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    All on earth are happy except human beings

    On this day, If I say "All on earth are living happily except the human beings".
    Will you agree with my statement?
    If you agree with me, can you justify my statement?
    If you deny also, can you justify with reasons?
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    No pollution because all the activities are down. Nature is happy,
    No accidents. Roads are happy.
    No thefts. People are happy.
    No unnecessary expenditure on travel, eating outs, drinks, and smokes. Nature is happy.
    God's are happy. No strain to fulfill the wishes of the selfish devotees who wanted to develop themselves and no other person.
    Birds and animals are very happy as the people are inside the house and nobody is trying to harm them.
    No trees cutting. Again nature is happy.

    always confident

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    You have raised a very interesting topic by highlighting some of happenings around us.
    No pollution since minimum nos of vechile are plying creating a pollution free environment. Hence nature is happy.
    No Accident indicative of safety compliance.
    No thefts, people are happy.
    No travels, No outings and no meals in the Restaurants and hence no unnecessary mental strain indicating men are happy.
    No tree cutting and hence nature is happy.
    Children are happy, no schooling.

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    Mr. Rao & Mr Jha,
    I would say that no human beings (Men, women, children) are happy. They all live in fear. They have been jailed due to lockdown. Their life is in danger. They are worried about their future. They question whether they would survive or die.

    All the animals and birds are very happy. All the creatures other than human beings are happy in this world. Dogs, cats, cattle are moving freely and happily on the roads. All the birds are flying freely. All machineries (Aircraft, Ships, Boats, Trains, Buses, Cars, bikes and cycles) are very happy. They are taking rest.

    Human beings are kept isolated inside the jail called home.

    No life without Sun

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    In a word the author is correct. human beings are so busy and they cant feel happy and fairness compared to other animals in this world. But we already set our living system in that way and the return from this path is not easy. We will be in a corner if we try to be different in this society.

    Winners are too busy to be sad,too positive to be doubtful,too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated.

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    In my opinion if human beings are not happy,than not any creature is happy. We care birds,animals and plants. If we are living in fear
    our pets are also in fear,birds are also frightened.The mice and other creature are also feeling this situation. Today we are worried for saving our bread for next 21 days.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Indu Singh,
    The virus would affect only human beings, not animals and birds. So, animals and birds don't fear. Animals and birds search for their own food. They are not dependent on humans. Human beings, though unhappy, will not let their pets suffer without food. So pet animals, pet birds and cattle won't suffer. They will remain happy.

    No life without Sun

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    The human being, nowadays remaining corona is necessary one home is hungry they face unemployed so other people responsibility eating food who is mankind.
    rich man. So I say human being lives among earth people they live in.

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    Except human beings, everything seems to be happy. I came across a news video in which the tigers are having free time at the Tirumala ghat roads. Probably the temple has been shut till the month-end and no movement of the public and therefore the animals had the free time to roam on the ghat roads. In another video, a bear seems to have entered the village and found itself surprised as the villagers are stay put inside there homes and none came on the road. These kinds of videos prove that the animals are happier and had the room to roam free without human beings interference.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Should we say this is animal time ? As per the responses posted here, animal now are moving freely without any threat and a Man has been blocked into his own house by his wish to be safe. But I think the life cycle is disturbed.All creatures are associated to each other. We all ,human beings, animals ,birds and insects are connected with a invisible chain of life cycle. If one part is affected the other part also suffers in some ways which we may not realise. Though it is surprising to note if Coronavirus is spread in the air how do birds manage to be not infected?

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    This is an emergency situation and as there is no other alternative than caging the people inside their own homes, we have to somehow pass this test whether we like it or not. The roles are completely reversed. Humans are in cages while animals are roaming in free. We do not know till what time this confinement would continue. Future is uncertain and unknown. There are some hopes but certainty of those outcomes is not there. The atmosphere is making people sad and depressed and keeping oneself sane and happy is the greatest challenge of the time. We have to bear it and wait for the future.
    Knowledge is power.

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