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    Which water is good for drinking?

    Now a days packaged drinking water is available everywhere in 20 lt. Cans even in small towns. It costs Rs.20 to Rs.30. People in the past mostly used to drink mucipal or Corporation supplied tap water in the past. But lack of proper supply of water or the water get contaminated as the pipe lines often get lekages people are accustomed to use this packaged drinkig water. They think this water is fully purified without bacteria or virus and it is having good taste as required minerals are added it. But scientific revelation and doctors are saying this type of water is not at all good as all the minerals get removed during cleaning process. By continuous use of this water it leads to various health problems like bone pains, arthritis etc. Some people are using RO machines in their homes to get safe drinking water. Some people are using underground bore water for their drinking purpose which include excess salts and pesticide remains. So according to you which water is safe for drinking purpose?
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    Normally we take water from the water purifier using the special filter elements which are required to be changed once in a year. Some people have RO type purifiers also which claim better filtering and removal of impurities but in that process they lack some minerals also. I prefer to take water from normal water purifier.
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    For me, nothing tastes better than our Manjeera drinking water which is the tributary of the Godavari river and we are habituated to that taste. Even the city reservoirs drinking water from Osmansagar and Gandipet are very tasty and nothing can match them. The can water that we are getting in the market are actually bore hard water and made them light to the process and the taste was not good. In fact, the Bisleri can water is of good taste and it costs much. Though some people are using the RO process and serving as the drinking water, the taste cannot match the regular drinking water supplied through the corporation. Just now while writing this post, I had two glasses of Manjeera drinking water which always tastes good and whenever I go to outstation, I feel like orphaned for not getting the taste of Manjeera water.
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    Water is water. There are two types of water. One is hard water which contains salt, and the other is soft water which is drinkable. Our ancestors and forefathers drank only soft water available from the rivers, and wells. These days, rivers are polluted, and the groundwater too. No water is safe for drinking. Hence we filter and purify the available water and use it. Many are making money through the sale of water. Many envy them and talk ill about packaged drinking water.

    I do not think the water available in cans and packages are bad for health. There is nothing in the water to lose anything. If you are worried, just add Jeera to the packaged water and use it. That will keep us in good health.

    I sincerely use so-called mineral water available in the cans. I boil it and use it for cooking and drinking.

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    Water is very essential for the human beings. The quality of water plays an important role in health of the individual. If we take bad water that will make our health get affected. So we should take good water only. BIS has made standards for drinking water. TDS should be with in the specifications. Flouride content should not be more than specs. RO water will not contain any minerals. That water is no way good for us. But to remove Flouride RO is good. But after RO we have to add some minerals. That is why the water is known as mineral water. But practically no minerals will be added. So RO water is never good to drink. Many people don't know this and to sell RO machines a lot of advertisemens were made. So many people started using RO plants. Now it is told that RO water is never good.
    Personally I feel just filtered water which is not having Flouride is the best water to drink. Manjeera water meets all the requirements. Just filtering and drinking is the best option for manjeera water.

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    The packaged drinking water that is available in the market today cannot be said to be pure. There was a time we thought that the water in the bottle was mineral water. But if you read what is printed on the bottle, you will see that it is just packaged drinking water. Just because we buy them, doesn't mean that are clean.
         The only difference in the water from the pipeline and the water in the bottle is the chemicals being added to the bottle to avoid the sediments such as dirt and/or other waste particles.
    Smaller machinery based on the reverse osmosis system are available in the market. However, there is a debate in the market that the water supplied from it is not completely clean. If asked, they will show you another more expensive machine. They do not hesitate to say that the second shown machine is not completely clean as it will be more expensive and available in the market. The latest version is Alkaline Water. It is said that is the best clean water.
    In our area, water from wells is used for drinking and cooking. But the water levels in many wells are decreasing and mixed with some wastes ( coliform bacteria also). There is a huge correlation between the condition of our toilets and the increase in water pollution.
            Among the Indian states, Kerala (98.5%) is in the 1st place of the source of good drinking water. All India Average is 85.5%. In South India, Tamil Nadu is at the 6th position on the list with 92.5%, Andhra Pradesh is at 9th position on the list with 90.5%, and Karnataka is in the 11th position with 87.5%. The Union Territories, Chandigarh and Damen and Diu are in front of Kerala with 99.3% and 98.7% respectively.

    The 'One Drop Foundation' has launched a project called "The METRO Water Initiative" action has been initiated to provide clean water in 22 countries all over the world.

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    We all grew drinkin wll water. In those daysvillages had separate ponds excluively for drinking water and for other purposes like washing etc. People use to draw water directly from rivers for drinkng purposes.

    But then came the various schemes of supplying water throgh pipes. By and by people started avoiding rivers and wels. As more and more houses and buildings and houses were constructed, wells and ponds wer closed. People depended municipal water supply. Many such water suply schemes hadwar purification centres whiochare mostly sedimentation and chlorination. But they were okay in the initial days,
    However in many cities the water supply pipes got contaminated with leakage from draingaes. Thus even the purified municipal water suplied got contaminated. So people had to use water purifiers at home. Thus the usage of water filters or water purifiers became prevalent in a large number of households.
    The close proximity of septic tanks in close-o-close houses and housing colonies, the well water also get contaminated. All these has made water filters and water purifiers an esential item in ourhomes.

    However fo most practical purposes a simple candle filter is enough inplaces where there is suuficientand regula municipal supply. If there is doub of contamination then a few drops of chlorine watre is enough to sterilise the water.
    Inmy home we use RO water filters with UV .

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    It is in fact tough to say which water is best for drinking. Over the years, RO water filters have gained in popularity with city residents. But RO filters come at a price. Not many can afford them. For many, the normal filters are the best way of getting clean and clear drinking water. Then there are the numerous RO plants that supply water in 20 litre bottles or bubbles. These too are very popular with the masses and they are good source of clean drinking water. However, in recent times, there have been apprehension over the TDS of the filtered water that we obtain from our RO filters at home. It is feared that the low TDS value of such water, even though very clean, is kind of harmful to us as they are devoid of most minerals that are otherwise essential for our healthy living. So it is kind of difficult to say which water is the best for drinking.
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    First of all a question. Before the introduction of RO water, Mineral water etc., what we did. The business-minded people made confused the public mentality about water and started propaganda of their products. In fact initially, they produce and supplied real good water. In some places, the people also in a position to bring water from certain places and their timelessness, laziness made them to seek the help of such bottled drinks. But once people start addicted to bottled water, they start to tell that drinking any other water is harmful to health. Earlier the doctors advised patients to drink available water after boiled and got cooled. If people start to hate or avoid ordinary water, they will suffer more when they happened to be in the places where the bottled water is not available. The bottled water suppliers also not supplying really Reverse osmosis or Mineralised water.

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