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    Write chapters for My wanderlust in India eBook and win cash prizes

    Dear ISC members,
    Here are the details of the eBook writing contest. So just quickly go through the instructions and starting the chapters according to the date and time mentioned here.
    1. Write a chapter of the eBook "My wanderlust in India" according to your turn and on the date mentioned in the list of the previous thread.
    2.You need to write a chapter on a central character, who loves to travel to different parts of India. The chapters of the eBook will contain the journey of the main character and the beautiful or bitter or horrific or amusing experiences he or she had there.
    3. The different chapters should maintain the chronology of experiences and not be a sudden splurge of events that don't match with previous chapters of this eBook. For example if first chapter begins with her experience in Jabalpur at the age of 20, then suddenly, if you have the next chapter in her mid forties in Kolkata will look a bit odd, unless seamlessly put in the chapter.
    4. You need to spin the experiences into his or her life so that the journey looks like a part of the character's life and it also unravels unknown facts about our country. The eBook shouldn't look like a narration of a traveler. This eBook will thus help people who have never been to such areas of India have a small idea about that part of the country.
    5. The areas the character travels can be a city or a state or a district that is lesser known to other ISC members and to the rest of the world.
    6. No need to give a chapter title. There is no word limit for any chapter, but do not make a chapter lengthy like a resource though. Too lengthy a chapter will make the chapter boring and an arduous journey for the reader.
    7. The first chapter to be submitted on or after 9 AM today. The rest of the chapters to be submitted by authors as mentioned here.
    8. First Prize is 100 cc, second prize is 75 cc and third prize is 50 cc for the respective winning entries.
    Please don't put any queries here. Your response should contain the chapter here. In case you are unable to submit a chapter in the given time frame please respond in the announcement of participant thread for all others to know. We can then make necessary announcements here.

    Please refer to the announcement thread that Neeru Bhatt is the last writer of this eBook as no further acknowledgement is received after Neeru. However whether the number of chapters will remain as earlier or we will decrease the chapter to be submitted by Neelam will be decided later, and announced here. So keep checking this thread for further updates and submit your chapters within time.

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    My wanderlust in India

    Chapter 1

    On a winter afternoon, Sumita was relaxing in her balcony while her husband Sujoy was busy watching some movie clips on his cell phone. Suddenly Sumita started a conversation with Sujoy that it's almost twenty-two years that they got tied in a nuptial knot. Her hubby glanced at her lovingly and switched off his mobile. Sujoy's wife continued that their married life was never hassle-free, but their togetherness had never lost even a bit of charm. Although they were couples, they led their lives as friends, so every problem got sorted out without any tiff and misunderstanding. Sujoy kept watching his wife with a smile and nodded affirmatively.

    After a small pause, Sumita further recalled that both of them hailed
    from two different capital cities of India and had no experience of living in a small town. It was when Sujoy got transferred to Marai Malai Nagar, a small town close to Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu they were just a few months into their married life. Being the residents of the eastern part of India, they didn't have any idea of the southern part of the country. Both of them were nervous, but they were a little relieved as they came to know that the transfer was only for six months and then Sujoy's office would transfer him back to Kolkata, his hometown.

    It was the month of November when Sumita and Sujoy reached Chennai and stayed in the company guest house for a week. They spent the whole week in searching for a house in Marai Malai Nagar. The first encounter with the southern part of the country was a little intriguing to both of them. Sumita fondly remembered that they came across the male natives of Chennai, Marai Malai Nagar and neighbourhood wore dhoti (veshti in Tamil) and lungi in absolute contrast to the eastern style of draping those. In the eastern region, men wear dhoti or lungi tying to their waist which then covers the legs fully up to ankle while in Chennai and its neighbourhood men usually fold up the bottom of the attire and tie it back on their waist. Sujoy added that in Tamil Nadu men choose to wear veshti and lungi in a half-folded form which works as a breather due to its hot and humid climate throughout the year. Sumita smilingly commented that shifting to Marai Malai Nagar was a treasure of knowledge and fun.

