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Looking for correct information on COVID-19 and avoid incorrect details and myths? Get in touch with WHO through WhatsApp.
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    Alert: Get accurate information on Coronavirus from WHO WhatsApp Number

    Those of you who wish to get correct information from the World Health Organization (WHO) on COVID-19 can now do so via WhatsApp. Please use this service to halt fake advisories being circulated on various social media and print platforms. It will also help to stop the spread of myths and rumours.

    Note that it is an automated system and there is no person at the other end to understand your query and reply back to you. What you have to do is simply reply as per the number or emoji which has been provided to get the updated information that you require on a specific topic, such as on travelling, quarantine, safety, etc.

    Get information on Coronavirus from the WHO WhatsApp number +41-798931892
    WHO WhatsApp contact number.

    Note: I cannot put in the emojis directly here, in the text, so I am attaching the screenshot.
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    Thanks to ME for giving the number and other information required to get latest and correct information from WHO. It is always better to know the correct information and avoid believing improper information circulated by various people in Social Media. I feel in the same we can have a pinned forum to discuss various topics related to this virus. Otherwise many threads are getting opened on the same subject. The Editors can look into this aspect and do the needful.
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    Madam ME,
    Kindly create a common thread on COVID, and hang it on the first page of the forum index with a blue pin to facilitate members to post information relevant to COVID for discussion. Otherwise, as rightly said by Dr. Rao, there would be too many threads rising in the forums time to time.

    Apart from getting information from WHO, we ISCian would like to discuss on the information for which Forum section is meant for. ISC forum is not a newspaper column to read and rest.

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    This is useful information shared by the ME and when every one coming across varied feeds through the social media this WHO number would throw the right information for us. As the matter is getting into very serious mode in India after PM Modi made an appeal for maintaining social distance and also observe self confinement, the members and common man would be yearning to know more about the virus. So as suggested by the members let their be general alerts in the form of new forum thread so that we could get the information immediately and the old threads can be removed from the first page.
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    This is really a very useful information and I thank ME for making it available here.
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    To check the latest updates on COVID 19, please check the following link The portal also provides the helpline and test centres details in all over India.

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    A well-timed and a very important thread posted by Vandana Madam. Rumours are spreading like wildfire and it seems everybody has some new information regarding the spread of COVID-19 along with the possible precautionary measures. Since most of the people are using smart mobile devices and using Whatsapp all the time for keeping in touch with friends and family members, the WHO WhatsApp Number will come in handy and help us to get the correct information at any instant.

    A few members have suggested a separate thread for information on COVID-19 which I think is not at all necessary. I feel, in those threads, members may post unverified information and in that case, the editors will be burdened with the extra task to delete the posts at regular intervals. The WHO WhatsApp Number and the links provided in the hyperlinked thread is sufficient for everyone to get the latest information on COVID-19. Stay indoors and be safe.


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    Thanks for posting the authentic reference for finding out the correct information on coronavirus. Now a days information is coming from so many sources and some of which are not reliable so it makes sense to adhere to the reputed sources.
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    It has been decided to have one thread to discuss various aspects of COVID-19. We didn't want to do so, thinking there are many aspects to it that can be talked about. However, since some members insist on spreading misinformation, we'll now have just one thread. That way we can monitor it daily and delete anything that is not relevant, incorrect, a silly myth, etc. Please use that thread wisely and responsibly.
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