March 2020 current and upcoming reward programs

Don't want to miss on reward programs? Keep an eye on this thread every day and you won't miss out on a single one!

This thread will remain at the top of the forum to alert members of current and upcoming reward programs, some with cash prizes as well.

An ongoing double reward program is Education in your city. A wonderful competition series with super-duper monetary rewards!

Upcoming programs-
1. ISC Image quiz - on Sunday 22nd March, at around 10.30/11a.m. (before 12 noon hopefully!).
- Chopped, grated or peeled: which is your favourite ISC? [announced at 11.15 a.m.]

2. E-book contest with cash prizes - members will first be invited to register and then it will be announced, likely on 22nd March.
- Launched on 22nd March: My wanderlust in India eBook

3. Monthly topic-based TOW: 29th March.
- Month-end TOW contest for March '20- 'Self-Awareness'.

4. W.I.T. Image Quiz: 29th March (some time after 10a.m., latest by 11.30a.m.)
- Announced at 10.34 a.m.: W.I.T. Quiz - a Sunday family activity.