    They finally rented a small house in which from a bed to cooking gas and stove, from chairs to shelves were all hired. Communicating with people was a little tough at the beginning as language became a hurdle, but the cordial approach of every person in the vicinity made life extremely comfortable. There was no mobile phone, but the landlord made life easy by sharing his telephone connection. The town had a few shops, but everything was available. Sumita, who was a novice in cooking, learnt South Indian dishes from the landlady. Life there was simple yet enjoyable.

    Sumita further expressed that being a girl from Patna, she had to shift to Kolkata after her marriage which had developed within her an interest to visit various places in India. After spending a few days in Marai Malai Nagar, she felt that her simple wish to travel the country had developed into a wanderlust.

    After settling down properly in the new place, Sumita shared about the travel desire with her husband, and instantly both started to make plans. They decided to utilise all the weekends to visit various tourist spots such as Kancheepuram, Rameswaram, Kanyakumari, and also visit interesting spots and market places in proper Chennai. Both of them were overwhelmed by the thought of travelling to different tourist spots before going back to Kolkata. Nothing could stop them, so packing and unpacking became the weekend norm, but the couples were thrilled to make their travel history as long as possible.


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    Chapter 2

    Still remember the old days, Sujoy was lost in the memories and was thinking that when he and Sumita had travelled to explore nature. Sujoy also thought that due to similar choices and taste and being nature lover they grasped every opportunity to hang out after their marriage and also planned to visit across India for fulfilling their wanderlust.

    Sujoy asked Sumita, do you remember our travel to Almora and Nanda Devi in Uttarakhand? Sumita said yes, how can I forget? It was such an amazing experience which we can never forget. Sujoy said yes and then remembered that even after the return from Chennai to Kolkata they were eager to explore the country especially the beauty of nature from the valley to high mountains of the country and decided to visit Uttarakhand.

    They travelled from Kolkata to Haridwar by a train and the rest of the way by taxi to Almora. The weather was pleasant, birds flocks were returning to home and the sun was about to set. Even now, they were unable to find a single room in any hotel. Both were very surprised because all the hotels were occupied. After searching for more than an hour, Sujoy saw a shop and went to ask for a place for the whole night stay. Shopkeeper ignored him but a little girl standing just after him told, Uncle! Sujoy and Sumita, both saw her. Surprisingly, she told that a man living down the street can allow you whole night stay at little cost. They thanked the little girl and reached to that house, knocked on the door. An old man came and opened the door and asked what are you looking for? After listening, the homeowner allowed them to stay there. After an hour, the owner came with some food to their room and started talking with them. In between, he told why they did not get a room? Because a little away from here a well-known festival called Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yaatra is being started from village Kansuwa near Karanprayag. Most of the Pilgrims from the whole of the Uttarakhand come here to join this religious and most sacred event which occurred at every twelve years when a four-horned sheep borne. It is dedicated to Goddesses Nanda and Sunanda. He also told them that they are very lucky they came here at this time. Then Sujoy and Sumita changed their plan a little bit and decide to go for pilgrimage. They also decide to join that prestigious Raj Jaat Yatra because they do not want to miss the chance.

    Next day they booked a taxi and go to the place and then joined the event. They started yatra with the local people of Kumaun and Garhwal region. His journey started from Kansuwa near Karnaprayag and goes up to the heights of Homkund. They experience and closely feels nature, beautiful Bedini Bugyal and Jyura Gali pass, on Nandashtmi and passes through some of the most beautiful and tricky landscapes of the area following a four-horned sheep who preceded the yatra as a guide. The birth of this four-horned sheep after 12 years is also to ensure and remind the people for the yatra.

    While wandering Sujoy and Sumita also visited the famous Roopkund having a mystery of a king named Jasdhawal who became disobeyed to the Goddess and him along with all his army perished in Goddess's fury. The hundreds of ancient mortal remains of King and his army are still there and can be seen in the deep and transparent water of Roopkund. They cover a total distance of approximate 290Km in this whole yatra, out of which only 60 km covers by road transport and rest 230 km by trekking or by barefoot and takes around 19 days to complete. All these things make their journey more challenging and holy. Sujoy and Sumit wandered and enjoyed the whole event together and gain a different religious, cultural and folk experience in the lap of Himalaya. After returning to Almora they also attended Nanda Devi Fair and then returned to their hometown with memories in their mind.

