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    COVID-19 - one thread to discuss all aspects in a responsible manner

    Everyone here is requested to use this one single thread to discuss various aspects of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Note that nobody here, including the admin. are medical professionals who have any expertise about the disease, diagnosis, treatment, etc. So if you share any advice at all, do so quoting an authentic source only.

    By all means raise a query, too, if you are confused or seek help for an affected person. We'll try to help out in a responsible manner.

    It is requested also not to make thoughtless remarks like Indians have not been affected, only Indians coming from abroad (for goodness sake, they are our own people not aliens!) or giving stupid advice about keeping the virus at bay through clapping or promoting what some baba/spiritual guru preached or any such mumbo-jumbo that is widely circulating on WA, FB, Twitter or even print media.

    I repeat, be responsible. Pray for those affected around the world. Let's stand in solidarity with everyone. Stay safe.

    [Note; for the time being, ongoing current threads related to Coronavirus will remain open. New threads should not be raised.]
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    The Railways has cancelled 3500 trains across the country in solidarity with a call given by PM Modi on Janata curfew. But the move seems to have triggered panic among the people across the country and they now want to rush to their native places and villages. As a result there was a heavy rush at the Kurla Railway station in Mumbai and passengers wants to rush to the North side. And for 24 hours there may not be any train plying across the country and therefore this panic travel needs to be addressed. Though PM appealed not to rush for travel and create a problem the public as their own reason.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    All the temples remain closed, long ago people used to pray at homes rather than temple. Now the same old days are back. So stay calm, since meditation also improves our immunity, go ahead pray for the well-being of all, a corono free world.
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    Unaware of the future effect of COVID, we might face the lockdown of many towns where the number of people affected is more, to contain the deadly virus. Therefore, as far as possible, it would be ideal to stock essential food provisions for a period of 20 days and remain at home. It may not be possible for all. At this juncture, we should help each other as much as we can on humanitarian grounds forgetting the rich and poor. We should care about the daily wage earners.
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    Now the biggest upset news is that Nee York has become the most affected place across the globe with more than 8.3k cases and the unpreparedness of that country has put the citizens in a quandary. US President Trump has accused China for spreading the disease across the world. This is alarming because many of Indian NRI 's stay in this place and their well being is the cause of concern to Indians. Surely ISC members relatives and friends must be there in NY and have contact with them and express hope of recovering soon as French researchers have found a drug to stop the virus going strong.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When the country has responded to 14 hour Janata Curfew and currently underway, the Telangana Government has gone one step further and announced 24 hour Janata Curfew which already started at 6 am and would end at 6 am on 23rd March morning. This really great cooperation and decision from the state surely KCR does not want a single case to be reported from this soil. And he also requested the citizens that at 5 pm sharp today there would be siren sound and that indicates the citizen to express their solidarity and gratitude to all those who are working silently to get rid of the deadly virus
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is only a beginning. Early the precaution better would be the complete cure. Since we are in the initial stage of attack by the virus, it would be nice if we go for a lockdown for a reasonable period of 15 days, after giving sufficient time for the people to stock their essentials and prepare to sit at home.
    Few countries have taken serious steps to arrest the virus. A country has requested its citizens with two options. One is to stay at home for 15 days, or be prepared to sit in jail for 5 years. Such severe orders and stringent measures only can save the nation from destruction.

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    Very good response from every state for the Janta Curfew irrespective of boundaries, governance, political differences, etc but today from the media sources, every state has shared their willingness to participate in the 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM stay away program or "Janata Curfew". It is welcome for everyone to join hands in such times where People of our country stood together to fight against the virus that is taking lives in the world. A time to know that it is not the Famous people but the unsung heroes and others who play a major role in our lives. Let us take this opportunity to that from bottom to Top i.e sweepers, cleaners, ward boys, aayas or bhais, Pharmacists, Grocers, dairy, ambulance, drivers, police force, nurses, doctors and all associated with health departments, etc who are working 24x7 to keep everyone safe and healthy.
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    Janta Curfew for one day would not be enough. The government should impose a longer duration curfew on us. The best thing would be that we the Janta would impose a curfew on self and understand the seriousness of the matter. It is for our own good. It has been repeatedly told to everyone not to panic and run away to their native places. Still, people in panic mode are doing that. We have to understand that travelling at this point is not safe. Many trains have been cancelled. People are asked to avoid public transport, especially travelling in trains.

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    I am in a fix. I came to my native place and I am planning to return to Hyderabad on Tuesday. But now they say Hyderabad is locked out. Even though I travel in my own car whether they allow me inside Hyderabad or not I am not clear. In such a case I may have to stay back here. For me, no problem but my driver is having a problem and my son is having a problem. How to tackle this situation is a bit difficult. However, we have to wait and see how it goes.

    I might not have come but there is a big necessity I have come and now it is like this. Ok. Let me enjoy my stay here.

    always confident

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    At this crucial stage, Living in a village would be ideal to save our life from the virus attack. Metros, cities and towns are prone to virus attacks due to the thick population and their close movements. If possible, and if people have their home there, people should move to their villages to take shelter. As of now, our villages are free from virus. If at all one village is affected, it is easy to quarantine that village and save the other villages. Nothing bad in doing so. It is a question of saving our own life in this way or that way or any other way.

    Since Tamilnadu has closed its border and restricted the entries of vehicles and passengers, I and my wife stranded at Bengaluru home with a feeling that God is with us to do justice as per his wish.

