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    24 hours seems to be lengthy for everyone

    Having habituated to hustling and bustling activities daily, we are now going to the relaxed mode and even postponing the household works and want to relax furthermore and therefore according to me, 24 hours seems to be lengthy for everyone. People are getting up leisurely from the bed, cooking chorus happening at very slow space, nothing followed in time and what I have the very big doubt that having habituated to this kind of leisure, we all become lazy in the future and may not give 100 percent output at the office.
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    True. Day duration is getting doubled as there is no moment and simply sitting in the house. But in between just I am going outside the house and standing within the compound wall and coming back. Even though it is a village, we have the facility of getting everything to our house by informing the requirement over the phone. So there is no necessity to go out for any requirements. So only time pass is Laptop. But how long? Getting bored. How to spend another 21 days like this? I agree with the author if we become lazy after this lockdown we may not be able to work also. So we should change our habits. We should get up as usual and plan some useful work so that we will be getting engaged ourselves. Eating also should be reduced. Otherwise, the weight will be gained. So we should think about the activities that will keep us active.
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    If we keep a scheduled time table and try to restrict ourselves to follow, we will be less lazier than compared to holiday mood of working.
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    It seems so. Since we are habituated to a particular routine we are feeling bored inside the house. When we will be habituated to this routine of staying inside the hangover will be felt when things will become normal. But it's high time to change our habits. There are many things that we like to do on a regular basis but cannot do because of time. Now, we can think and do such things and can plan our routine in such a way that those things can be incorporated in our daily routine when things become normal. One such thing is physical exercise. I suggest everyone to exercise regularly but cannot find time to do it myself. I am thinking of ways so that this can become a regular habit when things are normal. Likewise, you can make a list of things that you want to do on a regular basis but cannot do because you lack the time. Try to include one or two things in your daily routine that can be followed all the time.

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    How long we would watch tv, log on computer, talk to the family members, seems the life getting to boredom zone.
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    When we are not occupied, time becomes terribly long and appears stretched and unending. Every 5-10 minutes we watch towards the watch and find that it is only so little that has gone by and the larger part is still there to be consumed. This is the strange thing with time and we all know this from our experience. Today all of those restricted inside their houses have this challenge in their lives as how to pass the time creatively and happily. One thing is for certain that some people cannot be happy if they do not go for long walks and chit-chat with friends. For them this is the time of agony and suffering.
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    Yes Sir. People are becoming very lazy. In most cities, one understands that the police are empowered to even arrest people coming out. This has meant that only vegetables and fruit and sometimes flower vendors happen to come calling and we just step out to buy from such souls, who are naturally immune to any infection, as they hail mostly from villages. Given the kind of lockdown that is in force, this kind of laziness will be part and parcel of each one of us for at least thirty days. How long can we watch the same stupid Tamil movies on television?

    Please do tell me if there is any movie channel showing James Bond movies. We can even pay to enjoy such movies.

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    Mode man active and inactive activities should maintain he wants actively work home, get up early morning, eat morning and other activities and go office works activily. But the main point some are lay work take Leiser office work no interest spent spare time go back home just sleeping this life no serious take work and life.

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