    Sujoy reminds Sumita that how much they had enjoyed that time as after all, they have spent 19 days all together away from the hassle of life in nature. Recalling those moments Sumita's eyes were soaked with tears and she said I feel now how lucky we are? Then Sujoy said yes and hugged her with a smile.

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    Chapter 3
    Suddenly, the phone rang. Sujoy went to pick it up as Sumita composed herself and wiped her tears. Sujoy indicated while being on the phone that it was their Shibu uncle who is settled in Rameswaram with his family. His son is working in USA and settled there with his wife.
    Sujoy kept on saying don't worry, it is very unfortunate and things like that. Sumita got worried. She indicated that she also wanted to talk to him, however Sujoy wrapped up the call in a couple of minutes and turned to her. Sujoy looked quite stressed.

    "What happened?" Sumita asked. Sumita couldn't believe what Sujoy just said. Shibu uncle's son Sanjoy returned from USA with his wife to stay with his family for a few days. However, Sanjoy has returned with flu symptoms. Although Sanjoy has given his blood samples for test and gone into self-isolation, the people living in the same colony, are pestering Shibu uncle and his wife to leave the area. They are sometimes throwing stones on the windows. Sanjoy was feverish when he landed at the airport, but he doesn't have fever any more. Shibu uncle repeatedly said on the phone that it can't be Corona, I tell you. But, people are not ready to listen to me. Before hanging up, Shibu uncle was crying, "where do I go, you tell me with my wife suffering from lower body paralysis?"

    Sumita went 5 years back the memory lane. They went to Rameswaram to meet Shibu uncle and his wife. Sanjoy was studying M.Tech in Bangalore at that time. Shibu uncle was feeling lonely and had invited them over. The trip was for three days and it was great fun. Minati aunty, wife of Shibu uncle could walk then. The day after Sumita and Sujoy reached Rameswaram, they took a bath in "Agniteertham", as they had heard that if childless couples such as them bathe in the holy waters of Agniteertham, then they are blessed with a child in the coming years. They offered puja to Shiva and came back while Shibu uncle stayed at home. He was not very well that day and thus he skipped the bath. In the afternoon, they visited nearby temples like Arulmigu Ramanathaswamy Temple, Sri Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple, etc. The next day they had a quick tour to Kodaikanal in bus. They left early in the morning and reached Kodaikanal right before lunch. All of them had lunch in a restaurant and then left for Kodai lake, Suicide point and other such places.

    At around 8 pm they checked in a cheap resort near pillar rocks and had the night stay there. They left Kodaikanal the next day after having lunch in the resort. This time Sumita, Sujoy, Shibu uncle and his wife headed back to their home in Marai Malai Nagar. Shibu uncle didn't want to, but Sujoy and Sumita insisted as they wanted to cheer them up from their loneliness. They came to Egmore from Marai Malai Nagar via train and then arranged for a car. It was a long journey. How Sumita wished that they had taken a flight from Kodaikanal. However, that wasn't possible as Shibu uncle had a fear in flights. It was that car accident while coming to Marai Malai Nagar that paralyzed Minati aunty's lower body forever. Sumita feels completely responsible for this accident as she booked the rental car back to home. Shibu uncle also feels responsible for Minati aunty's situation as he thinks if he had bathed in Agniteertham that day, she would been fine now.