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    In Kerala full support to Janata Curfew from all Christian churches.
    Various Christian denominations conducted Holy Mass at church today without the participation of believers. This is the first time in the history of the churches that the Holy Mass is conducted without the participation of believers. Family members gathered together and devotedly worshiped through YouTube and Facebook channels. Special arrangements were made for digitally viewing the Holy Mass in many homes.

    Sobha Wilson
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    Section 144 is imposed in few places. We can live in village or city but the viral attacked person should not be a relative or a visitor to our places, then where ever we live the virus will be attacked, we have to stay away from affected persons.
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    It is shocking to read about people's behaviour to those doing home quarantine. It is so wrong to put a stigma on them. One needs to be more understanding. Even the crew of Air India flights which brought our people from abroad who were stuck at airports are being treated badly. Sad.
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    The hone stay in Hyderabad is continued and that would extend up to 31st of this month and the TS government has withdrawn bus services and the Railways canceled trains. So there is no movement of the general public and drastically reduced. Added to that the borders of the state leading to other states were closed and the people coming from that side were made to wait at the borders till the end of this month. I believe our member Dr. Rao has been stranded in his village and it is difficult to come back as the state wants total to follow up of its rule to get rid of COVID19 for ever.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The way the world has been facing challenges in all fronts it is becoming increasingly clear that we are going through the phase of fewer births and more deaths. The youth are getting married late for one reason or the other, the postponing having a child has become a modern style among young couples and the impotent among the couples adds to a few births. On the other hand frequent accident, natural and man-made disasters and the novel virus which is now taking many lives much to the surprise of the medical fraternity.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dr Rao - make arrangements for your driver also to be comfortable and stay put.

    It is also important for us to stay in touch with people we know. I don't mean only through FB and WA. Call. A voice makes a difference. Find out how they are doing, especially elderly people and those staying alone. You may even know of someone's youngsters who are alone as their parents are stranded somewhere. Ask if they are Ok, require any help. Same with neighbours who are alone with no family members. Knock, ask.

    Regarding knocking - an acquaintance told me of a suggestion circulating on WA that when we ring a doorbell or are handing over currency or taking goods, use the hand that is used less. That way, since we use our more dominant hand to touch our face, somewhat we are avoiding this as we are less likely to do this with the other hand after ringing the doorbell or purchasing something . Do you think this is a good suggestion?

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    All domestic flights in the country are terminated as part of Covid's control. The aviation ministry said the ban will come into effect from midnight on Tuesday. No restrictions on cargo flights
    Sobha Wilson
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    Everybody is panic-stricken and nobody knows what is going to happen in the coming days. I found the suggestion of Vandana Ma'am @ #691747 regarding knocking on the door and purchasing items logical. One thing we all must keep in mind. The lockdown is for our safety and while going out to the market to purchase essential items we should not crowd the shop. Though the roads are empty and the public transport is less, the shops are a bit crowded. Fearing a crisis in essential items people are thronging the shops in quite large numbers which is absolutely unnecessary and should be avoided. It's better to go for the online option. In the morning, I noticed the operation of a particular medicine shop in my area that I found quite scientific. The shop has locked it's collapsible gate so that customers cannot go inside the shop. The shopkeeper is accepting the prescriptions by staying inside his shop through the collapsible gate and giving out the required medicines in the same way. He is also not allowing more than two customers in front of the gate of his shop.

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    Since we use our right hand more and left hand less, it would be ideal to use our left hand for giving and taking purpose. Else we use sanitized bags and covers and envelopes for the purpose. We should always presume that all that we see and touch have coronavirus in it. Like the police who look at all people and suspect them as a criminal.
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    All the unsold flats in the country should be converted into isolation units to admit and treat the COVID affected patients.
    There are many thousands of unsold flats and unoccupied flats in our country, especially in the metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, Bangalore and other major cities. As hospitals of India cannot accommodate the increasing number of patients, it would be ideal to utilize the unsold /unoccupied flats for the purpose. Each flat can accommodate a minimum of four patients if required.

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    Government employees will be paid salaries, a few private establishments also will cater to the needs but how about those who are daily wage earners like ola and uber drivers who earn from transporting public. They have run their families, pay emi, rent for house and many more commitments.
    Garment employees also have to struggle in similar ways. Who will meet their basic needs, is a big question?
    The vegetable, fruit and flower sellers who are dependent on perishable goods already would have some stock which will be difficult to clear.

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    Our government should take care of the people mentioned by you. When our state governments can spend hundreds of crores to give freebies to attract the voters, why not they spend the same for the poor to survive at this critical moment. The government should pay a good amount to meet a month's requirement to the poor citizens of our country. They should ensure only the needy gets the benefit. This can be done through the banks and ration shops and other government agencies with the help of Aadhar cards..

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    It is very astonishing to see the behavior of some people. Yesterday they were so cooperative. Today they are so panic. Why they should come on to the roads and why they should give a chance to somebody to tell you about discipline. I hope sense will prevail in all these people and be safe.

