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    What type of food do you like when you are outing?

    Today there are many options for us to consuming our food. There are standard Indian items like Chapati plus dal plus vegetable or Dosa plus Idli plus vada etc while there are other types of food like Chinese, Mexican, Western, Italian, Japanese and many more which have found a place in the restaurants and hotels. Some of the eateries have experimented with fusion foods between the two types and a few of them are getting very popular also.

    When so much variety is available in the market, it is difficult for the customer to make a choice and experiment with newer varieties and types of dishes. Generally, people would have a particular choice and they would go for that first and only when that item is not available they would go for the alternative. It is a matter of liking. What is the food of your liking when you go out to eat? Please share in this thread.
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    Well when you talk about the house hold food and Indian dishes obviously we are habituated to eat the regular food which are made tastier and good. Like Sambar, Rasam, chutney, deep fry curries and so on. When we go out then our taste buds would be different and I like the vegetable fried rice and Jeera rice which are very famous in some outlets and tasty too. Very rarely we have the fast food items as mentioned by the author for obvious reasons. Nevertheless the foodies are there in every one of us but we make reservations and acceptances according to time and availability of the same. Though so many varieties are available to chose we end up with our taste and our liking variety only and we end up eating them. In this regard I had been to one Marwadi family wedding in which 96 varieties of food were made and served. Surely not all could be tasted and enjoyed. Likewise when the varieties are more we shy away from using everything.
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    The choice of food depends upon the season, time of the day, my mood and any other factors. The thing which is constant always is that I eat only vegetarian food. During festivals and family get-togethers, I love eating typical food like Dal-Bati and churma of Rajasthan. When we go for an outing I prefer something which I do not prepare at home on a regular basis like veg-Chinese noodles, pizza, etc. On normal days, we prefer dal, chapati, dosa and Idli sambhar. I also like eating sweets like jalebi, Kaju katli, orange barfi (from Nagpur), ras malai and many more.

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    Be Indian, Eat Indian food. Being an Indian, that too an Indian from the south, I prefer only south Indian dishes. I tried other foreign dishes also. But they are not fit for my taste buds. I don't like noodles, pizza. and the burger that is available in local restaurants.
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    I am vegetarian and I like south Indian food. I am fond of food like Ravva Dosa, Pesarattu, Idli and vada. When I go out to eat first of all I see for the south Indian food. If it is lunchtime and thali is available I will prefer that. If that is not available I will go for any one item from the four items mentioned. If it is breakfast time I prefer Idly sambar or vada sambar. If it is dinner time I will go for Ravva Dosa or Pesarattu.

    When I go with my family all my family members prefer north Indian dishes. So some discussion will go on and finally what both the sons decide that will be confirmed. These days I am trying to change the procedure. Even all of us go together individually we order whatever we want instead of going for a common menu.

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    When I go out my first choice is South Indian food like dosa, idli, vada, sambar, upma, uttpam etc. Next preference is Punjabi food like tandoori roti and mattar paneer. In case these items are not available my last choice is dal, chapati and rice.
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    With so much variety and type along with many restaurants, hotels and small eateries, it is actually confusing to select any one type of food. Earlier there were very few selections or options available with the customers but nowadays, there are plenty of options and everything is available at their junction.

    The type of food I like when I am outing depends upon many other factors like the group, occasion, timing, season, money and even hunger. When I have vegetarian friends with me, I prefer having vegetarian food like paneer, paratha, lassi, Kolhapuri, etc, With my non-vegetarian friends, we do have biryani, rangangosh, prawns, etc. With my family, it is basically their choice and it varies from meat, prawns, duck roast, ice-cream, falooda, etc. When I am alone, I prefer vegetarian and light food like masala dosa, veg thali, etc. At parties, I try Russian, Mexican, Chinese, etc.

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    I used to eat all foods available according to place/state but only pure vegetarian. Preferably I try for south Indian meals for lunch in any place as we accustomed to it. Almost in all metro cities I can get meals and if not available I take whatever available.
    Not only that, I collect recipe also from the hoteliers if the dish found different. Accordingly I learnt Dhokla in Ahmedabad, Neer dosa in Mangalore,Beetroot fry from Jaipur.

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