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    An expectation is the root cause of developing cracks in relationships

    It is natural to have some expectations in life. To get good marks, have a respectable job, or stay in a healthy atmosphere are a few wishes which do not create extra pressure on anyone else.

    In this particular thread, I want to highlight those wantings which we face among our close relationships. Consider the strenuous relationship between parents and children. The expectation of the spouses from each other is another example. Among friends, other relatives and in between, siblings people always draw some expectations, but when it doesn't get fulfilled, then confrontation among the closest relationships cannot be avoided.

    Why most of the people believe in expectation? The parents always think that children must look after them. If children fail to perform their so-called duties, then they are blamed, but did the parents brought the kids into the world with their permission? Either of the spouses usually has some complaints, but why? People are not ready to accept their partners as they are. Yes, if the partner is not a righteous person, then one has the right to complain but trying to mould the partner according to one's wish in every sense is a wrong desire. Among siblings, confrontation arises because of money, position and intention. Why do we fail to accept people without any pre-conceived idea? It is good to take care of a loved one but expecting being taken care of is to develop a crack in the relationship. What do you say?
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    As a matter of fact if there are no expectations the relations will get stronger. The moment you expect something from the other person gap will come and strain in relationship starts. This is always true and generally there will not be any exemptions.

    If we think that our son should be a doctor, we will start forcing him to study well and our son will think that we are troubling him. Then the relation will start coming down.

    A good friend may help you when you are in trouble. But if we go ask for a help when everything is going good for us but he is not in good condition the relations will suffer.

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    Expectations are inbuilt in human nature. We expect something from everyone. A boss wants his employees to work effectively while a person wants help from his friends. A child seeks pocket money from the parents and his expectations are there for a raise in it next year. Parents want that in old age the children should take care of them. A mother in law expects from the new bride that she should be well behaved and good in household work. So every one is expecting something from other and if that is not fulfilled, it leads to dissatisfaction and stress in life. So as told by the author as well as other members one way to avoid is to reduce our yearning for expectations.
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    Expecting too much from a person - Father, Mother, husband, children can make or mar our relation. If you expect from children to get higher grades or force him or her always be at no 1 position in the class despite his or her best efforts it would put children under immense pressure. The same rule can be applied to all other relationships. If we expect too much from people beyond one's capacity, it may disrupt our peace and prosperity in our family.
    Though small expectation can make a person responsible in one's life and inculcate better habits, and make a person disciplined one.
    Expecting little is a fine and fair rule to a prosperous life. It is OK to put your efforts to get better results but don't get swayed if you have not achieved what you had yearned for.

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