    Don't go near the fire and don't put on the stove with hands having sanitizers. Sanitizers are alcohol-based and they will catch fire easily. All should take note of this point.

    always confident

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    We Indians need to be disciplined and respect our government. It is the discipline of the Chinese people who could manage to contain the disease to a great extent. It was zero new cases on 20 & 21 March. Just imagine 80000 + affected, 70000 + saved, 7000+ under treatment, 3000+ died. This was possible only due to their self imposed curfew and discipline. We Indians are just 400+ affected. We have time to bring it down to nil with self-discipline and self-imposed curfew.
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    For the first time in the history of TTD , the Tirumala Balaji temple would be closed for one week from now and there is no darshan allowed for anyone. Probably this would be the record of sorts as the temple never closed for long hours and daily the rest time for the God would be for just half an hour at mid night.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    To stop the spread of Covid 19, the biggest pandemic of this century, Kerala was shut down. The lockdown, which came into effect at midnight yesterday, will continue till the 31st of this month with strict restrictions. The unwanted crowd will not be allowed anywhere. Public transport, including the bus and the train, was stopped.
    Sobha Wilson
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    Earlier the public transports, including government buses, local trains, cabs and autorickshaws were suspended till 31st March but now private vehicles are also not allowed on roads. Patrolling officers are charging fine and sending them back to home. This step was very much required. In our society, the courier delivery boys are also not allowed to enter and the person who has ordered the stuff needs to go to the main gate to collect it. Only milk delivery and newspaper delivery are allowed now.

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    What we lack in the people of India is the discipline to follow the orders of Government. We are constantly violating the rules and being in rush. I have been witnessing the moving of people from one place to other despite the lockdown imposed. What they want really in such a global catastrophic situation? We must follow the government orders until the virus disappears from the entire earth. If it remain in any country and if not followed the rules, we can even get the infection on later states. Thus, it is very important to follow each instruction diligently. People follow what they see. At least educated people like us should lead and explain the people over the phone about the seriousness of the problem.

    We should only move out of our home for dairy and fruits/vegetable buying. Simple. Spend quality time with family and get involved with them. This is the time to unite. Nature also wants us to remain with the family for 15 days or till the lockdown continues. Be safe.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
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    PM Modi would be speaking to the nation at 8 pm today and surely there could be new restrictions or even relaxations. All the members are requested to listen to him.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is a National/International emergency.

    Military to intervene immediately

    Only Military will be able to plan and move very fast and quarantine people across the country to stop the outbreak of spreading.

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    We have even kept our Gods under quarantine to rest by closing the temples. It is the right action taken by the government and temple authorities. People should forget their religious faith and refrain from visiting temple for worship. Let us pray from home with the photos of the deities. This is the time for all to be at home and ensure our safety and others safety to continue our living. Our defence forces should be deployed to help the police to check perfect lockdown of places where corona exists.
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    To ensure that the poor and the daily wage workers who are the worst hit by the lockdown, the Karnataka government is providing free food to them through government-run Indira canteens all through the day. This is a great thing which is the need of the hour.

    The same thing should be done in other states too. Like Indira Canteen in Karnataka, Tamilnadu has Amma Unavagam throughout the state. If Tamilnadu follows Karnataka, the poor Tamils will not suffer. I am sure Kerala has no such government-run canteens.

    I do not know about other states running such free food canteen for the public. Let us know from the members hailing from various states of India present here, whether they have such facilities in their home states.

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    In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana lunch and dinner being supplied to poor people in the afternoon for 1 hour and for 1 hour in the night. The cost of the food will be just Rs.5/-, This program is being continued even now also and people are eating that food also. That is what I heard.
    Modi may come out with some more actions tonight when he addresses the nation through radios and TVs. We should wait and understand how the central government is planning for it. Today the whole country is in lockdown.

    always confident

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    It is learnt that lockdown is not imposed in all India level, but only for a few selected districts of Indian states where the virus is detected and people admitted to hospitals.

    To manage the virus effectively and to contain it permanently, I strongly feel that lockdown should be enforced throughout India leaving no room for the virus to stay in India and to ensure a break in its chain.

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  • #691884
    I read somewhere that today night at 8 PM, our Prime Minister will be addressing the nation. They added that financial emergency will be declared in the country. I am not aware of this financial emergency. However, let us wait for another 2 hours so that we will understand the correct position.
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  • #691887
    Members should watch Our PM Modi's address to the nation at this crucial stage of the epidemic on the rise. And we should pass it on to our neighbours, relatives and friends who may not be in a position to hear his speech. ISC members should post their messages after hearing PM Modi's speech. So that, ISC members who missed his speech would know it through this forum.

    Just 30 minutes to go. Tune your TV's.

    Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced "Lockdown India 21 days wef midnight 24/25 March" at 8.p.m and requested the public to stay at home to contain the deadly COVID attack. Let us honour and respect his words with utmost cooperation by remaining at home. Essentials will be made available to the public, not to panic.

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  • #691893
    The way Prime Minister delivered his speech indicates the seriousness of the problem. This is a really difficult situation and one must be careful and be cautious. An ignorant or innocent act from a person may cause many people to be in a big problem. So prevention is better than always cure. So we all should be supportive and we should safeguard our health and protect the health of other people also. Another 21 days in the house. Let us use this time constructively and do some useful work.
    always confident

  • #691898
    Please do not circulate the message of the 21-day lockdown without FIRST clearly stating that essential services will be available. The PM's speech led to panic, so he then later clarified about the essential services. So kindly do not jump to make breaking news and create tension. Pause, wait till everything is crystal clear before reporting and spreading information.
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  • #691900
    The lockdown in India will be upto April 14th, and later the decisions will be based on the results of the spread of crucial virus. Prime Minister's ply card stated that nobody should come to roads for corona was an important part of speech. His humble request to the public, not to join the community groups was welcomed. All the school admissio s for the academic year 2020-21 has become stagnant, will be considered later.
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  • #691901
    I don't understand why my response #691891 got deleted. Did I say anything wrong? Out of 41 responses to this thread, mine was the only response that got deleted. Why? Did I convey any wrong message? Only thing I said 'Lockdown India 21 days' in capital letters. My post was the first post after the PM's speech. I wish to know from you"What was wrong with me?"

