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    Are you interested in watching videos? Suggest on qualities.

    I hope everyone in busy in household activities. Do you spare some time during the day to watch videos? It can be videos related cookery, technological advancements, facts and fun, suspense or reality, art, craft, games, drawing, trailers of movies, growing plants, utilisation of fertilizers, irrigation and farming related techniques, subject related information for students.

    What are the qualities, you suggest for a good video covering all the aspects you thought would be met through watching such videos.
    1. How should the content be explained?
    2. Time of a video.
    3. Related links for the video.
    4. Self introduction- about the person participating in videos.
    What other key points would

    In my experience i watch only those videos which are completed within two to three minutes. It sometimes depends on the content, wherein time cannot be considered. I also refer only a few specialist whom i choose by watching the first two videos, as first impression is always better.

    What other key points would you consider to encourage watching videos? Suggest
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    I watch videos which are very popular, Mainly my priority will be to watch the videos which are not long duration. If the duration of the video is more than 5 minutes, I will not generally, click on such videos. I like those videos where the content of the video is well explained with some beautiful examples. The answer to the point is never liked. At the same time, too much explanation is also not liked by me. A moderate explanation with good examples will be interesting.

    I like the videos in which a little introduction about the participants and their specializations. I want to see those videos which are made by the people who are well known in the media. But when I have free time I like to see the opinions of other people and where the good ratings are warded that videos I will see without leaving them.

    But these days we see many videos which are never useful. Some videos where singers sing the songs of other singers without much preparation. I never watch such videos.

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    Videos provide the information in a visual form and they are very popular with the viewers for their easy understanding and grasps. A video should not be very long as the viewer might get his interest lost in between it. A video on some knowledge matter can go for 10-15 minutes till the entire thing is told with examples and explanations. A fun video can be for a minute or even less as it is meant for making one laugh or happy. Generally prank videos come in this category. A do it yourself video would be longer and can go for at least 8-10 minutes. So, length of a video is mainly dependent on its content.
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