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    Are you missing something in the changed environment?

    We are going through a big turmoil in our life. Due to the impending virus threat our life style is changed drastically. We are supposed to keep distance from all sort of people and restrict our movements especially outside the house. In this new environment we will be missing our freedom to roam anytime anywhere. For me I am missing my morning strolls in the nearby park, evening chit-chats with the friends in the park, weekly visits to relatives and friends, afternoon visit to the nearby shopping areas for bargain shopping and choosing items of interest and never knew how those 1-2 hours went by in those small shops. I am missing them all. Are you also missing something in your life? Can you share those things?
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    You have not mentioned where you live. I miss every bit of everything that you have described. I do like to eat out and try the ordinary things that are available in many places in Chennai. For example, the snacks that are available in Mylapore, Chennai. There is one shop called the "window shop" that has been around for decades. He just gives hot snacks made of oil in the morning and evening. He also has a few items at breakfast. I had seen a number of videos on this shop. I wanted to visit the same, but can't do so now.

    I also have to place on record that the needs of the community and society are also important. Hence, am ready to wait till the situation is back to near normal situations in at least 35 days from now and then try out all that I have missed. Yes, I have numerous friends out there in Chennai, all holed up in their homes. I just get to talk to them over the phone. In such a big metro, if everything comes to a standstill, you can imagine that people will feel restless. However, we need to look at the larger picture. Praying to God can positively help.

    Every human being feels restless.

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    I missed the entire place where I live normally. I normally stay in Hyderabad. I came to my native village to attend a function on20th. My plan is to go back on the 22nd. But on that day Janata Curfew and then National Lockdown. From 22nd the state borders are closed and moments are restricted. I stay in Hyderabad, Telangana and my native place is in Andhra Pradesh. The border between the two states is closed. Now I have no way except waiting here till 14th April. I lost my complete routine. This village is closed on all sides. No other person can come inside. No person can go outside. The shops are opened from 6 AM to 9 AM. Then closed. People should stand in a queue and maintain a distance of 3 feet. But for us, the shop keeper will deliver the material at our house. So we need not go anywhere. We are completely spending our time inside the 4 walls of our house only here.
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    The pandemic of Coronavirus have blocked everyone from living the lives as they uaed to. Such a drastic change! We cannot move out. Before the spread of this virus , people used to say that one should go out or just go for a walk for well being. Now people say stay home as going out is harmful. We can't go to market, to grocery shop , everything is shut down .We are not able to buy our favourite snacks and staying continuously at home has become boring and challenging.

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    I am missing many things in my routine nowadays. The main thing was my morning volunteer session in the nearby park where we used to do plantation, water the plants, clean the park from wild bushes and grass, chit chat with the retired colleagues and other visitors, have a weekly tea together in a nearby tea stall. Oh! like a dream I am seeing all those things now sitting on my laptop and writing a post in ISC. We know the value of things in our life when we miss them. That is the human life. I hope this dark spell will soon be over and we will be back to our outdoor hobbies. I pray almighty to grant all of us this wish.
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    As far as I am concerned, I am missing my office, the colleagues, friends who were meeting on a daily basis and above all my city. I have many friends in the old city and exchanging views on a daily basis was my hobby. But the house stay for the past five days has proved very boring as we cannot watch the television and hook on to the computer always. Moreover, when the children are also doing the work from home, we cannot disturb them. In a way, though people are present in the same house, we are carrying on our own duties and preferences and thus many becoming angry and loosing the cool.
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    Yes, I am missing my workplace and my colleagues. I am missing the atmosphere of the workplace and at times getting really confused. When at home, I go out with my friends and roam around the locality. We love to walk. In this situation, I am unable to do this and at times walking inside the housing complex or going to the rooftop to get some fresh air. It's true that pollution is less as no cars are moving around but to get the wonderful feeling of strolling in the fresh air you need to go to an open space such as parks or green fields. In this situation that is not possible but somehow we all have to manage to break the chain.

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    I badly miss my evening. I don't walk but ride my Honda Activa 125 a few kilometers to fetch the items for the next day. And I visit a hotel to taste some snacks and coffee. Now I feel like in jail. The railway station is just a few meters away from my home. I used to hear the sounds of hundreds of trains crossing the station every day. Now I am missing the track noise and the siren. I am now very busy with ISC. ISC did not allow my fun city quiz blindly calling it inappropriate and crass. I am planning to post one quiz on alternative days to keep myself busy at ISC.
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    In Mathematics, it some times the converse is true. A missing thing all these days is found now in every family. Apart from the difficulties faced by everyone due to the imposed restriction and the Janata Curfew, barring those listed in the essential services, members of a family are sitting together and talking to each other. Previously the idiot box, the chat box and the big box.... all the boxes divided the family members and none used find time to spend with their near and dear.

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