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  • #691905
    One is given to understand that in South Korea, they have taken very effective measures and the number of new cases detected has come down to single digits. One is also told that they did not have any lockdown.

    Perhaps, after these three weeks, there will be some rethinking about the lock-down. And now there is greater awareness among people. Anyone with even the mildest cough is reported to the health authorities by neighbors. Even human being who has come back from any corner of the world, even sixty days back, is under total Government observation and the police have cordoned off their houses and are watching the situation, at least in Tamil Nadu.

    We do not get to read many reports about good measures taken by other States as newspapers like the Hindu do not give details. If Members know of some good practices being followed in their area, that has not allowed the virus to spread at all, they may please record that here.

    A very humorous thing happened in Coimbatore city. People of the village that the bus plies to ( the terminus stop) put up neem everywhere on the bus. They also put good does of turmeric everywhere!! One really does not know if these things work at all. But the practice attracted the attention of all and the social media carried pictures of the bus.

    Members may highlight such humor as well. Life is becoming a bit boring as everyone is so scared now and we see only masks everywhere.

  • #691919
    Please do read today's THe HINDU. It has given a pictorial description of how the virus has spread in Kerala, which has one of the highest numbers of people working abroad. (page 12). The situation is depressing. Even Churches can be deadly, as people of all ages gather in one place. Though it may sound harsh, it is fine to pray to God from the houses and totally ban all mass worship for another 40 days at the least.

    And visiting hotels may be avoided now. This is because an infected person may be around and he may be spreading the virus. This is one aspect that needs to be taken very seriously. And travel by trains or buses should also be totally avoided. We could see a big lockdown, even for two months. The economic consequences may be tough, but we need to face it as a ntion.

  • #691941
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    "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself" - Eleanor Roosevelt

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    How China could manage and contain the virus? With 80000+ affected, China could save 70000+ and with only 3000+ deaths, it contained the virus. As of today, there are no newly reported local cases in China.
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  • #691950
    Since there is no effective remedy for the corona virus, our PM has offered us the sincere advice to stay at home along with our family members so as to protect ourselves from this uncurable disease. Initially the seriousness of its wide spread was not realised from certain quarters, in some pockets, the police had to adopt harsh measure including lathi charging. Such forceful measures at times work and of course, it has produced positive results in some areas. If we could realise the eminenent danger of the outbreak of this virus, we would definitely show our maturity in our behaviour with our restricted movement outside in the emergency cases such as purchasing Vegetables and Milk. It is expected that we would contain its spread through our collective approach.

  • #691964
    Refer #691945.
    China could manage to contain this deadly virus originated from their own land to a great extent. It is because of the disciplined Chinese citizens who cooperated with the government and followed its orders. The entire Wuhan city was quarantined and blocked the entry and exit points. They blocked the roads by concrete constructions. Their death rate of 3000+ is comparatively less than the deaths in Italy which are beyond 7000+. It is due to the Italians democracy and attitude to disobey their government orders. We should follow the Chinese to get away from the COVID.

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  • #691972
    There are two opinions about the forced shutdown till the 31st of March 2020, in Tamil Nadu. Now that the national lockdown is there for three weeks, millions who have already reached their villages and small towns in Tamil Nadu.

    The positive aspect is that if there was none with the infection in the particular bus that took them to various destinations, they would be somewhat safe in their villages. However, there is another contrary opinion that the TN Government has made a blunder by allowing millions to take the buses and reach their destinations. What if they carried the virus? It is not very clear if the Government action was right or wrong, as the fact remains that hundreds of thousands thronged the Koyembedu Railway station just two days ago.

  • #691974
    In a thickly populated country like in India, it is not easy to control the public. At this juncture, everyone thinks about caring their own lives. We cannot stop the public from trying to move to their homes for safety. We need to accept the risk of embracing the virus. It would have been nice if the lockdown was given two days notice and transportation made easy. People would have reached home without any rush and push. All who reached home should quarantine themselves and observe for any symptoms. If observed, they should isolate themselves and report to the nearest hospital for cure.

    Past is past. Let the things move as it is. Destiny cannot be erased or altered or rewritten. Whatever has to happen will happen. Let us look for the days ahead to contain the virus spread.

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  • #692009
    Today is Day One of Lockdown India.
    As of now, India has 500+ cases reported. All are said to have travel history to foreign lands.
    Are there local Indians who have been affected by the virus who have no travel history to any foreign countries?
    ISC Members from the state from where they hail can ascertain the information and place it here.

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  • #692061
    In Andhra Pradesh, a DSP's son came from foreign. He was in the house only and not disclosed about his foreign travel. But the neighbors worried and complained. The doctors came and tested the boy and found he is positive. Then they tested for the other members who are staying with them. The DSP himself and his cook were found to be positive. Now they are quarantined and they are getting treated. These are the cases where the contact has given them the virus.
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  • #692064
    A highly irresponsible high ranking Police Officer who has conducted himself like an illiterate and low-class citizen. It is time to put him behind the bars and treat him, and demote him, and have him there for a decade.

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  • #692100
    People who are irresponsibly breaking the lockdown that has been imposed don't realize that they are also endangering the lives of police personnel who have to constantly go around telling them not to go out for a walk, not to roam around on bikes, etc. The police do not have any protective gear, remember?

