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    Soft skills complement the hard skills

    Many of us think that it is completely okay to not be so proficient in soft skills if one is an expert in hard skills, which is clearly orthodox and a laid back opinion. It's high time we should accept that soft skills are as important as hard skills and encourage everyone to develop them. These skills need to be inculcated in people since their childhood. Soft skills not only enhance the appeal of hard skills but also acts as a protective layer to hard skills and prevent them from rusting. Its importance is not merely limited to protecting and enhancing hard skills, it actually complements them.

    After a period of time, when the basic learning phase ends, each one of us needs to display our soft skills along with the hard skills. Be it a studious student, a hard-working employee or a well-educated politician, without soft skills, none can progress. One or all of them may face may difficulties in expressing or presenting their views and opinions. They may face problems working or leading a group. Eventually, in life, people have to stop walking alone. They need to guide and be guided by others, directly or indirectly. That's where hard skills need to shake hands with soft skills.

    It is also important to be noted that the development and inculcation of soft skills don't mean eliminating one's introvert nature to become an extrovert. It's more like being vigil when one is driving a car on the road and being one's true self while relaxing at home.

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    A good thought by the author. Our educational and professional knowledge is essential for making a career and getting success in life but at the same time the acquiring of soft skills is also one of the most important aspect in our life because when we work in a workplace or attend a meeting or join a group of people for group discussion or any such activity in our life where we have to interact with other people and make our point straight and clear then the soft skills come to our rescue and help us in smoothly moving ahead in our career and personal life.
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    Yes, what the author said is true. Those who have good qualification and also has the good following among the public, that is not because of high qualification but the way he behaves with the opposite person would get the enhancement of personality cult here. Many of the cine actors are not even having the basic qualification, but over the period of time they portrayed different roles and thus become more involved in each character and thus great actors can always connect with the fans because they know how to act as a character to the required satisfaction of the fans.
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    Not only this thread almost all the threads expressed the importance of soft skills in all professions. A person selling an item should know how to talk with the customer and how to convince him. Even though he is an MBA if he is not having communication skills nothing will move. Talking in a proper way and in an impressive way is a soft skill. When a person comes and talks to us we will get attracted to him and we can't say know to him. At the same when some people talk we will never get the feeling of helping him. All depends on his soft skills. Likewise the soft skills will come in handy when you require them,

    My uncle was a Medical representative. He used to talk so politely that we can never say no to his request. He used to talk to the doctors so convincingly that they used to write the medicine suggested by this person. He achieved star performer award many times. He is a graduate in science only but gone to a very senior position because of his soft skills.

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    A good thought from the writer when it says that Soft skills act as a protective layer and helps to enhance the appeal of hard skills from rusting. After our formal education be it vocational, professional or PG we all race forward to find a job in a company. Many can get through by their good educational score or grade but as we advance in the company by years, it becomes very essential to have a cordial relationship with everyone in the company. From solving the issues between workers, time management, leadership, creative thinking, able to lead others from the front, understanding, good communication skills and many more which is very essential in the long run. As we progress, we may get the experience of our hard skills but soft skills come along without being cared for or notice. Many of the soft skills are imbibed in us through our family, school, society, and friends that help us to be the person that we are today. Every soft skill is developed from one's childhood and very few are learned through training.
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