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    Sumita was still in her memories when Sujoy tapped on her shoulder and said, "We should invite Shibu uncle and Minati aunty here with Sanjoy and his wife. They are facing problems there and we should help them in the best possible way." Sumita thought for a while and said, "This would be wrong if we trouble them to travel here with Minati aunty in the current scenario of Coronavirus. We should think of some better and feasible option." Sujoy found it reasonable and started thinking about it. Suddenly Sumita went to her bedroom and brought her laptop. She searched for the emergency number assigned for Marai Malai Nagar during this corona crisis. After a few minutes, she was talking to an officer from Marai Malai Nagar regarding Shibu uncle's problem. The officer initially declined their request for supporting Shibu uncle but after hearing about his son Sanjoy's travel history he thought of cross-checking his medical conditions. So he took the address and contact details and disconnected the call. Sumita shared everything with Sujoy but against her expectation, Sujay became furious about this. He thought that intervention by police will increase the problems. Sumita tried to explain to him but he was not ready to hear anything.
    Later in the evening, Sujay received a call from Shibu uncle. Shibu was a bit worried because the police have come to their place with a doctor to collect the sample of Sanjoy. Then he added that he himself was feeling a sore throat since yesterday night. Now they are waiting for the Sanjoy's test report which is expected by tomorrow.
    The next day around 8.00 PM, Sujay called Shibu uncle to know about Sanjoy's report. He was really disturbed after hearing about his positive report. The doctor took him to the nearest isolation facility and asked the family members to be home quarantine. He also explained to them that many times the symptoms of Coronavirus infection are slow and general that early detection of very difficult. They also took the throat sample of Shibu uncle.
    Now, Sujay was feeling guilty of how he behaved with Sumita last time but her presence of time may save many lives. Early detection of Sanjoy will help him recover faster and will save them from spreading the infection further.
    Sometimes, practical decisions should be preferable over emotional decisions. He went to the kitchen and apologized to her wife. He then explained everything that happened. Sumita became a bit tensed and relaxed too as it saved other family members. The atmosphere became light between them.


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    Chapter – 5
    After their conversation about the current epidemic coronavirus spreading across the globe, Sujoy's mind wandered to a year back visit to his Malayalee friend Xavier's home in Vennoor which is between Mala and Annamanada in Thrissur District for their church feast of St. Sebastian. Now the thought of the visit surfaced as St. Sebastian is the patron saint of pandemic or epidemic and it is a royal feast whole over the district which they celebrate in sequence in every church. The feast in Vennoor is always held every year in the second week of January Friday to Sunday. The journey of the whole trip flashed in Sujoys' eyes as a paper presentation. He remembered his journey clearly from travelling by train to Thrissur, getting down at Divine Nagar and hearing the chants of 'Alleluia' from the station as it was just sharing the boundary with 'Divine Retreat Centre'.

    After getting down, Xavier drove them in his red coloured Swift through Kadukutty – Sambaloor – Vynthala and reached Vennoor a 25 min. drive i.e. about 12-15 Km from Divine Nagar. During our route mapped, we saw lush greenery and trees like nutmeg, Rose Apple, Indian plum, Egg-fruit, bread-fruit plants, along with Jackfruit, mangoes, lime, tamarind, cashew, Tapioca, banana, Black-pepper, Sapota, Sugar apple, Garcinia indica, Coconut, and other plants and trees everywhere.

    After reaching their home, a typical 1 storey nicely built and roof covered with aluminium sheeting house with bathrooms attached and a separate wood room for cooking with the logs or dry tree trunks and coconut leaves. At a glance, one could interpret that everyone in the village was much obsessed with their small house as every house were well constructed and finished according to their capacity with greenery and a well for each house. The well, some deep as of Xavier's was the water source for them which provided naturally filtered clean and clear water for their every purpose. We got reanimate with the cool water of the well which was so refreshing that it took the tiring self from us and felling enlivened within.

    Xavier's mother offered us home-made typical traditional Kerala delicacy, Ela Ada, a sweet filling of grated coconut and jaggery covered in a rice flour dough and steamed in banana leaf. After filling our tummy and a hot cup of Malabar tea, we left to visit the nearby places. From there we went to the north of Vennoor i.e. to Alathur junction where I found some small shops that provide the daily needs of the villagers. We drove back to the south side which had the ration shop, dairy and few shops to cater to villagers need. The village seems to be self-supporting with every house having a kitchen garden that supplies vegetables for their daily needs. It has temples, Anganwadi and church. As it was getting dark, he took us to their paadam(paddy field). The area was clear and long enough to meet our eyes. The exuberant paddy field in acres and coconut trees showing the boundaries, a narrow water body that provides water for the crop and a small pond that has flowing water to bath both men and animals. The water body filled with Indian lotus and balled shaped lilac beautiful flower of the tickle me plant along the way make it more appealing. We sat on the small bridge that connects Vynthala and Vennoor and saw the sunset with the cool breeze blowing, a flock of birds finding their way back, the sound of field creatures and sudden view of small fishes in the water took us to another world of a destination holiday spot. We never imagined of such a small yet contained village with so friendly people and calm environment still exist.