    Another discussion that is being done is that perhaps India could have started the screening at airports and mandatory quarantine imposition a month or two earlier. However, this is not the time to talk about what could have been done, but what should and must be done now to stop the infection from spreading. There is still so much uncertainty about the virus. Should we not at least take care of and follow the requirements of the lockdown? For once, forget your political leanings and listen to the PM and your State CMs. Follow their policies and guidelines. They don't want you step out unnessarily. Don't. Is it so hard to follow?

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #692104
    This is not only time for Modi to appear on TV and request the people to stay at home. This is also time for opposition leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to appear on TV and request the citizen to follow the precautionary measures announced by the health authorities. All political leaders to forget their differences and fight together against the deadly virus. Opposition leaders should not attempt to play a blame game at this part of the time.
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  • #692109
    Since the 21 days lockdown has been imposed throughout our country, many people are still not aware of consequences which can result in damage of other people. Most of them are getting around in the city just to check whether everything is going fine or just going around to see the police officers in the road. We should stay safe at home and must indulge in activities at home. All the states are doing their best to tackle the Covid 19 virus. All the party members and their leaders must unite to tackle this virus from our country.
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  • #692161
    I wish to share some information here regarding Corona Virus.
    First COVID is completely curable disease and does not even required hospitalization in 80 % cases. The reason why lock down and such measures are taken is because the virus is highly contagious compared to other pathogens and hence the need to Isolate , quarantine and treat. The present treatment is usually done using Anti -Malarial drugs, Anti - Retro viral Drugs and so on. Basically these drugs are used for treating existing diseases that are caused by pathogens that are highly contagious and other viruses. So people need not panic about the disease.

    Secondly the question of high death rate. This is because the Virus affects the lungs and the alveolar sacs present inside the lungs. Without going into technically what the virus basically does is entering the cells of lungs, using the resource of cells and greatly affecting gaseous exchange. Now , our body produces anti - bodies with the help of immune system to kill the virus. But the problem is that the response of our body is too heavy for our lungs which is why people with Diabtetic, Heart problems, Cancer, HIV and older people die easily. Young people who are capable of withstanding this immune response (commonly known as CYTOKININE STORM) escape complications easily. This is why young people become carriers without any symptoms. We must also understand that crores of viruses reside in our body in every Individual. even under normal conditions. Everything is taken care of by our immune system without any problem.

    Thirdly the Virus is not created in lab in any country. It is paining to know even some highly reputed Personalities are spreading this conspiracies. Corono viruses are highly contagious group of viruses that have adaptability to infect. This is because this virus has very less structural complications in its RNA. 80% of its RNA is contains information for its replication and the spike protein part easily exchanges its genes via deletion, Transposition allowing it to mutate very easily. This is why this virus can cause so must pandemics easily. By Mutation it can replace hosts very easily from bats to pangolins to pigs and humans. And Bats are reservoir of these Viruses. Because these viruses can reside easily inside Bats without competition problems from other viruses. And Bats live in close proximity with Chinese people as their diet species have food web relations with Bat. This is the reasons why most Corono Virus epidemics are from Chinese side.

    Fourthly it is true that research have been going on using Corono Viruses at Wuhan Institute of Virology long time ago. There were several research papers by doctors of the Institute about Corona epidemics. Even a year back there have been research papers. But these were largely ignored for practical considerations. Chinese economy was already under stress. And no authority would have wanted to panic people at this point. But when the virus spread the authorities themselves were baffled by the intensity. We must understand that a political executive have to make hard choices when we give them two ways and say both are dangerous. Lockdown and kill young people economically or Medical emergency killing elders. So it was a difficult situation and they did their best. There is no conspiracy.

    Fifthly the Virus infection is varying depending upon humidity, temperature, Culture of people, Geography, Health Systems across the world. Every country is trying their best with their best. So there is no point is saying this country is best or that country is best by merely looking at number of infections, death.

    Finally this a battle for Human way of Life in my opinion.

  • #692163
    Until to date, human beings lived their lives with their intelligence and will live further by overcoming all the difficulties they face. But the question is about the price we pay for our survival. This is time to work with cooperation and coordination. We all are running behind wealth, fame, religion and caste forgetting life. We should stop it. This is time to keep away from such things and think only about LIFE.

    We shall overcome the crisis.

    No life without Sun

  • #692206
    The whole world is talking about coronavirus now. The locking down in Telangana where I live takes place in expectation. The rulers say only one thing. That means social distance and not getting out of the house. Corona Updates is not something anyone should say in this forum thread. In this case, anyone should be immunized. For that, especially we should take foods that contain a 'C' vitamin. Finally, in this forum thread there are three things I want to say. They are self-control, social distance, and self-restraint
    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

  • #692216
    Well said Sita Kalyani. You put three important things in a nut-shell to contain the deadly virus.
    Self-control - live with what you have and don't move around for things.
    Social distance - Feel that the other person is virus-infected and keep yourself away from them.
    Self restraint- Stop or restrict your unnecessary movement.

    Once again, I thank you for the three conduct codes at this time of crisis.

