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    Exchange of individual thought process helps in multidimensional thinking

    Two individuals might think on the same lines on a particular topic and their thought process may follow the same pattern at times. The point under discussion is about the importance of giving a different dimension to a topic or thought once you come to know that the other person is on the same track. The converging point may be the same or similar but the approach can be different giving multidimensions to a single topic.

    At times, after hearing something we say "I was just thinking about the same thing that you told now". Now imagine, you are sitting at your desk and preparing to write a thread. It's usual and many of you might be doing it. You have read on various topics online, may have read some books or the newspaper and presently thinking about the topic to write on. Many of us might follow this pattern of reading something, gathering information and then putting them down in our own words. Suppose you are writing a thread for posting it in ISC on some current topic which is widely discussed on various platforms. You wrote it down, made necessary corrections and thinking of posting it. Now, just before posting you checked and found somebody already posted a thread on that topic. Well, it is not unusual and can happen at times. This can happen because neither we know what others are thinking at a particular moment nor anybody can guess what you are thinking presently. At that point, a better option would be to modify the thread by giving it a new direction.

    Earlier, when telecommunication was very slow and it took even weeks for a message to reach the destination a few scientific discoveries took place miles apart by different scientists and researchers. Nowadays, the information exchange is so fast that the thought process also changes almost at the same pace. The dimension of our thought process knows no limits. Every individual's thought process is unique and when it is exchanged it can become multidimensional. So, it's always useful to exchange our thought process to broaden the horizon of thinking.
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    Nice post from the author. Actually we are getting ourselves deprived of many information and knowledge by not letting ourselves to be present in the social gathering or having a off the record chat with the peer group. As we meet people who are one step ahead in all respects like age, education and experience, surely knowledge transfer takes place and that can be useful for our future. How the children develop their learning skills because we the adults are bigger for them and whatever good things we chose and follow, they tend to follow as totally and this the reason being so we must be cautious while dealing with the children and wrong things should not be taught to them. So I strongly agree with the author that exchange of thought process should be above egoistic attitude and everyone has to transfer the information to others irrespective of position and age.
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    The author has brought up a thought provoking post on sharing and exchanging of views with each other. Exchanging knowledge is its true dissemination and then only it enlarges to our benefit. Multidimensional thinking would emerge only when more people contribute to a common idea and amalgamation of those views is done for a common goal. In successful organisations and institutions a thrust is given on brainstorming and group discussions to derive the hidden benefits of these processes optimally for the overall progress and prosperity of the concerned entity.
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    Once we came to know that someone is thinking or putting their argument the same way we want to argue, we have to think about what additional inputs we can put in to strengthen the argument. When there is a thread on ISC, and when there are some additional discussions on the same thread, when we read them sometimes whatever knowledge we have related to that topic might have been placed. Then we have to think about what are the new points we can add. To improve our knowledge on the given topic we can use our internet and social media. This requires no time and it will make us get additional inputs so that we can place our thoughts very nicely.

    This has become possible because of the advances in the communication systems and improvements in literature searching. Many times this will help us to gain additional inputs in the concerned area.

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    We go to a restaurant to order food and they prepare it and we have it. Another day we go to another restaurant to order the same food and they prepare it and we have it. now, when we know that we ordered the same food but at different restaurants or places, the taste might be different and we would say that the 1st or the 2nd was much better.
    We go for an elocution competition on a given topic, say "India study channel", and there are 25 entries. After the contest, we have a winners and other prizes as we have in the TOW contest. The topic is the same for everyone but the way it is presented varies from person to person in language, vocabulary, presentation, idea, etc but the content may be similar that is as the writer has mentioned in his topic, the converging point may be the same or similar but the approach can be different giving multidimensions to a single topic.

    In the same way, when we have a discussion or talk with other people, we gain a lot in terms of knowledge, language, truth, etc about a topic and in the same way it keeps on exchanging from one person to another and from one place to another in various forms like messages, videos, blogs, threads, articles, etc. We might have come across this quote that "Ideas can be stolen, but not the skill".

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    Yes, this does occur here, at ISC, and it is not necessarily only in the forum section. I sometimes think of a topic to write an informative article, start drafting it, and then discover somebody who has already submitted an article on the exact same topic. Now, if that topic is something general in nature, such as on achieving success in a particular kind of career, my approach to it will be different from that of the author who already submitted the article. Hence I, too, can submit it and there thus takes place an exchange of individual thoughts. Similarly, an Ask Expert query can be put forth with a different dimension from an earlier one. It is when then there is a clash in projecting something in the exact same way that there will be simply the same thoughts being put forth and not a multi-dimensional exchange (such as, for example, an admissions' notification).
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    Taking separately the statement in this thread, that "I was just thinking about the same thing that you told now". This is what is called an uncanny similarity in thoughts. We are, after all, not mind-readers. Yet, have you experienced this within your family or friends' group? I have experienced this quite often when my sister will make a remark about something which is exactly what I am about to say, too. It may happen when I am in the presence of my friends as well. Let's say we are looking at a display in a shop window. I will remark on a particular mannequin's garment, and my friend will exclaim, "Oh, I was going to say the same thing!" These are pleasantly startling experiences, aren't they? What is that X factor, so to say, which puts us on the same mental wavelength at a precise moment in time? Think about it!
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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