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    Best way to battle infection and stop spreading it - remember your mother's scoldings

    Remember the time when your mummy scolded you -
    #1 Where is your hanky?
    #2 Did I not tell you that you must wash your hands as soon as you come back?
    #3 How many times to tell you to sneeze/cough in your hands over your mouth!
    #4 I don't care if it is your best friend's birthday party. You are not yet well. You are not going. I said no, No means no.
    #5 Would it be ok if you spit on the floor at home? Then why did you spit on the road?

    But no, who remembers that those scoldings were actually lessons in some very basic etiquette. Instead, what you do-
    #1 - Have a handkerchief but it is merely something to put automatically in the pocket. Never used it to wipe sweat, nose or hands. Never used it to bring out the nasal mucus. There is a convenient road/footpath below our feet for that.
    #2 - We return from work, remove footwear (this sometimes maybe shoes and socks) and reach for a bottle of water in the fridge with sweaty, dirty hands. Or sit on the sofa and grab the plate of snacks kept in front.
    #3 - We cough loudly with our mouth open, tongue sticking out, instead of in cupped hands.
    #4 - We are still sneezing and feeling a little feverish, but, no, the sky will fall if we don't attend that party/function.
    #5 - When outdoors, we don't swallow saliva but spit it out, here, there, everywhere. Ditto for betel leaf juice. Repulsive, disgusting!

    What you should do as a responsible and careful individual: If you have to sit at home due to quarantine, do so. If you have to be isolated in a hospital ward, accept it. Don't run away. You feel a sneeze coming and don't have time to reach for the handkerchief, immediately bend your hand and let your elbow catch the sneeze. Cup your hands over your mouth and cough. Don't spread droplets everywhere. Get-togethers, seminars, parties, functions - not earth-shatteringly important. Human lives are far more important. And for heaven's sake stop spitting - and tell others politely as well. Saliva is good. It is your own. Take it back in. If the saliva is really in excess and you feel it is choking, then spit it into your hanky (it can be washed later, isn't it?).

    This is the time we really, really need to remember - with affection - our mother's scoldings. Of course, do call the Helpline number if really necessary.
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    Good advice rendered by ISC ME. I was wondering just a few hours ago as to why no one is suggesting the means and measures to avoid COVID-19 attacking ISCian. As I opened my laptop, I could see Vandana's message.

    Didn't our mom scold us - # How many times did I tell you that you should drink sufficient water? Why didn't you carry your water bottle today? I am sure, you will fall sick one day.

    The virus reaches our throat, and it takes a few days (about 3 or four days)to reach our lungs to damage it. During this period, it is suggested that we should drink hot water very frequently. If required, take salt mixed hot water and gargle it thrice a day. Thus we can drive away the COVID in the initial stage itself. Also, make it a regular practice to drink enough water to keep our throat wet and gargle thrice a day to keep us away from doubts. Covid-19 is a cut-throat guy who prefers to visit dry throat guys.

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    When we are very young, we used to hear these words from our parents many times. My mother never allowed us to eat without changing the clothes used for attending the school, washing hands, and feet. After completing the morning session we used to come to the house for meals. We want to eat food with the same clothes. But my mother never allowed us. These precautions were thought of as waste. But now when we have to say the same precautions to our children we are understanding the importance of the same. My father always used to see whether hanky is there in my pocket or not.

    A good thread from the author with various precautions and combining them with the precautions taught by our parents in our younger age. This will make us remeber our early education days and the troubles our parents took to bring us up with proper health and education.

    I thank the other for her good advice and the hints are very useful for the members of ISC at this present times of COVID 19.

    always confident

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    Well mentioned. This is very useful and informative post. We were told all these things when we were kids but we have been so negligent during the years and now in this time of calamity we must recall those tips and bring in use.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    When we were young our mother taught us the cleanliness habit and washing hands before eating and after coming from outside was the best practice we used to follow. But the virus is not happening with the people of India and it was not transmitted. Those who came from foreign countries where the virus has infected many persons and such persons who visited the country are isolated and taken to treatments. One thing is sure our age old habits of saying namaste, washing hands frequently and not touching others for no reason has become the great habit of the world now and Indian Namaskar is widely acclaimed now.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The write-up is meaningful, which showers a whole lot of respect to all the mothers. The thread is a reminder to all the readers regarding cleanliness. Everyone needs to understand at this moment of crisis what one should do to protect oneself and others too. To remain healthy and keep others safe, we need to follow some guidelines which will stop spreading COVID-19.

    @SuN As far as I know that gargling with warm salted water is recommended, not that we have to gobble warm salted water. If I am wrong, then correct me.


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    Even parents used to suggest us for drinking luke warm water and breakfast, lunch or dinner to be served hot. Consuming enough quantity of water that is emptying the water bottles when it was still remaining.
    Each interval of food consumption, mother's used to take care of clean plates, clean place so that children remain healthy.
    If all these informations were listened too, we will remain healthy and fit.

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    Very good advices by the author. When we were kids we were asked to follow so many things by our parents but we never bothered to understand why they were insisting us to do that. Today in this difficult situation we realise how much concerned they were for our well being and good health. Hygiene is one of the very important factor in our life. Good habits would always save us from infections and infestations. Prevention is better than cure and this mantra works well every where and every circumstances in our lives. What we learned during our childhood remains with us throughout the life.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Sampha Sadhya,
    You are right. It is gargling, not gobbling. I have corrected my mistake.

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    @SuN My name is Shampa Sadhya. Thanks for confirming the fact.

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    Sorry, Shampa Sadhya. It was a typo.
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