    No life without Sun

  • #692269
    I want to share the high rising trend of Corona spread all over the world here. The total patients in the US crossed one lakh!!! It is an alarming figure and now the US is the centre of Corona affected areas and most number of patients from here. Also, Most of the South and Central European countries badly affected. Find below the latest figures for those countries. Italy-86498, Spain-65719, Germany-50871, France -32924, UK-14543, Switzerland -12948, Netherlands-8063 and Belgium-7284. Also, Iran affected 32332 so far and China -81394.
    The death toll in Italy is nearing 10000. Already it crossed 9100. Spain death number is crossed 5100.
    All these figures are officially collected by government agencies and I presume that the number is far more unofficially.
    Community spreading is the real issue here. Those countries tried to avoid community spreading has less death rate even though the number of affected patients are more. Countries like Germany, China, South Korea and Austria are some examples.

    Hope that with the collective efforts of all nations, we can redice the patients number in the coming days.


    Winners are too busy to be sad,too positive to be doubtful,too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated.

  • #692384
    Nature has clearly given an alarm signal to the human species that its way of life is unsustainable. Humans need other humans very much than any other species in the world. We need other humans for food we eat, clothes we wear, shelter we live etc..almost everything. And mostly we get this from other humans by giving a part of our work by money. This has led to the concept that income generation as the prime motive of humans to satisfy any need. We have to come to a conclusion where we eat food , wear clothes and build homes so we could work better Farmers do agriculture so that they can get money to buy clothes and build homes. Textile manufacturers sell clothes so they could get money to eat and build homes. Software engineer works to get money to get other things etcc... and so on and on. A human spends approximately 20 years of life in career building from birth so that he/ she can generate some income to live. This has created a way of life where a human does not know how to gets his basic things from nature on his own without help of other humans. But most other species do so. An Individual member of other species knows how to get its food and live and it needs other species only for help, procreation and protection. Initially we too lived like that. We were part of food web of nature. But now we are slowly becoming Nature independent.
    As this human to human link broke down during COVID or any natural disaster we become helpless. We do not know how to produce our food, get our clothes or get things for our shelter without other humans. We have lost our characteristic as a species. Right from virus to almost most of other species are part of food web. Nature has no problem if we exploit it. It is our mother and will protect us from anything even if we harm it. But if we forget how to live itself then nature cannot help. We cannot go back and become tribal . But we can try to have some plants that provide food to us in our house, know some medicines for health, keep our body healthy, try to learn small level cloth making and so on.Our father of Nation tried to show us a path by self living. It is time to look at some of his Ideas and we must try to get the things we need by our effort to some extent. If not possible at Individual level at least we must try to make at Village / City/ Town level . It is time we build self sufficient villages where people get at least their basic needs withing their village or town or city. We can reduce travel, reduce epidemics.
    We can defeat COVID war easily with our science in months . But The inter species battle between humans and Virus requires a change in our entire way of life. We of course need doctors, engineers, scientists, etc... We need them to build technology to integrate us with nature and not take us away from nature.

  • #692405
    I would like to share an interesting news report about India's first coronavirus testing kit:
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  • #692461
    Till now, COVID caught 691894 people around the world and taken away 33034 lives. In India, the virus-infected are 1024 with 27 deaths. In a second thickly populated country, it is wondering to see less number of affected and deaths compared to other countries. I think the climate matters a lot. The virus is allergic to heat. And I think it will not survive long in India. I think the virus will slow down after the lockdown.

    What we now understood is - We human beings are not great or big or important in this world. A mini unknown invisible micro virus is the greatest and can conquer the world. A simple virus can replace all the defence weapons and equipment and make them useless.

    No life without Sun

  • #692489
    nCOVID is in its initial phase in India. It is too early to comment on the trend of the disease spread. Spread of the virus depends upon Age of the population, Political system of the country, health system of the country, population density, openness to rest of world, Geography of location and climatic factors too. Even in our country Kerala one of the first state to get affected and has many persons affected despite being present near to equator. We must note that we have just crossed equinox period meaning Kerala is quite hot and more humid compared to other states. But health system of Kerala is quite best which I well known being ruled by a alternative communistic and socialistic political system for most of its independent history. Kerala has 182 cases but only 1 death so far. The high cases in Kerala is due to the fact that many in kerala are from Saudi Arabia who are employed mostly in blue collar jobs there. This may have aggravated the spread. But on the contrary we have high spread in Maharastra which is again a state open to rest of world. On the contrary Tamil Nadu being close to equator has seen less spread but a death has occurred so soon. Tamil Nadu is not as much connected to ROW as Kerala and hence less spread. And spread in Tamil Nadu are mostly from people who travelled abroad and from delhi. All this implies the imbalanced cultural differences within India. Punjab, UP have reported Hugh deaths compared to other states. Again the health system is a factor here. And let us be careful. All these are only reported cases. Health experts are warning India is under testing its COVID cases. As of now officially we are in stage 2 i. e. Local transmission. At this stage spread depends on only two factors namely how much connected we are and how our health systems of various states respond to the crisis. Hopefully numbers by April 4 will tell the real situation due to 2 reasons. India has been in isolation for a week now. And only by another week we can confirm the number of cases by COVID by which time most symptoms would have come to open. And it is begining of summer by which sun will be directly over tropical of cancer meaning more heat and let us see whether the climatic theory sustains. What I am basically suggesting it is too early to comment on numbers.

  • #692568
    What I now feel is - Since we are not in a serious stage like other countries, our government could have planned well to overcome this crisis. Time management is necessary.

    The government should have given sufficient notice prior to imposing lockdown. (A three days notice)

    The lockdown should have been exclusively for the cities and places where cases were reported.

    The rest of the country should have been spared from lockdown.

    By doing this, within 21 days we would have identified the city and the areas where COVID is really present. Such identified places should continue with lockdown to treat the patients and to save the others.