    In the evening, we went to St. Mary's church which divides the village into symmetry. The church was newly built having a Mother Mary's grotto at the entrance. It has a parish hall, playground, a cemetery and a small garden called as the infant Jesus garden when in a statue of St. Raphael is placed. It was the flag-off ceremony that starts the 3-day feast of St. Joseph, St. Sebastian and St. Mary. The celebration was power paced with village filled pom-poms and glitters. On Friday, there was a Drama, on the second day- fireworks and Ambu pradarshanam as it is called i.e. taking the arrow to individuals house with naadan kottu or band-set. On Sunday, they offer the feast Qurbana with distribution of prasadam. In the evening, they have a royal magnificent convoy with everyone present walking in two rows and carrying a sparkly decorated umbrella and the statues of the three saints on their shoulders with band-set, kottu and prayer chants. After the procession, there is a Gaana-mela or orchestra to wind up the feast.

    During the break, Savier and Sujoy went to the toddy shop and bought some fresh sweet toddy called the andhi kallu. The shop collects the toddy and serves its regular people; we took two mud-pots with special kallu-shop curries. The sweet non-alcoholic beverage derived from fresh sap of coconut with the spicy curry was an icing on the cake for the day. It made me think that why should a villager from here to another city, state or country if they can find a good job here? It is surely a small heaven to me. A good bath, typical Kerala cuisine and the calm atmosphere with cool breeze was a utilized the much-needed break. Suddenly, there was a tap on the shoulder and Sujoy got back from the memories of his Kerala visit.

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    Chapter 6.

    "Where are you?", Sumita asked Sujoy and handed over a cup of tea. Sujoy just briefed his thoughts about their earlier trip to Kerala. They are going through the newspaper and discussing the present conditions outside. They saw the news on the Television that the Kona Seema Area of Andhra Pradesh state not recorded even a single case of Coronavirus. Sujoy remembered that they visited that area while returning from Kerala last year. He went into the thoughts of their visit to that place.

    When they were in Kerala, they met a person from the Kona Seema area and advised them to pay a visit for a week to that area which is like a mini Kerala. The days they spent in that area were very pleasant. No pollution. Pleasant atmosphere. Full of greenery. Good people. Good roads. Canals on the roadside with water throughout the year. Coconut trees, Banana trees, Sugarcane fields, and Rice fields. A feast to the eyes.

    Their visit to Antarvedi in that area was unforgettable. In this place, Godavari River is getting merged into the ocean and people feel taking a bath is very pious. Many foreigners visit this place and take a bath. After taking a bath here they will visit the temple in which Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy is the deity. The deity is very powerful and he will see that the wishes of the devotees will get fulfilled. The temple is a very old temple with very good sculptures.

    The special feature of that place is the food they serve for all the devotees within the temple campus. The food will be served hot. Two special dishes one sweet and one hot will be served. All the devotees will be encouraged to eat there and food is made in very hygiene conditions. When we enter the temple the chanting that will touch our ear will make us forget all other thoughts and our mind will be full of pious thoughts only.

    Around this place, there are many places that are worth seeing. They stayed in a city and from there they toured the entire area in a cab and enjoyed the trip. Tender coconut water is very cheap and whenever they were thirsty, they used to take this coconut water only. Special varieties of Bananas are available and they are very tasty. They purchased the special varieties of sweets that are available only in that area and distributed to their friends in Kolkata as Bengalis are generally fond of sweets.

    All of a sudden, he came out of his thoughts and started sharing the memories of their trip to Kona Seema of Andhra Pradesh State with his sweetheart.

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    Chapter 7
    Oh! it's time for lunch. What did you prepare Sumita? asked Sujoy. Sumita said, I have prepared roti's, sabji and rice. Sujoy and his parents had lunch together, as it was a holiday. Just then, Sujoy's mind lingered back to their wanderlust of visiting the South Indian paddy grown villages 4 years back during dusheera vacation. Sujoy's friend Chandru residing at a small village Muguru located in T. Narasipura taluk, Mysore district was with them during this vacation.

