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    Indian politics : obstacle or helper in development of country

    India has democratic leadership system. Which is good for Country in documents and our constitution. But when we talk at ground level there are many questions on the head of Indian politics. Now I want to know what role the current Indian politics is playing in development of my dear country. We can say that our Prime Minister sir is good (or not according to anyone other). But I want to talk about the whole politics of India.
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    In a democracy, many times opposition goes beyond the limits of agitation and opposition and that sometimes create problems for the Govt and many times the developmental work is stalled. This is not happening for the first time in our country and if we go through the history, we would see so many such occasions. So, when opposition works within the nationalistic theme and contribute in the growth, there is no problem for the Govt but when the opposition has the sole agenda of toppling the Govt to simply come in the power then things change and become a dreadful proposition for the democratic system. Interestingly when the new Govt comes the newer opposition also starts behaving in that fashion and it leads to an avalanche reaction. Strange are the ways of politics.
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    For that matter our Indian politics is highly polarized. The people have their own preferential parties and come what may their like and choosing the same party to power during elections are were the happenings of past. Now the citizens are more informed and they want a performing public representative or the party and if the ruling party is beating round the bush without any development plank, surely they are going to be rejected. But here the people who support other parties by sheer of their convenience cannot be believed and they raise the bogey of protest and no cooperation and thus the process of development gets stalled. Yes there must be questioning and reasoning the actions of ruling party, but when good development acts, rules and projects are initiated the opposite parties tries to hijack the issues to their favor.
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    The present-day politicians are not like olden days politicians. A true politician should have the motto of Country first, then party, the family and then self. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is always followed the above and he advised other leaders also to follow the same point But these days the whole system is different. The majority of politicians are self-centered. I want to develop. My family should develop. Then only I think of my party and finally Nation. They are always behind power and they are always busy making money. They never think of the party or nation. Unless otherwise the means and ways of these leaders change we can't progress and development will be one on.
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