    Thereafter, as and when cases are reported from other areas, those areas can be brought under lockdown. The patients could be treated, and others saved. This is very easy to control the spread.

    If this was followed, we could have averted the people rushing to their native places, and people would have prepared well to stay at home for 21 days.

    A little delay and careful planning would have helped everyone to move to their home and stay at home peacefully without any hassle.

    What do you say?

    No life without Sun

  • #692569
    Just one case in a leading company has led to 9 new cases and expected that few more will be on the way as there are thousand workers.

    It is really sad about the people who are wanderers struggling hard to survive. They are not able to reach their place of origin as people stop them at every highways now.

    China is coming forward with it's new continued virus from the recovered persons. Covid 20 has started and they also are about to restart the same lockdown procedures.

    Lead the leader

  • #692582
    Salaries of government employees have been cut in Telangana. The corona demon has, to date, made its impact on mercenaries and small businessmen. Now boom over public servants. Going into the details, KCR's review with top officials yesterday concluded that only 50% of the salaries of government employees in the month of March have been paid. The remaining 50% of salary status is an unknown condition of salary. In the present situation, these employees are in poor condition. Currently on loans, the presence of the maritorium is a matter of calm for public servants. However, it is worth thinking about cutting such a large percentage of salaries.
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  • #692672
    Sita Kalyani,
    It is not ideal and worth to cut 50 % of the salaries of the employed. It would put the salaried class into poverty for one or two months. They would suffer a lot. The salaried class government employees are far less in our countries when compared with the population and the other business class people. It is wise to cut the salary of one or two days only. Of course, the politicians can donate their one-month full salary for the purpose.

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  • #692677
    In Kerala, the number of COVID 19 cases are increasing especially in Kasarghode and Kannur and the government is taking is every step to find the people who had direct contact with the virus and also the people who are in touch with these people. Since the lockdown essential goods like Vegetables are not entering into Kerala, because of the arrogant behaviour from Karnataka State. Since all the borders have been closed, the Kerala CM has requested the Prime Minister to have word on this situation.
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  • #692678
    As per instructions issued by the Webmasters just now, we are locking this thread. We will also not be allowing any more forum threads directly related to Coronavirus, including so-called advice by every Tom, Dick and Harry, as well as news updates on it. A thread may be started later as per the decision of the Webmasters.
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  • #692724
    After discussion with the Webmasters, we are reopening this thread itself rather than starting a new common thread since quite a few aspects have been covered here and we don't want a repetition of those in a later thread.

    Important: the Webmasters have instructed that members should take care while sharing any news, updates, facts, etc on COVID-19. You must verify whatever you post before submitting it here. Keep in mind that you will be solely responsible for what you post in the thread.

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  • #692729
    At the outset, I thank ISC for reopening this thread for the convenience of members to convey their feelings, opinions, latest authenticated information, etc.
    The disease is spreading fast around the world and in India. We cannot predict the situation in advance. People's non-cooperation to follow the government orders is a great concern that would lead us to a grave situation. It is the religion that takes for congregations and leads to destruction. Religious faith won't work at this time. Utmost discipline is the need of the hour to overcome this crisis. We should keep away the religious faith and maintain some distance from our religions.
    It is wise to have our temples, churches and mosques locked until we ensure safety to our lives.
    I think this is the worst virus that the world is facing. I would call it as" Chief Of Virus-Infected Diseases"(COVID)

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  • #692816
    The world is nearing to cross its One Million mark infected cases with 50K deaths by tomorrow. India would cross 2000+ with 50+ deaths. And expected to surge fast due to the Nizammudin meet. Tamilnadu had a sudden increase in the number of cases due to the return of people from Nizammudin. Its effect could be seen in other states too. We cannot predict what would be the impact after the 21 days lockdown on 14th April 2020. Another 12 days to go. What would be the number? We don't know.

    Practicing untouchability (a touch of unwanted objects where virus likely to be), maintaining safe distance outside the home, and stay at home are the best policies and remedies to save us from the clutches of deadly Corona.

    No life without Sun

  • #692817
    We have note one point that each state district, taluk and villages are worried about the spread of this infection. That is the only reason people have to take a few strong decisions else all the states are one. We have to fight together not for smaller reasons but against this corona.
    Lead the leader

  • #693105
    The Prime Minister of India wants a light off for 9 minutes to remain in dark without electricity but with some lights.
    What would be the effect of a 9-minute switch off electricity at 9 p.m on 5th April and lighting of candles, diyas, lamps, torches and mobile torches and flashlights? What is the motive behind this?

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  • #693215
    Today 6th April is the 12th day of Lockdown period of 21 days. In India, On the first day of lockdown on 25th April, the infected number was just 500, and today the 12th day, the number is 4000+ and the death rate is 100+.It is an eight times increase. (The whole world then had 4 lac+ infection and 21000+ deaths, and now it is 12 lac+ infection and 68000+ deaths, a three time increase)
    Despite all our best efforts, at this rate, what would be the figure on 14 April 2020? Will it go up or come down or remain without any much change in number? How do you predict the future?

