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    Stop spreading myths and rumours on Coronaviruses (COVID-19)

    Requesting everyone to avoid forwarding anything related to coronaviruses (COVID-19) on WhatsApp, emails and social media platforms. Don't blindly believe and accept the information that you receive from anyone. Try to verify details yourself from reliable sources.

    I looked up details about coronaviruses (COVID-19) on the World Health Organization (WHO) website. See their FAQs, especially the one related to wearing masks and how to protect yourself and prevent the spread of COVID-19:
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    Please read this also:

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    Good suggestion from the author. I too agree that it is not necessary to share or forward the information received through other people without knowing the correctness of the information. Already by seeing so many posting on the same subject in various social media and also in newspapers people are worried and they are not able to understand what is correct and what is not correct.
    In India also a case reported and in Telangana that case is reported. So all should be careful and take all the necessary precautions.

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    I agree. When compared with other social media, ISC is nothing. Netizens don't enter into ISC to search for COVID19. The newspapers and TV channels are easily available to the public and they publish/telecast the information repeatedly with the latest updates.
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    It is true that we should not forward or share any news or information which is not from a reliable or authentic source. Coronavirus is a serious matter of concern and people should not get mislead about this deadly virus. Precautions like avoiding crowded place, keeping oneself hydrated and not coming in contact of the affected person would help one to reduce the chances of getting infected. There is some period before which the affected person should not move out of the hospital even though he appears treated or cured of the disease. If people follow the precautions then only the spread of the disease can be contained.
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    Good advice from the author. As responsible citizens, we have to deal with the situation and not spread anything pertaining to the virus without verifying the source of information. But the way the media is showing the visuals seems to raise panic among the public. One person who tested positive and his home is in Secunderabad and we used to go through that place for an onward journey, now the area has been completely fumigated, quarantined, none has been allowed to pass through and the households are advised to stay put. So these kinds of live visuals when played on tv, we get panic.
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    If communication fails, everything will be in disorder. Facts should be said and brought to the light. If we try to hide things, the consequence will be severe. When 100 really died, and if we say no one died, it is like cheating . At this juncture, where will we go to verify the facts? If we hear the news that one guy is proved positive in a particular place, village or city, we cannot just ignore it. The situation is alarming, and each individual needs to care for themselves with adequate precautions. We are technologically advanced, and we get updated with the latest through the media and gadget available to us. ISCians don't create and write to panic others, but they write what they know.

    What we write and discuss here is mainly for the ISCians to benefit.

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    Sun at #690255, 'to write what they know' can be bizarre. One must endeavour to write only what one knows clearly and what the person on the other side should conceive. Sharing a piece of news is different from creating some sort of panic. We are used to the social media that spread the news about anything and everything. It is more contagious than any disease. So, in that context, a warning to be careful about what we share is relevant and should be approached in that manner only.

    Coronavirus is spreading and we, indeed, need to be aware.

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    What is bizarre? Will the ISCians (including You) considered to be highly intelligent, endeavor to write what they feel like without knowing the subject thoroughly? ISC is of thorough gentlemen and ladies. ISCians cannot create their own virus and put them here. Coronavirus is a widespread fast-moving subject/object now. It's movement/effect should be made known to all. There is no question of panicking. What is important is tracking the virus and keeping the people informed to take safety precautions.

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    Some further useful links:
    About masks:

    General advice for the public:

    Busting myths:

    Precautions at the workplace:

    Basically, what WHO is advising is washing hands regularly and correctly, maintaining cough hygiene, and food safety measures. For food safety, check these guidelines:

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    I have also downloaded the banners that WHO has provided to share with others. Putting up one here, because of Indians' penchant for spitting -
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    I think we must not forward any news that is shared in the social media due to the simple fact that we do not, most of the time, check the veracity of such messages and forward them as a matter of routine. Spreading fake or unconfirmed news or reports in such cases can be dealt with legally.
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    It is advisable not to dispense medical advice about the effectiveness of homeopathy, Ayurved, etc that is now doing the rounds as these have not been proven to be effective.

    WHO has clarified that there is ongoing research to develop a vaccine to treat Covid-19 and it is being tested in clinical trials. It will take many months, likely even a year, till something effective is found. While WHO has provided a tabulated data of vaccines being developed, it has, at the same time, also issued a disclaimer on the vaccines that are being worked on by various companies/health organizations/medical institutes across the world [refer:].

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    So far there is no preventive drug or vaccine for this virus. Many messages are coming about the Ayurvedic and natural treatments but their effectiveness and efficacies cannot be ascertained. So, in such a situation it is the duty of all the good citizens to refrain spreading the useless and fake information about it. Govt agencies are already issuing guidelines in the matter and we have to view that and note the advices.
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    The Govt. should issue guidelines as per WHO, yes, but it is wrongly promoting Ayurved/Homeopathic medications. When experts spoke up, then the Govt. said it was a 'preventive' measure and not a remedy, but even so, I feel it is wrong to promote such things when there is no actual proof of it. Have any trials been actually made and shown to be successful in preventing Covid-19? If that was the case, would deaths be still occurring around the world?

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    There is also the problem of people (including foreign tourists) not cooperating, unwilling to be quarantined or not reporting their travel history. Can they not be responsible? Don't they realize the seriousness of the issue? Containing and controlling is the key step to prevent more infected people and more deaths [Refer:]

    So, please, if any of your friends, neighbours, office acquaintances or relatives have a travel history to affected countries, they should cooperate and give their travel history to the health and immigration officials at the airports in India wherever they are landing.

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    We are getting so many misleading messages in WhatsApp which are confusing and creating fear in people. I would request all the members not to forward any such messages and do not respond and simply ignore them.
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    I think that fake news is creating a lot of fear in the minds of our families. There is so much fake news these days that it is very difficult to differentiate between what is fake news and what is facts.

    The best way to fight fake news is to follow the official Government sources such as the Aarogya Setu app and the WHO website that was put up to provide correct news.

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