    Sujoy then said, they came by train from Kolkata to Bangalore and continued to Mysore. Chandru received them at Mysore and took them by car to his residence. On their way they saw the green paddy fields in full stretch lands until they reached Muguru. Sujoy and Sumita relaxed for the day and planned their visits for the next day. Early morning, they saw the rising sun as they were walking through green paddy fields which was a festival to their eyes amidst the nature. The sounds of chirping birds was a melody to their ears. After relishing the morning breakfast, they visited the Tripurasundari temple in Muguru. During Navarathri, each day the goddess can be visualised in different forms here. Since it was a saturday, they could also visit the historical Narayana temple which needs renovation. This heritage temple is known for the scripts written in ancient kannada language and sculptures.

    Then they headed towards T. Narasipura. Sujoy and Sumita bathed in the holy sangam, the three rivers Spatika, Kaveri and Kapila met together as the place is called Tirmakudalu Narasipura. Agasthehwara temple near tirmakudalu is famous for the holy water readily flowing in small quantity regularly in the Shiva linga given as theertha to the piligrims. After their visit to this temple, they crossed the river by boat locally called theppa and reached the Gunja Narasimha Temple. They enjoyed their travel in theppa as they could see the nature around them filled with greenary. The silence water along with the fishes jumping around them made their journey quick. The golden lizard is similar to Kanchepuram Varadaraja temple. The piligrims who touch the lizard in Gunja Narasimha Temple will reap one *gulagangi (as locally called) more holy fruits when campared to Kanchi. Sujoy and Sumita recalled their trip to Kancheepuram and expressed their views to Chandru while returning back to Muguru.

    The next day, they visited the Chennakeshawa temple at Somanathpura near T.Narsipura, the historical temple-a tourist place well maintained by Government of Karnataka. It is known for its Hoysala architecture. They also visited Talkad known for the land filled with sand and famous Keerthi Narayana temple. Sujoy enjoyed walking on sand. They visited several places in and around T. Narasipura. Sujoy and Sumita enjoyed Chandru's hospitality and bid good bye. They returned back to their hometown Kolkata.

    Sujoy and Sumita entraped the beauty with lots of photos which was shown to their parents now. Sujoy's parents felt their presence as they heard about these historical places over a cup of tea.

    Note: * Gulagangi was used to weigh gold in ancient days.

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    Sujoy was just relaxing after his dinner and viewing the news on TV. Sumita came in from the kitchen and told him that in the evening when Sujoy went out there was a call from her cousin from Gauhati that they are getting transferred to Jorhat and they invite Sujoy and Sumita to visit there once they are settled in and the situation in the country becomes normal. Sujoy was happy to hear that and remembered the good old times when a few years back they had visited Gauhati and enjoyed their stay with them.

    Sujoy had ten days vacation at that time and they went to Gauhati and were much impressed with the natural beauty of the place and they visited many places in and around Gauhati and enjoyed the outings fully. Sujoy and Sumita both vividly remembered those days when they went out to visit a particular place in Gauhati and then returned in the evening with full of excitement and contentment. Gauhati Zoo was one of the places that caught their fancy much as it was not only a big one but also contained a variety of flora and fauna. They were so impressed with the one horned Indian rhinoceros, leopard cat, tiger, golden langur, clouded leopard, elephant, Himalayan black bear and hoolock gibbon. Another enthralling place they liked was the Kamakhya temple which is situated on a hill and is the famous tourist place. The temple is dedicated to Kamakhya Devi and in her feminine respect is closed periodically for five days and is opened for the devotees on the sixth day.

    One day they went to see the Assam State Museum and got acquainted with the rich and unique culture of Assam. They got a glimpse of local culture, customs and crafts. It was so enriching and informative to them. There were many sculptures, craft items, tribal items and other artworks which were very interesting and attractive.