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  • #693219
    This type of virus infections which propagate in a community because of high population pockets, has cascading tendency and it would multiply with same speed in future also till it reaches a peak which is determined by the hospital facilities, governance in the system, volunteers in the field etc. Once that peak is reached and we could sustain that at that level then there are chances of it to taper down and may be in few months after that it is extinguished completely. It is not easy to predict it but based on trends we are still far from the peak and it would take a few weeks to reach there. Whether that peak would inflate further or go down depends on the outcome of the fight between this deadly virus and hospital facilities and Govt ability to control it. Govt ability depends on us that is on our children who are engaged in emergency duties. If they do not lose their patience and courage we can win this otherwise I do to want to say anything further at this juncture regarding the outcome. This is the time that all the citizens should cooperate with Govt and push their religious feelings back to the yard. If we feel that we are Indians first and we have to save our countrymen then only something positive can be expected.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #693221
    The way the cases are increasing I fear whether the situation may become out of control. Deaths are also increasing. Mainly the people who attended the Delhi meeting are staggered around the country and they are spreading the virus. Those people should feel responsible and go to the isolation centers and get the testing done and see that they are safe. That will make their family members safe as well as society safe. Still, the authorities are not able to find some people who attended the meeting as per the record of the Organisers. It may furthermore time. I don't know whether the Lockdown will be over or further extended. KCR says that he will request the PM to extend it further.
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  • #693228
    India is at a crucial juncture in its fight against COVID-19. The country has responded with urgency and determination as reflected in the Prime Minister's bold and decisive leadership. The government has also aggressively stepped up the response measures - find, isolate, test, treat and trace. WHO is supporting the government's endeavour to further strengthen and intensify surveillance and build capacity of the health system. WHO stands together in solidarity with the government in its firm resolve to overcome this unprecedented challenge

  • #693233
    I was very much positive about the situation in our country. State like Kerala started well in this regard and the compliance of people overall in general (except fo some few bad individuals or pockets)is very good. The government and its various departments worked very well ,especially with the experience during the Nipah virus times.

    However a short period of indulgence affcted.That was the arrival of people from the Middle East. The focus then was only on peopl arriving from China. It became a bit late to ralise that people arriving from Middle East were cauing risk either y being infected themselves or because ofmany were transit passengers fom Italy etc.

    This short period of lack of strict vigil resulted in many positive cases and probable cases moving around causing concern. But the machinerey somehow coped up fast and things were bought to some control.
    Then the national level Lockdown folowed and added strength and more focus to the efforts.

    However when we were trying to heave a sigh o relif came the Tablighs.

    Now I feel realy concerned. At this juncture we need the combined efforts of modern science, social distance and strict compliace by people and prayers to the almighty to contain thingand give direction and strength to us. The country and its leadrs are doing the best possible atthis time.

    Probabaly we may need a more iron hand , in the national interest, to deal with the delinquents and vested interets if any. It is the duty of the citizen and residents to absolutely comply with the instructions and guidelines o of the government and authorities.

    Let each of us make some sacrifice if needed,and do our mite to tide over the situation. I am sure that we Indians are always best in crisi times. Now is a crisi time and w will do our best. Let us keep faith and be the best citizens supportingthe government and authorities even if it means some sacrifice.

  • #693234
    Now we know the hotspots and the districts that are affected severely. After 21 days lockdown, our government should enforce lockdown for another 21 days only those districts/areas where there are infected cases. Districts should further lockdown only the towns and villages affected. At all costs, all should maintain social distance and take precautionary measures.

    Districts, cities, towns, and villages not affected by the virus during the lockdown period should be spared from the second lockdown and they should lead a normal life. During the lockdown period, if any such place is reported with infected cases, they should be lockdown immediately.

    Remember, China did not lockdown their entire country. The lockdown was only for the cities which got affected, but monitored other areas where there was no infection. They achieved what they wanted and contained the virus to a great extent.

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  • #693247
    Escalators and ladders with side rails are also the main culprits that helped the corona to spread fast around the world.
    We know that escalators are available in each and every airport, malls, and other places. Everyone prefers to use the escalators though stairs are available. The escalators have grips to hold. Each and every individual using the escalators hold the side grips available on both sides. If one guy affected by coronavirus uses the escalator, the side grips would contain the virus. And the other person coming into contact with the side grips get the virus in hand.

    Similar to the escalators, the ladder with side rails provided to board and deboard the aircraft also the culprits helped the virus to spread.

    I think the above is enough and needs no more explanation. You can just imagine how the virus would spread now. This is the main reason why people returning from foreign carry the virus with them.

    Am I wrong with my assumption and presumption about the fast virus spread across the world? What do you say?

    No life without Sun

  • #693264
    The Railways has cancelled 3500 trains across the country in solidarity with a call given by PM Modi on Janata curfew. But the move seems to have triggered panic among the people across the country and they wanted to rush to their native places and villages. As a result, there was a heavy rush at the Kurla Railway station in Mumbai and other stations too. Though the PM appealed not to rush and create problems, the public had their own reasons.

    All the temples and other places of worship are also closed. A long time ago people used to pray at homes rather than a temple. Now the same old days are back. So stay calm, since meditation also improves our immunity, go ahead pray for the well-being of all, a corona free world.

  • #693268
    The corona came out from the Den and entered India in the month of January itself. We had been waiting and doing nothing much to control it for a month. All of a sudden, we locked Indians within a short notice of less than a day. No one could get prepared for the lockdown. There was no time left for the poor to move to their own shelters. This has worsened the situation. More than corona, people suffer without food, and they rushed up in the crowd forgetting the social distancing to avoid corona.

    This could have been planned carefully by giving some time to the people to prepare for the lockdown. Three to five days could have helped the people to stock their ration to stay at home peacefully without any worry. This would have helped to contain the corona to some extent.

    Members, Your reaction, please.

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