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    Indulge in the best of cost cutting now

    Thanks to the fear sort of enveloping all human minds, the markets are not as active as they are in normal times. For example, one is given to understand that the lorry drivers and cleaners are themselves so scared of moving from one place to another. The markets are having lesser supply of fruits and vegetables. Prices are shooting up everyday.

    We do not know when this will stop. We do not know when the cash flow will become normal. Hence, what everyone needs to do is to go in for general insurance in a big way as there will fresh thefts everywhere. Secondly, families have to save enough money for the future. If we ask the surviving 80 plus seniors, they will tell us how they did it in the most difficult times. They had saved very small amounts and went on innovating to have security. Invariably, for example, in each family, the present such seniors would have invested in land in the suburbs when areas were totally under-developed. Today, they would be centers of all action. Likewise, they would also teach us many lessons on how to survive a major crisis like the present one.

    Let us tighten our belts today, much more than ever before. A friend uses a small fan in addition to the ceiling fan and does not use the AC. I think this is one good idea. Members may share their experiences too.
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    This is the time to economise on all of our activities. Wherever possible we should cut down the use of electricity and use of water. We only would need it later. This is the time to think of others also.
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    Yes. The author is correct. Minimize expenses. All the people are staying in houses only. So the work of the housewife can be shared by other members also. Otherwise, what are the works we can do by sitting in the house, can be thought of. Instead of getting food from outside let us make in the house. Let the plate be not with many varieties like our regular full meal. Reduce the dishes and try to minimize the expenses. As we are not going out regularly try to wash your own clothes and Iron them. Need not give outside for washing. Use nonformal dresses only. All sitting together can make some items like Papads, chips, snacks, etc and we need not purchase from outside. If we can make a good quantity we need not purchase for some time after this lockdown also from outside. We will have some time pass also. Power consumption can also be reduced if you can collect water from the handpump instead of putting the motor on. These are my ideas. I am planning to discuss with my people and take up some.
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    This is not the time to think about saving and investments. While our life is in danger, should we worry about living or should we think about saving? Oh, Men. Life is more important than money. If you have no soul in your body to live, how are you going to enjoy your savings and investments?

    I remember Isha Guru Jaggi Vasudev's words.
    "We are all thinking about life in heaven with angels and luxury. We try to do things to reach Moksha(Heaven). My question is - How will you enjoy life in heaven when your body is buried or cremated or thrown for the vultures to eat?

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    If we remain at home for longer days without contacts with affected people then we can save our lives. It is similar for all.
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    Maybe this is the right time to think of such measures. Since people are noting going out until it is absolutely necessary, they can think of reducing their expenditure in the same way also. Purchasing necessary items and that also not in excess amount is the need of the hour. If we are a bit cautious we will be able to know what is our exact requirement and if we wish we can continue with that amount during the normal situation too. But when things would become normal, we all will forget this thing and keep on spending in the usual way. This is a time to think and to plan for the future. Are we moving too fast to win a race? It's high time to think that it's not a race and the planet is for all of us. Each one has a responsibility towards others and we must act in a cautious way to fulfil that.

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