    During their stay in Gauhati, they went to the banks of river Brahmaputra which is in the outskirts of city and were mesmerised with the beauty and violent force with which this river flows. It was stunning to see this giant Himalayan river looking like a small sea in itself. Sujoy still remembers the fascinating landscapes that the site provided and he had captured some of the beautiful moments in his camera. There were many other small places of interest which they enjoyed during that vacation and it was an experience of lifetime for them. Engrossed in the thoughts Sujoy uttered gently, "We have to view those pics sometimes, Sumita!"
    "Which pics, Sujoy?", Sumita was a bit puzzled with his whisperings.
    "Oh! I was thinking of our visit to Gauhati, you know", Sujoy told.
    "That is nice. I saw you engrossed in thoughts for quite some time. Would you like some coffee?"
    "Oh, thanks" Sujoy was back to the present.

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    As Sun missed his chapter, Umesh posted chapter 8. However, requesting again to the rest of the members to at least show the responsibility to the other active members, if you cannot post the delegated chapter to you, on time here. Anyways, we are thinking of keeping the number of chapters of this eBook to be 11, how or in what way, we are still deciding on this and will let you know soon.
    Meanwhile, please try not to miss posting your chapter further on or if at all unavoidable, leave an appropriate response here.

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    Chapter - 9
    Sujoy was working from home and was busy in attending some call regarding some company matter. Sumita was busy in the household work and was just thinking that once the present situation is over could they plan to visit some place where so far they have not gone. She had some places in her mind and she thought it would be better to discuss with Sujoy about this when he becomes free from his engagement. After two hours Sujoy came in the kitchen and told her that he is now free up to the lunch and after that he had some call with a client. Sumita asked him to come to drawing room and meanwhile prepared some tea for both of them. While taking tea she shared her thoughts of going to some new place once the situation is back to normal. Sujoy liked the idea and told her that after two months he would be getting some vacations when they can plan it. He asked Sumita if any particular place was there in her mind. Sumita told that Rajasthan was one choice in her mind and may be J & K also. Sujoy told her that he would talk to his friend Ajay who had widely travelled in the country. Sujoy tried to connect to Ajay but Ajay was busy somewhere and told that he would ring back in the evening.

    They were waiting for the call from Ajay in the evening and finally at about 9 PM they got the ring from him. Sujoy talked with him and after some time told him about their tentative plan to visit some good place. Ajay having a good knowledge of places in India suggested them to go to Ooty in Tamilnadu which was a good hill station. Ajay told them that they can go to Mettupalayam Railway Station in Tamilnadu and from there they can board a hill train (mountain train) to Ooty and that itself is a very exciting journey. The train acends through the range of hills finally landing at Ooty Railway Station. This train has only 4-5 bogies where seats are provided to the tourists and the train moves slowly and one can enjoy the picturesque surroundings and also enjoy the changing landscapes from one hill to another. There are many small stations along the journey and at some places it halts for a few minutes. The journey to Ooty takes about 5-6 hours. Though there is an alternative of going by taxi also in quite less time but the journey by this train is an unforgettable experience and one must avail that.

    Ajay further told that there are many good hotels and lodges in Ooty where good accommodation is available and there are plenty of places to visit and enjoy the nature at its best. He mentioned some places around Ooty which are must for the tourist to visit as they present scenic landscapes around them and are ideal for a half day or full day picnic. Avalanche lake about 28 km far, Emrald lake at 25 km, Deer park at 2 km, Doddabetta peak at 10 km, Kalhatty waterfalls at 13 km, Kamraj Sagar Dam at 10 km and Pykara waterfalls at 20 km are some of such spots. Then there are many local attractions which are thronged by the tourists and some of them are botanical garden, rose garden, Stephens church, Toda huts, Wax world etc.

    Ajay explained many things in details and told them that they can enquire him further if any doubt was there in their minds. Sujoy thanked him for the valuable information. Sumita was listening everything as the speaker of the mobile phone was on and was happy with their next destination as Ooty.

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    Again Pragati Agrahari also missed her chapter. Thank you Neeru Bhatt for ending the eBook on time. Also thank you shampa sadhya for starting the eBook on time. and As we do not have any other authors left, and there are two missing chapters, we would end the eBook contest here itself. The winners will be announced shortly.
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