easily. This is mainly due to our concentration on completing the task and we will be only one act that is just walking. Some people will go on hearing songs or music using an ear phone . Here they are using music as companion. Some people will go on talking to somebody on phone. Here they are using their chat with another person as companion. Their concentration will be on talking only. So they will not feel the difficulty. I will be spending more time talking to the other persons who are accompanying me in walking. That makes me comfortable and I will never get tired of walking.

    Another usefulness of going together is bonding. We will get friends and we will have time to discuss various points and even we can plan service activity to the society,

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    We have a group of people who go on walks together chit-chatting and laughing on the way. Sometimes it so happens that no one is available for company and one has to go alone which is a bit difficult but once in a while we do not mind it.
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    It is always good and helpful to walk with the friends as the walking would not be tedious and we can exchange views and matters of important and thus walking would be done and the knowledge could be gathered. But invariably some walkers are slow and late thereby we cannot adjust their walking with our speed. We have our own commitments in the morning and those leisure walking friends cannot sync with our urgency to finish the walking stretch by fast walking. So I have been seeing many preferring lone walking and of course they have the walkman or the head set on their ears by listening music or the morning news. It all depends on the persons who prefer the single walking or walking with the groups. And those who are retired persons and not having any activity or responsibilities in the morning can opt for group walking and be happy.
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    If I am walking for a healthy reason, by this I mean a fast- brisk walk, I prefer walking alone with my earphones plugged in with the songs of my choice. If I am walking just for a time pass, I prefer to walk with friends gossiping and laughing.

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    It is always better to go on walk along with our known companies since then it would serve twin purpose firstly the talk of our friends on various issued would enlighten us with the fresh information on the various issues apart from the health benifits due to brisk walking. Normally we follow such sessions in the morning hours with the different schedules for morning at 7 am for winter and at 6 am for summer. Normally there is no break for such sessions except for the days when some emergency arises. We plan for brisk walking for an hour at least so that such walkings would provide us the health benifits even if the evening sessions are curtailed due to some reasons.
    In fact, I have been benifited with regular walking in terms of reduction of bad cholesterol and triglycerides where as HDL parameter improves.

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    Walking is a good form of exercise but one needs to do it regularly and for a long period of 45- 60 minutes to get the benefits of the exercise. The exercise needs to pump up the heartbeat upto 70 or more percent to get the benefits. Many people like to walk slowly while some do brisk walking as some go for fast walking. Many prefer walking along as they are able to keep the pace and complete their desired miles within the stipulated time frame but I like to walk in company. We do walk in the evening after office hours for half an hour followed by some exercise. During this time of the hour, I prefer walking alone with my headphone 'on' and listening to music. In the evening, after dinner, I and my friend again join-in to have a small stroll for another 30 minutes and this is just for time pass which is slow and we prefer talking about anything, from family, work, friends, movies, politics, government, shopping, etc. These are possible as I am staying in the camp when at home, everything takes the back seat.
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